Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh yeah, I use to blog and stuff...

Tink, tink, this thing on??? Why in the world did I ever stop blogging? Maybe it was because life got crazy or maybe it was because freakin' facebook took over my entire universe. I'm willing to compromise and say it was a lot of both with at least two moves and the building of a house thrown in for good measure. Ahhh, just typing those few little sentences felt so good. I think I'm back. I think this time I'm not going to censor what I have to say because it might not be what somebody wants to hear. I think it's on like Donkey Kong!! First I've got to figure out all of the changes that have been made in my three+ year absence and see if I can't get into my account without having to go through a default link because I forgot my password!