Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's Alive

Tink, tink, tink. Hello, o, o, o. Is there anybody out there?

Ok, just so you know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth or anything like that. It's just that I've had ZERO time to myself for like the past EVER and this is the first time I've even attempted to sit down and do a quick update.

Nothing major is really going on. I'm still trying to get ready for this yard sale that is coming up. By the way, the next time I even think of having a yard sale you have my full permission to come up and totally bitch slap me back into reality. Who knew it would be this much damn work!? I've got a section of my basement dedicated to just yard sale stuff but I haven't priced the first thing yet. I'm not even sure how I'm going to set it all out yet. Good thing I'm at my best under pressure. I'm the one that never wrote my 15 page research paper until the day before it was due and managed to ace them all, well except for that one I did on Larry Flynt but I'm pretty sure my professor didn't appreciate the fact that I didn't tear him apart for "exploiting women." It was a pretty kick ass paper come to think of it....bitch.

I'm stalled out on the weight loss front. I did see 133 for like a split second one day and it even dipped to 132.9 about a week ago but that was fleeting. I probably had diarrhea or something that day. Now I'm back to hovering around the 135 mark but at least I'm holding steady there. That last 10 pounds is really trying my patience though. I've been snatching work outs here and there when I can but for the most part just trying to clean out everything around here keeps me up and busy all the time.

Since my last post we have celebrated A2's 3rd birthday. We celebrated early on the 4th because my parents came up to spend the weekend with us. His actual birthday wasn't until Monday the 7th. My husband thought it would be so cool to get this for him.

I wish I was joking because it's HUGE and this fucker is set up in my front sitting room because it's too hot to take it outside right now and the husband said he didn't want grass to get sucked into the fan. One good thing that came out of this is that I FINALLY got that ugly ass dining table out of there that I have hated from the minute he drug it into the house. I really could care less that his Grandmother gave it to him. Fucking ugly is fucking ugly I don't care who gives it.

My sister on the other hand took the smarter more practical route and got this for him.

Takes up was less space and he loves crawling around in it just as much but it CAN NOT be collapsed right now because if we attempt A2 goes ape-shit.

Have I ever mentioned the fact that we tend to go way overboard when we buy things? It's like some sick obsession.

It seriously looks as though the entire Island of Sodor has been thrown up into my living room, well, pretty much all over my house and I have zero say about it. Since his birthday A2's Thomas and Friends battery powered engine count has skyrocketed to 15 with two wooden trains and three take along trains. So along with the pop up and the train table he got for Christmas the year before last, he has a flat track that measures at least 8 feet long set up in front of our television with another one that measures about 2 feet right beside it because he got a delayed gift of a $50 Toys R Us gift card in the mail this weekend and we just had to go there on Sunday. I'm bout ready to lose my damn mind with all this Thomas stuff everywhere.

A1's birthday is this coming Saturday and I have no clue what to do for him. He'll be 14 and that's a tough age to buy for. He's asked for a hamster since during all this cleaning I've been doing I uncovered an entire stash of hamster stuff we had stored in the closet in the bedroom downstairs. We seriously have enough stuff to outfit an entire gang of hamsters. We got the houses, tunnels, the food, toys, bedding, treats, and watering thingamabobs. A1 had a couple of hamsters a few years ago but sadly they both met a tragic demise.

The first one somehow escaped from his hut and the cats caught him and decided it would be cool to snatch his head off, eat only that, and leave the body in the living room floor for us to find the next morning. Sort of like their trophy for having a rocking night of torture. Talk about devastation! Luckily A1 never saw that and the husband was up before anyone else and took care of it. He was about 8 years old at the time and trying to explain to him that Charlie decided to move to Hollywood and no longer hang out with him wasn't pretty.

We got another one to replace that one and it went well for a while until he nipped A1 and was never picked up or played with again. That poor guy probably died of loneliness or something like that.

I'm considering giving him another try even though I told him he couldn't have another living thing until he moved out of my house because I usually end up being the caretaker. We still have a cat so if we got one and he ever escaped it would more than likely not end pretty even though I know it was the other cat we had that did the most damage the last time. She was our mouser. Jesse would rather someone else take care of it but she has caught one or two for us. Plus I'm not sure how A2 would do with a critter that small. He's still trying to get Jesse to let him rub on her for more than two seconds. He would either want to maul it and love it to death or he'd be scared of it.

I've got about two days left to decide so I'll think about it tomorrow.

News on the move. Unless something happens and the inside scoop the husband was given from someone in headquarters was wrong, I'm about 98% sure we are about to move. I'm not too thrilled about it because as you know I think moving sucks donkey balls but if it's true then the husband got a kick ass promotion and we'll just have to make the most of it. I really hate that it's right here at the END of summer break right before A1 is suppose to start school but it's better than trying to move with friggin' snow on the ground during the dead of winter. A1's not happy about having to leave his friends but you know what, I'm not feeling too sorry about that after putting a lot of thought into it.

Here's why, I've tried to get him to either call or text his friends to see what they were doing at different times all summer long so they could have a chance to hang out if by chance we do end up moving and he went ONE time to ONE friend's house and spent the night. That's it. I've volunteered to take him to the mall, to the movies, to pretty much anywhere within reason and he has yet to take me up on it. You'd think if he was so tight with these friends that he'd be wanting to hang out with them. Maybe I'm just that out of touch. I mean come on, all he's done is text like crazy all summer and unless I'm wrong he can do that both here and 8 hours down the road.

I just remember never wanting to be home when I was his age and always wanting to be with my friends. Part of that was probably due to the fact that my mother was a drug using, child abusing whore but I digress. A1 didn't know anybody when we moved here and he managed to fit in and adjust pretty well. I'm thinking the same will be said for when we move over there too. We hope to have the final say either Friday or Monday.

Things I suck at right now but plan on kicking ass at as soon as I finish cleaning up my house and having this stupid yard sale: Guitar Hero. Have you played this game? I've seen the guys play it forever and always see the kids in the stores playing but have never tried it myself until Saturday. Of course I was booed off stage my first attempt but the second time I managed to hit 78% of the notes. It's fun but very hard! The husband was sitting in the middle of all the chaos in the playroom playing because we only have it for Playstation 2 and asked me if I wanted to try it. I said what the hell because it looks easy when you watch someone else do it. I haven't tried it again but hopefully I'll be rockin' out some next week!

Things I'm totally excited about that it makes me pee my pants just a little thinking about: Big Brother 10. It started Sunday night and I couldn't be more excited about it. I look forward to it EVERY summer and even though the majority of the cast turns out to be total douchebags I still get sucked into it so hard! I've found a kick ass site that posts videos of stuff that goes on during the live feeds and gives recaps of everything that you don't see on the show. They know ahead of time who wins the veto and all the juicy gossip. It's here. Here you get to see all the fights and hear all the cattiness that goes on that would never make it to the air. The husband HATES it when Big Brother starts but he watched it with me Sunday night and I guarantee before the summer is over he'll be hooked too. So far I like April the best. Brian was a frontrunner for me at first but he started playing too hard too soon and I'm pretty sure his little cutie patootie butt will be talking with Julie Chen tonight.

That's really all I have time to touch base on right now. While typing this I've had to scream at both of the boys at least three times to stop picking on each other, take a potty break with A2 who has gone two weeks without pooping in his pants (we're still working on the peeing), put a load of clothes in the dryer, and con A1 into picking up the cat puke that was laying in the middle of my laundry room floor.

Fun times!!

I've got to get up from here and organize all the stuff that we took out of the playroom which is scattered from the living room, down the hallway to their bedrooms, and on the kitchen table. Once I get that done I will officially be finished with organizing each room upstairs. It will take me at least two days to do all of this if not longer but I'm looking forward to walking into that stupid playroom knowing it hasn't been that neat and organized since A1 was A2's age.

Feels good to be back.