Monday, November 24, 2008


Just a quick update to let those of you sending well wishes my way how super fabulous you all are! I am at my Dad's house now. Surgery was pushed to Monday at 1. I'm a nervous wreck about it but never let on to him about it. The man came with me so I have him to lean on and he will be keeping A1 and A2 occupied.

I will post more when I can. I'm actually testing out posting this from my blackberry. Hopefully the hospital will have some wifi I can steal!!

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers! Wish you all a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, I'm going about my day today with the usual cleaning and calling to bug my husband at work and chilling with A2 when my phone rings and it's my mom telling me that they are going to be moving my Daddy from the hospital he is in right now to another one and that they will probably schedule him for open heart surgery tomorrow or the next day.

Hold on a sec while I FREAK.THE.HELL.OUT!!

I guess in a way it was to be expected because he told me last week that he had been going back to his doctor for tests because he was feeling short of breath whenever he did anything with his upper body. He did great on the treadmill test and said it was mostly the upper that was bothering him.

Back a few years ago they told him that surgery was inevitable but for the time being they would just monitor him and give him medication. I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I was really hoping this day would never come. I mean come on every girl thinks her daddy is Superman and nothing can or will ever happen to them. At least I do. My daddy isn't very old at all unless you consider 51 old. He had me when he was just a pup. I'll be 34 two weeks from today.

I got off the phone with her and called my husband. He tried to relate a story about someone else's same situation but whenever something like that is going on I don't care to hear shit like that. I cut him off and told him that I was going to pack my bag and go home. It was 1:30 and if I had left by 2 I could have made it there somewhere around 10 p.m. I.HATE.HATE.HATE.BEING.THIS.FAR.FROM.HOME!!! I was going to take A2 with me and leave A1 here so that he and the man could continue their routines as normal.

I packed a giant suitcase for me and A2 and just as I was about to start loading them into the car she called back. He would not be going today over to the other hospital but they were going to allow him to go home and they would have to come back Friday to see the doctor again and at that point they would schedule his surgery.

Deep breath.

At least now it doesn't seem as dire and I'm not as panicked as I was before. I called my husband back and told him the updated status and decided to repack my bags and leave here Thursday morning with A2 to be able to go with him to the doctor on Friday just in case they decide to do anything then. If they don't then I'll just hang out with them for a little longer than planned since we were going to be going to their house next Wednesday anyway for the holiday.

As I was unpacking to repack I discovered that I had not packed any socks. My black shoes were shoved into my toiletries bag and that all of my hair care items were left neatly in the drawer in the bathroom. I had to remove a pair of Capri's and a tank top because something tells me the weather won't support that outfit this time of year.

I also redid A2's bag. He now has t-shirts to wear up under the hoodies I packed for him and he has enough diapers to last him for more than a day. I've put all of our stuff in the car. The only thing out right now are my toiletries - minus the shoes - and A2's travel snacks. I'm ready for Thursday morning or at least as ready as I can be. It's going to be a very long very emotional very stressful ride out there but I'm going to be there no matter what.

I don't know what to expect. All I can do is pray that the medical team performs the surgery to the best of their ability and that my daddy is as strong as I know he is and comes out of this even stronger than ever. He has to he's my hero.

Monday, November 17, 2008


He's finally up. This is what sick looks like for A2. So much for him needing mommy while he nurses the funk today. Guess this means I have no excuse not to do laundry or change out of my pajamas now. Damn. I was really looking forward to cuddling up under a nice warm blanket and watching some TV all day.

Weekend Update....with a side of mucus

My weekend started early because the man took off this past Friday. We have this place that isn't too far from his office that we will have for a few more weeks and with it comes a free tanning bed. We have it because his work either pays for a house hunting trip when you relocate or they pay for temporary quarters for up to three months. Since we spent out our own money to come out and find a house we opted for the temporary quarters. We have yet to spend the night there but they pay a per diem and without that we'd be hurting right now. Two house payments sucks mushy turds.

Anyway back to the tanning bed, this place is set up sort of like apartments where you can actually live there indefinitely if you want or you can rent them out for however long you need them so of course they have the standard workout room and pool that naturally was closed by the time we got here. But tucked away on the other side of their little computer room is a tanning room. Yes I know it is bad for you to lay in them but once I get started it feels SO good and is hard to resist. I went once the week before last and then again on Friday. I don't go for the actual tanning I go for the heat and light therapy. I can lay down in that thing for 15 minutes and by the time it clicks off my mood is instantly better and I feel like a new person. It's like crack almost or at least what I would think crack would be like for me.

I use to pay for packages to go to tanning beds back a hundred years ago when I actually worked and Friend 2 and I would go on our lunch break. Now I wouldn't pay to go again because of all of the risks but I'll take a freebie in a heartbeat. Were only going to have this temporary place a few more weeks so I'll probably go at least a couple more times but after that be done. It's the only bed they have and it isn't in that great of shape. I noticed the other day when I got out that there was a streak running through it and it made it appear as if I had stripes along my left butt cheek. Sexay!

Saturday was freezing ass cold here. It hurt for me to even go outside. I don't do cold very well. A1 and the man worked on the spare room and A2 and I cleaned up the mans mess he made in the kitchen because he got up and decided he was going to cook breakfast and a ham. Nice gesture on his part but he is like a bull in a china shop whenever he decides to cook. It takes him at least 20 extra utensils and 15 extra bowls to do anything. Later that afternoon we ran out to run a few errands and came back from one of our stops with one of those gamer chairs.

Have you seen these? It's called the X Rocker Pro and what it is is a chair that has speakers built into it and sits directly on the ground. You plug it into your game systems or your television and it's like having your own surround sound right there under you. There are speakers on either side and one on the very back. There is even a port for your iPod and you can even plug in headphones. They had them on sale for half price so the husband grabbed one (at first). He'd been staring at them forever and couldn't see paying $150 for one. We got this one for $70. This was the high end one that actually has arms.

I'll have to concede they are pretty cool chairs because they rock like actual rocking chairs and have this pack that comes with them that will transmit sound wirelessly. We bring the first one home take it out of the box hook it to the Wii and click on Mario Kart. A2 loves it right off the bat. I know I've mentioned in the past about how my husband is a hoarder and tends to go overboard in his purchases. Well if I haven't mentioned that little fact before I'll just say we have three of these chairs in our den now and one in the garage that may be given as a Christmas gift to someone if and only if my husband decides we don't need it for our self since there are four of us and who wants to sit on the stupid couch now that we have these super rockin' chairs??!!

A1 and A2 kept their chairs hooked to the Wii and I had mine hooked to the television. Even though they had theirs blasting out the game I was sitting on the other side of the room and could turn up the Wizard of Oz on my chair and drown them out and the television wasn't even turned up at all. It was set to mute. The sound was coming just from the chair. Note to self: mark new couch and chair off of my list of things I'd like to have to actually make the house look nice. Who needs them when there are three perfectly good gamer chairs in there now!! (This should be read with a little bit of snarky sarcasm just in case you weren't sure.)

Oh, Saturday while we were out I forgot to mention the fact that A2 was showing off his mad Mario Kart skilz in Walmart. You know they have the game systems set up so that whenever you are in a hurry to get in and get out of there it is inevitable they will be unoccupied and either your husband or child will latch on to them to play and it'll take turning red in the face and telling them they are going to get left in the store through clenched teeth to make them walk away.

Naturally on this particular day they had a Wii set up between the toy aisle and the electronic section. A2 wanted me to push him over there so I did. He usually never gets to play in the store because of the older kids or his daddy hogging the games. So I thought what the heck. It was Mario Kart and he'd get a kick out of it. Keep in mind we have this game at home and he can pretty much smoke me at it. He sets it up and starts racing. People are walking by and smiling because they think it's cute a baby is playing the game. Some guy from the electronic section walks by and he smiles and then does a double take because he realizes that not only is this baby playing this game but he just came in 1st place. He starts freaking out and before A2 is finished with the second race this guy has gone to snag a friend to come watch.

They can't believe how good he is. They start talking about how they have watched adults stand there and not be able to come in 1st. It was pretty funny watching their reactions. I'm such a good mom. My child may not be able to count to 10 but he can pretty much drive circles around anyone in Mario Kart. Note from husband: Call preschool and get this child in so he can learn something useful.

Sunday we all decided to get up and go to church as a family. Yeah, I know that comes as a shock. I'm working on my potty mouth. Never claimed to be perfect dammit. This is the first time all four of us have gone together since we've been here. Usually it's a different combination from the group because I haven't felt like taking A2 up there yet and leaving him just because he cries and I hate doing the dump and run thing to him. I prepped him and told him he was going to have a lot of fun playing with kids and that we'd be right back to get him. Of course he cried for the first minute or two but after that he settled in and played with the rest of the kids. Somewhere in all of that I forgot to mention to him that he'd be picking up the freaking Ebola virus from somebody up there!

We come home branch off into our own little worlds and as the night wears on I notice he's got a little bit of a rattle to him. By the time we get ready to go to bed he's full out infectious. He isn't running a fever but he sounds pitiful. I was awake most of the night listening to him breathe because he kept getting choked on phlegm or something and waking up and freaking out. He isn't one to take medicine so as soon as he drifted off we slipped one of those cold strips in his mouth to dissolve. It seemed to help but we had to do it again four hours later. I'll just leave it up to your imagination as to how much fun we had this morning at around 4:30 when he woke up and busted us as we were trying to put another one in his mouth. I'll just say holding him and crying was involved....mine that is.

It's 11:30 right now and he's still sleeping. He's got crusty snot all over the side of his little cheek and sounds like a grown man over there snoring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't catch it or heaven forbid the man since it will surely intensify from Ebola into the bubonic plague with a touch of cholera and/or raging diarrhea once he gets it.

Today will be spent nursing the little guy back to health. He pretty much wants his mommy within arms reach whenever he gets sick like this so I foresee a day filled with lots of Boomerang and/or Thomas and Friends DVDs underneath a cozy blanket. We may even watch Kung Fu Panda again since we picked it up while we were out on Saturday and it's actually pretty good. I was in the kitchen while they were all watching it and I could hear A1, A2, and the man all laughing out loud while watching it Saturday night.

By the way, thanks Heather for your Carnation Instant Breakfast idea. He loves it and I'm sure on days like today where he's not going to want to eat much of anything he will at least get some protein and that makes me feel better! You rock girl!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cheeseburger in Hell

What do you get when you cross two strong willed or better yet down right stubborn people? You get a child that is off the charts stubborn as hell and will not budge for shit that's what.

A2 has always been a somewhat picky eater. By picky I mean he pretty much stopped eating anything at all by the time he was a little over a year and a half old. If it weren't for milk the child would have shriveled up and blown away. We tried to give him a variety of things but he wouldn't take a bite of anything. This is a child that ate very good when he was a baby and I can remember a time when he would eat green beans, macaroni, and several kinds of fruit. It went from that to zilch, nada.

I, of course, freaked out at first and asked the doctor what to do and scoured the Internet for ideas or insight into what was going on with this child. A1 never gave me this problem. I was happy to find that there were other parents out there that shared in my misery and dilemma of children that are sustained on milk alone. I figured I'd let it go and when he got hungry enough or moved past this phase he'd eat something.

Sure enough, time goes by and he starts to eat a couple of things here and there. His list seems to be growing slowly but it still disturbs me and the hubby that he refuses to try anything. I'm not going to force him to eat things he truly doesn't like but come the fuck on, how can I get him to at least try something??!! There is only so much nutritional value that can be gleamed out of fish sticks, toast, dry cereal, chicken nuggets and fries, and the occasional grilled cheese sandwiches. Those are pretty much the only things I can get in this child's gullet. Oh, cornbread is another thing. He loves it.

Sweets are another story. He's a sweet freak. I'm pretty sure he's going to grow up to be the guy that shows up to anything involving cake. You may not even know who he is but if you have cake at your event he'll be there. I truly believe you could roll shit in sugar and give it to him and he'd have his doubts but somehow manage to hoover the sugar off.

I've tried to be devious and sneak things to him that are "healthy" but he's not an idiot. He can tell I'm up to something before I even start. About the best thing I got him to do was drink a concoction I made up with my juicer that had carrots and oranges and apples and pears in it. I didn't want to give him too much at first because I was sure he'd break out in hives for having an actual vegetable in his system. He liked it but after about two tries with that he was done with it anyway.

I've tried not giving him anything at all and having him come to me and ask for something instead of automatically giving him milk when he wakes up. That doesn't do much good either. He can hold out a lot longer than I can and I feel bad once it starts getting on up in the morning and he hasn't had anything. We tried giving him one Pediasure (teddy bear milk) a day since it says on the bottle that it can be supplemented for a meal and has a lot of vitamins and nutrients in it and that had to be better than nothing but that was borderline crazy too. Do you know how expensive that crap is? You'd think it was damn liquid gold or something. Now they are just given as treats since even though they seem to stink like poo to me he likes the flavor.

All of this is very frustrating and it's gotten to the point of being downright ridiculous. I'm at a loss for what to really do. I can remember having to sit at the table for hours until I finished whatever was put on my plate. I can remember being stubborn and refusing to eat and opting to take an ass whipping at times to be able to get up. I don't recall ever being physically forced to eat anything but wouldn't put it past her if I had been. I'm a pro at repressing a lot of shit that went on when I was younger but I digress. I'm beginning to wonder if those type of tactics are what I'm going to be forced to try myself. I'll never make him eat something again if he at least tries it and THEN decides he doesn't like it. Right now he claims he doesn't like what we offer him before he even gets a look at it on the plate.

Yesterday the husband was off work for Veteran's Day and we decided to go out and pick up some supplies to finish out a room that the previous owners started above our garage. I made muffins before we left and thought that A2 would like them because he usually all about that and they had chocolate chips in them. He wouldn't try even one at the time so I did the typical mom thing and put two in a Ziploc for him for later and headed out the door.

We talked about going to lunch while we were out and that today was going to be the day we get him to eat, and by eat we mean at least take one freaking nibble of a cheeseburger from McDonald's. I mean come on, he eats plain hot dog buns and calls them hamburgers and he eats cheese sandwiches so it's really not that far of a stretch to move on to an actual hamburger bun with cheese and a paper thin hamburger patty on it. I even told them to leave it plain so the ketchup and stuff wouldn't freak him out.

That fucking cheeseburger was almost the death of me yesterday.

We went to McDonald's like any other time. We got our food and his happy meal and sat down. I talked it up and acted excited as I opened it up and sat it all out in front of him but he wouldn't try it at all. He spent his time driving one of his Thomas loaders on the top of it. He wouldn't even eat his fries which he usually likes. We stuck to it and didn't give in and let him have any of our drinks or his apple juice that came with the meal. When we were finished I packed his stuff back up in the box and told him that he could have it later but until he tried at least one bite he would get no drink, no candy and no Toys R Us. Didn't phase him.

A little time goes by and I know he's got to be getting hungry but he's still not budging when I ask if he wants a bite of burger. I was starting to feel bad but little did I realize the reason why he wasn't was because I forgot I had left those damn muffins back there with him and he'd chowed down on one of those while the husband and I were tying down the stuff in the back of the truck. Cleaver little boy. He now had the argument that he ate the muffins we were trying to get him to eat earlier. In his head he'd done a good thing. He ate. (Don't forget this child only turned 3 in July.)

Defeated a little we let that go and he got a little bit of drink to wash it down and was told that even though he got around it for now he still had to try some cheeseburger before he got anything else. He shrugged it off and said OK. We had several more things to do so we went about the day and by the time we were done and got back to the house it was close to 6 and since I was hungry by then I figured he had to be too.

I usually cook his grilled cheese sandwiches on our George Foreman grill. I had the bright idea that I would put that cheeseburger on the grill to heat it up and to make it resemble the cheese sandwiches a little more so that maybe he would eat it. At this point I knew he was hungry because he kept hovering around in the kitchen asking for a sandwich but he was nervous because he knew something was up and he hadn't forgotten about that cheeseburger. I took it off, cut it in half and put it on a plate.

Cue hell because it's about to break loose.

The husband put some chicken on the grill, A1 was hanging out in the kitchen with him, and I started putting up some things we had gotten while out that day. We just left A2 to look at his plate and decide what he was going to do. We didn't make a big deal out of it and would only glance over there at him out of the corner of our eyes. He would pick up a piece every now and then and then just drop it back on his plate. The rest of us went about dinner as usual. We ate our food and it was time for dessert.

Enter hell.

A2 was getting pretty happy at this point because he figured he'd skip the whole cheeseburger thing and just go ahead and have dessert too. Wrong. Husband and I told him that if he took one bite he could have whatever dessert he wanted. Just one bite. Seemed like a deal to me. Hell, one bite for a chunk of brownie seems like a win win to me. Then again I am a little further along in my reasoning than a 3 year old. He wasn't giving in. He was getting pissed though. He decided he was going to throw the cheeseburger and pitch a fit. That got him his first spanking.

He did it again. That got him taken to the corner in the hall away from everyone else to think about it. He was pissed beyond belief at that point and refused to stay in the corner and was screaming he wanted a brownie at this point. That got him his second spanking. Didn't phase him. He then tried to climb up on his daddy and grab something from his hand. It's safe to say he was loosing his damn mind and there was nothing we could do to chill him the fuck out.

We couldn't spank him anymore because at that point it would have just been pointless and wrong so I decided to go into the hallway with this child, sit down in the floor and physically block him from going back into the other room where his daddy and A1 were watching TV. That killed him. He tried to bulldoze his way past me but I wouldn't budge. I pinched off a piece of the cheeseburger and told him that all it took to get passed me was to eat that one bite. He threw it off of the plate and onto the floor. I told him that I didn't care if he threw it on the floor that he'd just have to eat it from there. He WAS NOT giving in. At this point I'm thinking "Who in the hell is this child and where is my sweet baby??" All of this over a fucking cheeseburger. Seriously!

This went on for at least two hours. Two. Long. Ass. Hours. He kept coming up with excuses like he doesn't like cheeseburger, he needed to go potty, he wanted to go night, he wanted to be saved by his daddy or he needed to check and see what Bub was doing. At this point it wasn't so much the fact that I wanted him to try something new it was the fucking principle of it all and he was NOT going to pitch a fit that massive and get away with it. Come hell or high water he was going to eat that bite little does he know I myself can be one stubborn bitch. Where in the hell does he think he gets it from??!!

I had resigned myself to the idea of sitting in the floor all night if I had to and if he fell asleep then we'd get up and go right back to that spot as soon as he woke up. Finally after my ass cheeks had both gone numb from sitting on the cold tile floor, sweat was all around his ears and his face was streamed with tears and was blotchy red from all the crying......he took that one bite.

I made him open his mouth so I could see, told him great job and let him by and that was the end of it. Of course his daddy was jumping and clapping like a monkey and after shooting daggers from my eyeballs into his skull I warned him not to praise what we just went through and stop all that nonsense. Yeah it was good that he took a bite and he could certainly be praised mildly for that but not to the extremes my goofball husband was doing.

At this point I'm stressed the fuck out and exhausted. I had to go dust bust the crumbs from the hallway where he pitched that damn cheeseburger all over the place and clean up the mess that he made from digging that gel shit that is inside a wet diaper out. I change him and he hugs me and tells me sorry for being ugly. I hug him back and he lays in the floor to watch his brother play Wii. Within about 20 minutes he was asleep. Around 20 minutes later I was asleep. He had worn the both of us out.

Today he's up and running around like nothing ever happened. I've decided that I'm going to put him food out for breakfast from now on and until he finishes that he gets nothing else. Today I gave him a cup of milk, two pieces of toast, and some dry cereal. He drank the milk and ate the cereal and one piece of toast but until that other piece of toast is gone he's out of luck. I told his dad on the phone just a little while ago that if that toast is still sitting there come supper time then that's what he will eat. Nothing new is going to be given out. I'm tired of throwing away perfectly good food because he refuses to eat and fills up on junk he cons out of everyone to open for him.

I'm considering taking him to get another cheeseburger tomorrow just to see what he will do. I'm hoping he'll realize that it wasn't so bad and that he might actually like it but if he truly doesn't then that's that and I'll try it again later down the road.

As of last night though I'm pretty sure it would be safe to say that if he could A2 would tell Jimmy Buffett to kiss his tiny little ass but for now can somebody pass me the daiquiris and don't be stingy with the frickin' rum.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Easing Back In

Since it's been about four months or so that I just up and dropped off the face of my blog how's about we play a game of quick catch up with my favorite thing....bullet points! I'll give a little on each one and elaborate more later.

  • I no longer live in my perfect dream house that was located only two hours away from my entire family and was in an area where I actually knew people and could get to the mall without having to pack a light snack for the journey.
  • I'm now living in a house that is nice and new and pretty but will NOT hold all of our stuff without having to do some cleaver combining of things. I'm thinking about storing my extra dishes in my closet now since it is seriously bigger than my kitchen. I can turn cartwheels in my closet but have to turn my fat ass sideways to get my baking stone out of the oven because there is a stand alone island smack dab in the middle of the kitchen. Same goes for the dishwasher which is on the opposite side of the island.
  • Directions to my house include: If you are coming from the north side of town you want to turn when you get to the cow on the pole OR if you are coming from the south side of town you want to turn when you get to the silo that is painted up as a GIANT Budweiser can. Shit. You. Not. If you pass either of these glorious landmarks on your way out here then you've gone too far. I'll post pictures soon.
  • We only brought about 15% of our stuff out here with us because we still have the other house listed on the market and didn't want to leave it empty for insurance and showing purposes. A2 is sleeping on a futon, we are sleeping on A2's mattress set (which is only a full size set) and I'm using boxes lined along a wall in my bedroom as a makeshift dresser for the hubby. He has a box for black socks, white socks, white undies, colored undies and one for wife beaters since he now has to wear a suit to work every day. I've got two boxes in the closet for myself as well. One for underwear and one for socks. We are living the glamorous life I tell ya. Went to make muffins the other day for breakfast but by the time I was ready to pour in the batter I realized my damn muffin pans are at the other house. Moving sucks balls. Big. Donkey. Balls.
  • A1 is adjusting well to school but not so much to his raging hormones. Is it just me or are ALL teenagers assholes? I'm trying to find something for him to do to burn off some his pent up frustrations. Unfortunately the only thing to do around these parts involve either shooting helpless woodland creatures or gigging frogs. I wish I was kidding about that. Can't wait to relive the morning he took a swing at me by writing that story. It's not quite as bad as it sounds but still not so good.
  • A2 LOVES the new house and has claimed it as his very own. I'm pretty sure it's because he can ride his tricycle all over the place with no obstacles right now. There is literally nothing in the living room and only a treadmill in the dining room that will probably have to stay there because I don't know what else to do with it once we do finally get our stuff moved out here.
  • A2 has expanded his vocabulary to include a couple of colorful phrases. We got Wii Mario Kart for him and if you listen closely you'll catch a "dammit" or a "shit" every now and again whenever he falls into a pit. I've pretty much got him broken from saying it but the worst part about it is that he will randomly come up to me to inform me that he "won't say shit anymore because it's not nice!" I can be on the phone or cooking or watching television or better yet standing in line at Old Navy when he decides to let me know he isn't going to say shit anymore. He's thoughtful like that.
  • I have no idea how much I weigh at the moment. Our scale is on the fritz and I've decided that is a good thing. I can happily say that I can fit into everything that is hanging in my closet right now and that some of my 8's are actually a little loose - just a little mind you. I've got one pair of Joe Jeans that I'm still working on getting my butt into and when that day comes I'll be pretty stoked. They button right now but the sight isn't too easy on they eyes and an oxygen tank wouldn't be one of the main accessories I'd want to carry around just to wear them. You'd think after all this time MIA I'd be a little skinny Minnie but nope that's not the case. I'm getting closer to my goal but still not quite there. My birthday is in December and I'd like to have reached it by then. If I had to guess I'd say I'm only about 5 or 6 pounds away.
  • I met John Walsh after only being out here four days. He said I was beautiful. I think he was overly exhausted from all that horse riding he did for the show.
  • The closest Gap is an hour away in another town. That's just utter bullshit if you ask me. The saving grace to that situation is that they just moved a gigantic brand new Old Navy into a new shopping pavilion that has a Target, Books a Million, Bed, Bath and Beyond and a Shoe Carnival in it just one exit down from mine. Never mind that it takes me a frigging half hour just to get to the Interstate though from my house. I'm been spoiled to everything being close to my house.
  • After giving up on Days of our Lives over the past year or so I've fallen right back into the story and haven't missed a day in two weeks now or fast forwarded through any of it. It's like catching up with family you haven't seen in a long time. I've followed that show every since I was around 8 or 9 because my cousin Banana, who is like three years older than me, wouldn't play with me until it was over and I had to be quite while she watched. Since my birthday is coming up pretty freaking fast and I'm honing in on the 34 mark that would mean I've kept up with that show for nearly 25 years.
  • Can't wait to see Corinne shit her boy brief boxers and Charlie burst into tears when they find out that their beloved Marcus got the boot from Survivor Gabon.
  • I'm SOO happy all of the election crap is over. I'm not sure what I think about our new President Elect but I'm willing to be open minded. We live in a very very red state so we are surrounded by a lot of people who are none too happy about the turnout and voice it loudly. A1 is pretty excited about the turnout. He called the winner months ago even before the candidates were set in stone. My husband is the conservative type and would have liked the vote to have gone the other way. Being in law enforcement, he tends to disagree with some of the democratic views. I'm like a purple dot in the middle of the state. I'm not for one side over the other. I believe both parties bring something to the table and even though I can't claim to be "part of history" by electing our new President I'm really anxious to see what he can accomplish.
  • I jumped on the tweener bandwagon and read the entire Twilight series. Quick comments on that include: 1. Renesmee is the stupidest damn name I've ever heard in my life and if there are any fantards out there planning on naming their baby girls after that shit then they have serious issues. 2. Along about book two I was ready to scrub my eyeballs out with lye soap or hunt up Mrs. Meyers and kick her in the cooch if she wrote one more fucking time about "Edwards impossible beauty"....excuse me while I swallow the vomit that just came up into my throat. 3. The ending was anticlimactic for me and left me wishing I had the hours of my life I'd spent reading them back to waste on something better like the ending of the Road Rules/Real World Challenge and the reunion show.
  • I'm currently taking the lazy way out and got The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath on CD from the library the other day. It's read by Maggie Gyllenhaal and actually quite entertaining. It's pretty relaxing to put my headphones in at night to drown out the sound of my husband's snoring and listen to the story. Downside is that I fall asleep and have to go back and listen to parts I've already heard once to find my place.
  • I'm fascinated with crime story shows right now. Shows like American Justice, Snapped, Forensic Files and the First 48 are sucking up unusually large amounts of my time. I think I'm starting to catch the work bug and stuff like that has always interested me. My dream job would be to become a Forensic Psychologist but that's not really an option right now. Last time I checked they didn't let broke ass people back into college. I've been looking though and have tried to play the angle of being an asset since I friggin' graduated with honors when I got my Bachelor's in Psychology. It's not working. Something about tuition being a NECESSARY part of being admitted back into college keeps tripping me up.
  • Can't wait to tell the story of how I have a massive bruise right above my knee and how it was given to me by a bottle of hair conditioner.

This is all I've got for now. I'm sure there is a lot more I need to purge from my brain but I can smell the smoke coming from my ears from blogger overload right now. It's good to be back.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Testing 1, 2

Yep, it's unlocked.

Doesn't mean much but I am actually thinking about coming back to the dear old blog. Lots of stuff has happened in the past few months and frankly I NEED to let it all out and I've missed this thing so much!!

I'm not loving my new layout but for the moment it's fresh and the best I can find. I'm a wee bit rusty so I've got to get back out there and find something that better suits me.

This is a test post just to see if I can still do this.

By the way, if by chance you are a return blogger/reader friend and your link use to be on my sidebar and it isn't there now just let me know and I'll put you back up there. I was in the middle of updating my widget thingy and before I could add everyone I clicked something and my list was gone.

Can't wait to get back into the swing of things. See you in a little bit. Hopefully with a design I like better.