Friday, November 7, 2008

Testing 1, 2

Yep, it's unlocked.

Doesn't mean much but I am actually thinking about coming back to the dear old blog. Lots of stuff has happened in the past few months and frankly I NEED to let it all out and I've missed this thing so much!!

I'm not loving my new layout but for the moment it's fresh and the best I can find. I'm a wee bit rusty so I've got to get back out there and find something that better suits me.

This is a test post just to see if I can still do this.

By the way, if by chance you are a return blogger/reader friend and your link use to be on my sidebar and it isn't there now just let me know and I'll put you back up there. I was in the middle of updating my widget thingy and before I could add everyone I clicked something and my list was gone.

Can't wait to get back into the swing of things. See you in a little bit. Hopefully with a design I like better.


Backpacking Dad said...

Oh my god, Hi!!

DeeDee said...

Hi!! Did I mention I missed you guys??!!

Heather said...

Sheesh, Deedee, don't ever disappear on a woman like that again! I've been checking this thing every flippin day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DeeDee said...

Hi Sweetie!! Glad to be back. It's been crazy to say the least. I've got so much catching up to do.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that with life as crazy as it is that I have to keep up with my lil sis thru her blog. Which btw, everyone loves and if they don't, they should. Great to have you back and missed you bunches!
Love you.

Anonymous said...

I sure have missed your blogs and am sure glad to have you back on here. Your Sis let me know that you were back. Thanks Sis

mumma boo said...

Welcome back! I was wondering if you got lost in garage sale hell or moving or, or, or...I'm just glad you're back!