Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh yeah, I use to blog and stuff...

Tink, tink, this thing on??? Why in the world did I ever stop blogging? Maybe it was because life got crazy or maybe it was because freakin' facebook took over my entire universe. I'm willing to compromise and say it was a lot of both with at least two moves and the building of a house thrown in for good measure. Ahhh, just typing those few little sentences felt so good. I think I'm back. I think this time I'm not going to censor what I have to say because it might not be what somebody wants to hear. I think it's on like Donkey Kong!! First I've got to figure out all of the changes that have been made in my three+ year absence and see if I can't get into my account without having to go through a default link because I forgot my password!

Friday, June 19, 2009

On sand and snot

No I haven't dropped off the earth again, I'm back from vacation but I'm sick...and so is A2. Don'tcha just love those summer colds?! The runny nose, sore throat, the ringing in the ears, and the changing of bed sheets because A2 horked up some purple shit I have no idea what it could have been all over them. Ahh, so much fun.

We had a fantastic time on vacation though despite the fact that we drive all the way from point A, which is at least 13 hours away from Panama City Beach, only for me to strip down A2 to put his swimming trunks on him and his bag is NO FREAKIN' WHERE TO BE FOUND!! That's right, his bag was all the way back at point effin' A! I had NOTHING for him except the one outfit he had on his back and the other dirty one from the night before when we stopped over to spend the night at a hotel.

I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or throw up. The only thing I could do was load up with the husband and hit up Wal-mart for some cheap shorts and underwear and a pack of plain white t-shirts. From there we hit up Old Navy for a couple outfits to get him through and went back to the condo. The thing that pissed me off about it all was that he had tons of cute clothes, most still with the tags on them, packed along with at least 6 pair of flip flops. Hell, you know I'd have to pack him several pair if I brought a bucket o'flops down with me.

From that point on it was smooth sailing. The condo was right on the beach and the view was awesome. Friend 2 and her family have stayed here for at least three years or so and knew all the ins and outs of getting around. There were eight of us total in this condo but surprisingly we were all able to spread out and do our own thing and got along very well.

We spent our days mostly at the pool or the beach and our nights we would go out to eat and then come back and either go back to the beach or pool for a night swim. Usually we would have to whole giant pool to ourselves except for one or two others that never stayed as long as we did. One night the husband went down to the beach with his flashlight and discovered that there were tons of stingrays swimming up close to the shore. We all rushed down there and spotted tons of them. That was pretty fun.

While there we ate at Sharkey's, Pineapple Willy's, Margaritaville, Angelo's Steak Pit, and Five Guys. My crew stayed in and ordered Papa John's one night while the other two adults and two kids went out for seafood. We aren't huge fans. About the most seafood we get is Captain D's, seriously, not big seafood fans!

We rode go-carts a couple nights and some of the kids did the bungee trampoline thing. I took our Wii with us and we all had laptops so there really wasn't any time or way we could have gotten bored. A2 smoked the entire house at Mario Kart and it was ha-larious. Friend 2's husband is very competitive and he was breaking a sweat trying to beat the three year old at racing....he couldn't do it. We got more entertainment out of that than anything. One night we played a round of Scattergories which is always fun until someone takes it to the ditch with the dirty answers.

Time to pack up and head home rolled around way too soon and we were out of there come Saturday morning around 9 or so. We took a different route home than we took going down so we hit a certain point and the husband said we were only a couple hours away from our family and asked if I wanted to go there or keep chugging away to our won out and we took a detour. I was pretty excited to get to visit with everybody since it'd been a while. The hubby ended up taking Monday off so we just made an extra long weekend out of it.

Monday morning we loaded up and hit the road for the house. I think we got home close to 6 or so that afternoon. Even though it's still a long ass ride, it seems to pass a lot quicker than it did when we first started making it. Thankfully all the animals were fine and nothing had gone wrong while we were gone.

Tuesday I could tell that the baby and I were starting to feel a little off and here it is Friday and I'm propped up on the couch struggling to even hold this stupid computer in my lap and can only breathe out of one side of my nose and it's through an opening the size of a pin hole. My head feels like an elephant as planted it's big ol ass right square on top of it and I'm sure the husband will be home soon crying about how he's sick too. That means I'm going to have to suck it up and cater to him since he can get the freakin' sniffles and you'd think he was on his fucking death bed.

Will share more later when I can hold a coherent thought in my head without a ton of mucus sloshing around in there with it.

I think I'm going to go throw the sheets in the dryer, carry my laptop back to the bedroom with me so I can check on my Farm Town crops in a little while, and try to finish reading this book I'm having a hard time getting through called, "The Shack." Have you heard of it? I heard some good things about it but to me I'm not connecting with it. I'll give a full review when, or if, I manage to finish it.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

so the story goes

there is absolutely noting going on that i can write about right now. i'm seriously racking my brain trying to come up with something of importance and the same things keeps coming up...a big fat zilch, zero, nada.

i'm trying to soak up as much sun as possible before we leave for florida. thankfully the weather has been cooperating and i've gotten in three good days and after just checking the forecast it looks like i'm going to get two more. pretty stoked about that since i wasn't wanting to be the girl who emitted a soft glow when i stepped out onto the beach.

i washed up every stitch of clothes in this house and dared my family to not even think about throwing something in the hamper unless it absolutely reeked and they pretty much took it to heart.

i've been working out pretty hard with my wii active and i'm considering writing the company and demanding i be put on their payroll as a marketing rep. i swear through facebook and my little blog here i'm pretty sure i've gotten about a dozen or so people to go out and buy their own copy! it's seriously that awesome. i've weighed 128 for the past two days and i'm hoping by the end of the week to have reached my long long long ago set goal of 125!!!

my youngest child, A2, has picked up a new saying and it's hilarious. my husband and A1 swear that he got it right from me but i didn't realize i said such a thing. here's what he does, whenever he wants something, like the blanket that is a mear 2 inches from his head on the back of the couch, he will say, "hey guys, what about some covers?" or he'll want some milk he won't ask out right for it he'll say, "what about some milk?" he cracks me up.

thought i was going to have to take him to the doctor yesterday though. i'd noticed about three little red bumps on his cheek a couple of days ago. they didn't look bad and they were about the size of a tiny pin prick. yesterday morning he woke up and they were about the size of a pin head and redder and he was covered in them all over his back and butt and arms and there were a few more on his face. all of the new ones were tiny and looked like the original three did at first. turns out we called in insurance and nurse nancy happened to answer the phone and talked us out of taking him saying it was something like fifth disease. i'd already been online and saw that and it didn't look anything like it.

i texted one of my nurse friends and she said the same thing and that it wasn't that big of a deal. i wasn't convinced, being i don't have a nursing degree or anything like that but still, so i just watched it and thought i'd take him today if he woke up and it was worse. i was thinking it looked more like heat or an allergic reaction to something. he looks 10 times better this morning. all the bumps on his trunk, arms and butt are gone and he only has the ones that got real red left on his face. don't know for certain what it was but if i had to guess i'd say it had something to do with some new toast i'd given to him. he only about 5 things so it wasn't hard to narrow down anything new that had been added to his diet.

other than that it's been pretty quiet around here. i'm very tired today for some reason. i think it's because it was close to midnight last night when i was working out and i had some stupid dreams last night that kept me tossing and turning all night. i'm thinking i hear my big soft bed calling my name right about now. maybe a good nap will zap me with a burst of energy so i can get my workout on here in a little while. as you can see i clearly need it since i don't even have the energy to freakin' use proper capitalization!