Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Update....with a side of mucus

My weekend started early because the man took off this past Friday. We have this place that isn't too far from his office that we will have for a few more weeks and with it comes a free tanning bed. We have it because his work either pays for a house hunting trip when you relocate or they pay for temporary quarters for up to three months. Since we spent out our own money to come out and find a house we opted for the temporary quarters. We have yet to spend the night there but they pay a per diem and without that we'd be hurting right now. Two house payments sucks mushy turds.

Anyway back to the tanning bed, this place is set up sort of like apartments where you can actually live there indefinitely if you want or you can rent them out for however long you need them so of course they have the standard workout room and pool that naturally was closed by the time we got here. But tucked away on the other side of their little computer room is a tanning room. Yes I know it is bad for you to lay in them but once I get started it feels SO good and is hard to resist. I went once the week before last and then again on Friday. I don't go for the actual tanning I go for the heat and light therapy. I can lay down in that thing for 15 minutes and by the time it clicks off my mood is instantly better and I feel like a new person. It's like crack almost or at least what I would think crack would be like for me.

I use to pay for packages to go to tanning beds back a hundred years ago when I actually worked and Friend 2 and I would go on our lunch break. Now I wouldn't pay to go again because of all of the risks but I'll take a freebie in a heartbeat. Were only going to have this temporary place a few more weeks so I'll probably go at least a couple more times but after that be done. It's the only bed they have and it isn't in that great of shape. I noticed the other day when I got out that there was a streak running through it and it made it appear as if I had stripes along my left butt cheek. Sexay!

Saturday was freezing ass cold here. It hurt for me to even go outside. I don't do cold very well. A1 and the man worked on the spare room and A2 and I cleaned up the mans mess he made in the kitchen because he got up and decided he was going to cook breakfast and a ham. Nice gesture on his part but he is like a bull in a china shop whenever he decides to cook. It takes him at least 20 extra utensils and 15 extra bowls to do anything. Later that afternoon we ran out to run a few errands and came back from one of our stops with one of those gamer chairs.

Have you seen these? It's called the X Rocker Pro and what it is is a chair that has speakers built into it and sits directly on the ground. You plug it into your game systems or your television and it's like having your own surround sound right there under you. There are speakers on either side and one on the very back. There is even a port for your iPod and you can even plug in headphones. They had them on sale for half price so the husband grabbed one (at first). He'd been staring at them forever and couldn't see paying $150 for one. We got this one for $70. This was the high end one that actually has arms.

I'll have to concede they are pretty cool chairs because they rock like actual rocking chairs and have this pack that comes with them that will transmit sound wirelessly. We bring the first one home take it out of the box hook it to the Wii and click on Mario Kart. A2 loves it right off the bat. I know I've mentioned in the past about how my husband is a hoarder and tends to go overboard in his purchases. Well if I haven't mentioned that little fact before I'll just say we have three of these chairs in our den now and one in the garage that may be given as a Christmas gift to someone if and only if my husband decides we don't need it for our self since there are four of us and who wants to sit on the stupid couch now that we have these super rockin' chairs??!!

A1 and A2 kept their chairs hooked to the Wii and I had mine hooked to the television. Even though they had theirs blasting out the game I was sitting on the other side of the room and could turn up the Wizard of Oz on my chair and drown them out and the television wasn't even turned up at all. It was set to mute. The sound was coming just from the chair. Note to self: mark new couch and chair off of my list of things I'd like to have to actually make the house look nice. Who needs them when there are three perfectly good gamer chairs in there now!! (This should be read with a little bit of snarky sarcasm just in case you weren't sure.)

Oh, Saturday while we were out I forgot to mention the fact that A2 was showing off his mad Mario Kart skilz in Walmart. You know they have the game systems set up so that whenever you are in a hurry to get in and get out of there it is inevitable they will be unoccupied and either your husband or child will latch on to them to play and it'll take turning red in the face and telling them they are going to get left in the store through clenched teeth to make them walk away.

Naturally on this particular day they had a Wii set up between the toy aisle and the electronic section. A2 wanted me to push him over there so I did. He usually never gets to play in the store because of the older kids or his daddy hogging the games. So I thought what the heck. It was Mario Kart and he'd get a kick out of it. Keep in mind we have this game at home and he can pretty much smoke me at it. He sets it up and starts racing. People are walking by and smiling because they think it's cute a baby is playing the game. Some guy from the electronic section walks by and he smiles and then does a double take because he realizes that not only is this baby playing this game but he just came in 1st place. He starts freaking out and before A2 is finished with the second race this guy has gone to snag a friend to come watch.

They can't believe how good he is. They start talking about how they have watched adults stand there and not be able to come in 1st. It was pretty funny watching their reactions. I'm such a good mom. My child may not be able to count to 10 but he can pretty much drive circles around anyone in Mario Kart. Note from husband: Call preschool and get this child in so he can learn something useful.

Sunday we all decided to get up and go to church as a family. Yeah, I know that comes as a shock. I'm working on my potty mouth. Never claimed to be perfect dammit. This is the first time all four of us have gone together since we've been here. Usually it's a different combination from the group because I haven't felt like taking A2 up there yet and leaving him just because he cries and I hate doing the dump and run thing to him. I prepped him and told him he was going to have a lot of fun playing with kids and that we'd be right back to get him. Of course he cried for the first minute or two but after that he settled in and played with the rest of the kids. Somewhere in all of that I forgot to mention to him that he'd be picking up the freaking Ebola virus from somebody up there!

We come home branch off into our own little worlds and as the night wears on I notice he's got a little bit of a rattle to him. By the time we get ready to go to bed he's full out infectious. He isn't running a fever but he sounds pitiful. I was awake most of the night listening to him breathe because he kept getting choked on phlegm or something and waking up and freaking out. He isn't one to take medicine so as soon as he drifted off we slipped one of those cold strips in his mouth to dissolve. It seemed to help but we had to do it again four hours later. I'll just leave it up to your imagination as to how much fun we had this morning at around 4:30 when he woke up and busted us as we were trying to put another one in his mouth. I'll just say holding him and crying was involved....mine that is.

It's 11:30 right now and he's still sleeping. He's got crusty snot all over the side of his little cheek and sounds like a grown man over there snoring. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't catch it or heaven forbid the man since it will surely intensify from Ebola into the bubonic plague with a touch of cholera and/or raging diarrhea once he gets it.

Today will be spent nursing the little guy back to health. He pretty much wants his mommy within arms reach whenever he gets sick like this so I foresee a day filled with lots of Boomerang and/or Thomas and Friends DVDs underneath a cozy blanket. We may even watch Kung Fu Panda again since we picked it up while we were out on Saturday and it's actually pretty good. I was in the kitchen while they were all watching it and I could hear A1, A2, and the man all laughing out loud while watching it Saturday night.

By the way, thanks Heather for your Carnation Instant Breakfast idea. He loves it and I'm sure on days like today where he's not going to want to eat much of anything he will at least get some protein and that makes me feel better! You rock girl!