Friday, June 13, 2008's overrated

Excuse me, can you tell me where this ENTIRE week has gotten off to because it can't be Friday again already? Time flies when you're being productive. Who would have ever thought that!

I have spent this entire week, well except for most of the day on Monday when I went and hung out with Friend 1, cleaning out and organizing stuff and the sad thing is that it's all been in one room...mine. Never in my dreams would I have thought we had so much crap shoved here and there and everywhere in that one area of our house. I've decided that my husband's packrattery has rubbed off on me and that is not acceptable. I'm on top of it now and all that shoving shit all over just to get it out of site is so over. Memba when I said something about finding Old Navy bags in the closet, well I found more under the bed, in my nightstand, in my panty drawer and even a couple shoved under my armour. I even found a couple that had a Gap or an Aeropostale bag stuffed inside it. It felt good to throw all of that out along with about a zillion other things I no longer needed.

July 26th is the date I've picked for my Yard Sale. I have to be held accountable now too because I sent out an email soliciting my neighbors to join me and several have already committed. I can't peter out like I've been known to do in the past when I get something started. This yard sale thing is a must. So now - It's officially on! The neighbors are even talking about having a BBQ afterwards. My cleaning the house is snowballing into a major neighborhood event. Love it.

I'm going into A2's room today and then on to the playroom. That's the room I am dreading like the plague. I'm pretty certain we have saved every single toy we have ever purchased for A1 in his 13 years of life and the last 8 years worth are in there. I'm starting to see a pattern of excess in just about everything we do. You'd think with all the toys we have of A1's that we wouldn't have to ever buy A2 anything but that wouldn't fit into our sickness. Buying A2 53 of the individual Cars the Movie cars is more like it and now that he is into Thomas the Tank we've bought him 8 engines so far and we're looking for Henry and Gordon because those are the two he says he "needs" now. Really all I'm doing is clearing out and making room for more junk. I'm starting to think a trip to see Dr. Phil is in our future.

Gah, I just went back and read what I've written so far and I must say it's not even remotely interesting. I can feel my readership dwindling as I continue to type but since I'm already this far into it I may as well keep going!

I'mma talk about something else now beside my clutter! I've stuck to taking my pills on a daily basis quite nicely. I think I've only forgotten once and had to take one about an hour and a half later than I usually take them. Still no real side effects which makes me very happy. I did forget to take a vitamin on Wednesday of this week and when I took one on Thursday I did notice that it make me feel a little nauseous but nothing serious.

Went and had my teeth cleaned yesterday and I have to say I hate that with the force of a thousand tidal waves. It's not that I don't like going to the dentist it's just that I hate going to this guy. He's the ONLY dentist that is covered in our plan so it's him or nothing. You're suppose to go every six months and I usually make it once a year just because this fucker is rough. He has no concept whatsoever of being gentle when he is scraping that thing around your teeth and the flossing is brutal. He flossed my teeth yesterday and I swear it wasn't til about 9 last night that my damn teeth stopped being sore. His roughness isn't really the worst of it either, I can live with the pain. The worst part is that he insists on sitting with his legs spread eagle while bent over peering into my mouth that his pecker is no less than about a centimeter from my ear and when he leans in to look up top I swear he's rubbing his junk across my shoulder. Turn sideways you assbag, you'll get the same view! My husband swears he never does that when he goes and I begged him to go with me yesterday but he had to travel to one of the sub offices and couldn't do it.

Father's day is coming up and I'm torn between getting something for my husband or being stubborn and not doing anything at all. Nope, I'm not mad at him for anything it's just that for Mother's day he didn't even say Happy Mother's Day to me and I didn't get a gift "from" A2. Not because he was being an ass or anything but because he seriously doesn't think about doing stuff like that. He isn't big into giving gifts and constantly tells us not to get stuff for him. So, I don't know what to do. He's weird.

We put our pool up last weekend so we'll probably just hang out around here this weekend and grill some burgers. I'll get in the pool now because it's still clear and the water hasn't turned to sludge. We've got one of those pools that looks like a witches pot and after the first month it's no longer fun and more like a health hazard to get into the stupid thing. We try to keep it cleaned and the chemicals in it but it never fails to get down right gross after that first little bit. Something about stepping into a giant slime pit just doesn't do it for me.

I put my bikini on last weekend and although it didn't look pretty it didn't look as bad as it has (read: didn't make me want to hurl my entire days worth of food into the toilet and the sides didn't wedge themselves so deep into my hips that it took the jaws of life to remove it). I haven't worked out at all this week. I've been so busy cleaning up and doing other stuff that I'm exhausted by the time I would normally go down there and opt out every time. I don't feel too bad about it though because since I've actually been doing stuff this week I've still managed to maintain my 138. It sucks that it's not going down but I'm going to go down there today no matter what. I need the stress relief if nothing else. I've just got to figure out a balance between cleaning, playing with the kids, entertaining the husband, sitting on my ass AND trying to workout. What I need to do is whip out my highlighters and create a chart. I've got just enough OCD in me that if I create something color coded then I'll stick to it. I'm weird.

Here's something I just want to test out on whoever is reading this. I'm hosting a Pampered Chef catalog party and if you are interested you can email me and I could send you the link. The good thing about it is that you don't have to give ME any of YOUR personal information. You just place an order directly through the site and they ship it out to you. I've got it set up through one of my MOPS (moms of preschoolers) friends so no one would get MY personal information either. The more people that place an order the better chance I get to snag some free stuff. Right now I get nothing free because although I've had a couple of super awesome people place an order, out of 86 only 4 have done it. It's open until the 30th I think.

I'm off to get more done. It actually makes me feel good to see my progress even though no one else in this household appreciates it. My goal for the day is to put the finishing touches on my room, clean out A2's room, organize the pantry, and watch at least two episodes of season five of Charmed since they FINALLY made it around to it during the afternoons on TNT. I had seen every episode through season four and have been checking and checking for when they would come to season five since it was apparent my sister in law wasn't going to chuck out for the next few seasons on DVD. I'm actually almost at the end of season five because I think season six starts next week. This series is definitely going on the Christmas list. I love it.

I'm not one to go out and buy a lot of series but the ones I have I watch them over and over and love them so much. I can't justify buying it to only watch it once and be done with it. I own the complete Sex and the City and have watched it at least three times all the way through. I own all but the last Seinfeld and have watched it twice. I just got Will and Grace and I'm going to start on it as soon as I can find a free minute. I haven't gotten all of them though. I've got seasons 1-3 and then 5-6. I can't find season four and I'm too cheap to pay $30 for season seven. I'll get that one when they put it on sale or ask for it for my birthday. I'm really not watching that much TV these days because there just isn't anything on. I'm still patiently waiting for Big Brother to start and whenever I work out I usually catch up on the Real World then. Right now Charmed is all I have to look forward to.

Enjoy your Friday the 13th - I'm not very superstitious so it's just another day to me. But since I'm refusing to go back and proofread this, don't make me sic my friend here on you for making fun of all my mistakes!!

Who wouldn't shit their pants if they saw this guy coming towards them??!!


Anonymous said...

Damn you have been busy!

Good for you getting so organized. Maybe you have inspired me to actually DO something on Saturday besides sitting on my ass. I vow here on the internet and on your blog to clean out 2 closets!! (I feel better just saying it out loud..well on type)

That dentist just sounds nasty..I don't mean to sound like your mother but if you floss a couple times a day it usually doesn't hurt so much. I really think hes trying to rub his junk on you and that is should try to find other female patients and take a pole...I bet he does it to all the hot mama's

Badass Geek said...

I'm pretty sure I'd be lying in a puddle of my own piss, curled up in the fetal position, if that guy was running after me.

I'm fairly predictable like that.

Heather said...

I have been trying to get my shit together lately too, after I misplaced the title to my car, my daughters medical forms and my SS card, all of which I needed this week. I did find them after hours of going through boxes of stuff that got moved around when we got our new couch, curio cabinets out of the FILs house and got rid of the old entertainment stand. It's like you make a bigger mess while trying to go through stuff to organize, and it's a nightmare!!

I have been making an effort to take the girls out walking every day very early before it gets insufferably hot, and now my bad foot is paying the price. The first couple of days, it was fine, but after 2 weeks, it's really hating me. =P

for a different kind of girl said...

You have been hella busy! I need to be doing what you are. I am the only one who appreciates the hours of work involved. I often, upon finishing a room/closet/drawer, will go visit that area over and over again to admire the cleanliness and order. Then a few days later, chaos takes it's place.

This is probably why I haven't gone downstairs to clean the basement/playroom in forever. OMG. it is...there are no words for the destruction it is! And I swear, my kids need no other toys. Hell, they play with the same three all the time, but forbid if I got rid of the others!

Keep up your momentum! That yard sale will be here before you know it!

Heidi said...

okay, now I'm motivated to get up and GET SOMETHING DONE! I've been sitting around here all week thinking about what I need to do, but has anything been accomplished? nope. :(
good job with the organization! You've been very busy!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I decided to take the high road with Father's Day even though my husband was a complete jerkface on Mother's Day. He bought me something, but it was very obviously for him. Grr.

Good luck with the garage sale preparations. That's a ton of work!

THopgood said...

Damn girl! Slow down! lOL!

Denise said...

I hope you got to work! You are hilarious!

DeeDee said...

mysecondjournal: so, did you get those closets cleaned out?

badass geek: I'd be right there with you!

heather: organizing is a bitch but so worth it in the end. good for you for making an effort to get out but don't overdo it with the foot!

FADKOG: I SOO go into the clean rooms and just spin around. I've probably walked into my closet a billion times already. Bad thing is that I get pissed quick now whenever I see that the husband has thrown a piece of candy paper on the dresser or some socks on the floor...arrgh!

Heidi: did you get anything accomplished? The hardest part is just getting started!

burgh baby's mom: the husband got nothing for Father's Day. But he came wagging in the Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii today after work. I'm thinking he may owe me a little something now since I STILL got nothin' for MD!

thopgood: I can't. If I do I'll never get it all done. I've got hella momentum and it feels good to finish each room. I've even got the husband working. Saturday he went through some of his 100 year old clothes and actually decided to give up some of them. I though the end of the world was near!!

denise: Baby I got to work and then some!!

I love you guys!! Thanks for all the encouragement. You rock!

moonspun said...

Organzing is a long term effort. Good for you for just diggin in there. I for the life of me can't get my daughter's room organized. It overwhelms me everytime I go in there!
Keep up the good work.
Oh and the dentist thing...yuck. Teeth cleaning sucks. That scraping echoes in your head.