Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It Could Be Worse

So, we made the journey out to the possible new 'hood at the end of last week and stayed a couple of days to get a feel for the area. I'll have to admit it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and aside from the ass corns I got from the long ride out there it seemed like a place I could get use to living in. It didn't look much different from any other small town and it even looked like they had been working on building it up over the past couple of years and were still making improvements from all the construction that was taking place.

It even looked like the boys and I could still be able to go in and meet the husband for lunch on just about any given day that we wanted to without having to drive through a major metropolis which is a definite plus since we are able to do that where we are now and could never do it when we lived in D.C. or Atlanta. Have you tried to drive around in either of those cities? It's not pretty and definitely not worth it just to meet somebody for a quick lunch!

We left Thursday afternoon at a little before lunch because we had to watch A1 graduate from the 8th grade. Got to admit, that was pretty sad for me. I don't remember giving him permission to grow up so fast. I'm thinking about grounding him for the next five or so years just so I can keep him from becoming a full-fledged man. Hell, he's already taller than I am and I'm not really loving having to look up to reprimand my own child. Something about it screams, "no leverage" to me but oh well.

A2 was so proud of his brother even though he had no idea what was going on. He just knew Bubba was out there sitting in one of those chairs and that he (A2) got to take his pictures with Mom's camera. As a side note: The pictures that the baby took were about 10x better than the ones the husband took. The husband's pictures were dark and you could hardly make out what was going on and the baby's pictures were bright and you could actually see A1 in them. It'll be a while before the husband lives that one down. I live to find stuff to rag him about.

Back to the trip, it took us at least 8 hours to get out there and that's with all the stopping to get gas and a quick trip through the drive thru. If we do move out there it would take us no less than that each and every time we wanted to come in to see our family. Not looking forward to that one bit. The interview went well according to the husband though and he seemed to be pretty impressed with the facilities. He dropped the car off with me and the boys around lunchtime so he could go eat with the head honchos and we could get out and explore a little instead of sitting and waiting for him in the hotel. We managed to find our way around pretty good and this is saying a LOT coming from the least directionally inclined person you will ever know. We got us something to eat and also happened across the most awesomest Old Navy ever! No kidding. It was huge. I knew he was having lunch with the main crew but had to call him anyway just to let him know that I'd found heaven and they were going to get some of our money. The upper management guy got a good chuckle out of it anyway.

The lay out to this glorious Old Navy was different from what I'm use to and it threw me for a little bit of a loop but they had so much stuff and so many clearance sections that I was ready to throw down stakes right there. Needless to say I came out of there with either my one and only cute outfit from the new possible 'hood or my first of many. Won't know til the middle of July.

Another thing I noticed about the area was that they had a lot of behavioral health places that I could possibly find gainful employment at if I choose to go back to work once the munchkin goes to kindergarten. That is if we stay out there that long. I could certainly see promise in the area even though A1 sulked the entire time and was totally against even pretending to think about the possibility of living there. But no sense in dwelling on it. If it's meant to be we'll be moving and if it isn't we won't. I'm just glad we went out and at least got to look around. Life goes on here until we hear otherwise.

Oh. Ooh. Guess who went to the doctor today for her follow up from starting the pill and had lost a grand total of five (5!!) pounds?? Yep. That would be me. Woofreakinhoo! Can I get a high five on that one! The little bitty thing that took me back slid the weight thing over to where it read previously on my chart and had to back it up five whole places. She said I went from 146 to 141 since my last visit on May 5. I wanted to pick her up and squeeze her but I still had about 90 good pounds on her and probably would have snapped her in two so I didn't! Seriously though, five pounds! May not sound like much to some of you but to the big girl sitting here on the couch who has struggled and struggled to make the damn scale go down for a good three years now it sounds pretty damn good!

My ultimate goal is to see 125. I don't care if I only see it for a split second I just want to see it one more time. After that if I don't get over 130 I'll be happy as a clam. I started using my Bowflex machine last night again for the first time in a good few months. I'm pretty sure the mistake I've made with that stupid thing in the past is that I've tried to over do it right from the get go. I want that washboard stomach and rock hard ass that I see on that chick in the poster and figure that if I set the weight to a higher amount that I'll get it quicker. Wrong. All it does is cause me to burn out and want to set the thing at the end of the driveway for the first bum to come by and take it home with them.

Last night I was sensible and I set the weight to 30 lbs on each side and while I must admit it didn't feel like I was hardly moving anything at all I stuck with it and went through an entire workout routine. I did a total of 30 reps for each exercise listed on the poster and today I have to admit I feel it a little. Not anything that makes me cringe when I move because I actually went to help a lady paint her living room today and my arms weren't too sore to move but I could definitely tell I'd used them more than normal yesterday.

We'll see. I'm going to try real hard to stick to using it three times a week but still workout on the off days and even do my cardio on the days I do use the Bowflex. I really want to grab that brass ring before the end of the summer! Where my cheerleaders at?

Next project I've got to tackle, aside from preventing my teenage son from sleeping until 2 in the afternoon every day now that school is out, is to go through all of these closets and give away all those old ass clothes nobody wants anymore or also what I like to refer to as those that my fat ass isn't fitting into ever again in this life time but I keep hanging on to them in the hopes that I just might one day or ones I just keep around to remind me of the fact that I use to not be such a fat ass. However you'd like to refer to them. They just got to go. I seriously pulled out a pair of khaki cargo shorts on Sunday afternoon from the depths of my closet that were a size 2. HA. A size 2. I'm pretty sure A2 could have worn them and the farthest they would go up on me right now it to the top of my kneecaps and I'm still hanging on to them for WHAT reason??

I put that little task on my list of stuff I wanted to accomplish in 60 days a few months ago and as you can see it didn't get done but I also didn't call my mother in law three times in 60 days but I admitted up front that that was going to be one hard ass thing to accomplish and not to place bets on that one. I'll have to admit the last time that I was around her she was actually a little more pleasant than normal but not so much that it prevents me from still referring to her in my head as "She Who Inflicts Misery Simply By Breathing." But I digress.

I'm trying to decide if I want to have a yard sale or if it would be better to just box it all up and give it away. I'm so lazy that I can't see myself putting a price on every single item we would have so it would have to be set out on price designated tables but on the other hand if I decide to give it all away the husband is CONVINCED that I have to make an itemized list of every single thing we give away with an estimated value on it for tax purposes. Who is he fucking kidding? Has he even met me? I'm thinking that if the yard sale thing is a definite no then I'm going to be slowly slipping shit out in boxes or trash bags on a daily basis and severely cutting down the itemized list he is do dead set on having me create. Please tell me I'm not the only lazy ass out there. I know I can't be the only one.

One more thing that I'm sure none of you will care about before I'm off to rifle through dark dank closets - there is a new I Love Lucy Barbie doll out and I'm chomping at the bit to get my hands on her! I've gotten all but three of them and I'd have those three but can't see myself paying through the nose for them just yet (greedy bastards!). Good news is that the new doll is based on the same premise of one of the older ones that I don't have and it's making the original one sell for much cheaper on eBay now. The new one has both Lucy and Ethel in the box and it's called Job Switching. It's based on the episode where they were working in the candy factory and shoving chocolates in their mouth. The original Job Switching doll featured just Lucy and I'm 'bout to head over to eBay right now to see if I can find one for under $30 to no more than $40 so maybe the closets will have to wait until tomorrow.

Damn, I hate that too. Oh well, I lost five pounds beyotches, I think I deserve a little sitting on the (at least getting a little smaller) ass time and even if I don't deserve it I'mma take it anyway.


Anonymous said...

About the yard sale/donate decision: if you are going to go through all the trouble of itemizing EVERY F-ING THING, you might as well be doing that to put little price tags on it and sell the stuff! If not:
you DO NOT need to itemize every single thing. If you are donating to one place, you can say: '4 men's shirts; 12 women's pants' etc., and then put a total value for all of it, not for each little thing. It's wayyyyy easier that way!

DeeDee said...

You know, I told my husband that what you mentioned was all we had to do but he insisted that we had to itemize every single thing. Have I mentioned he's anal?

Since posting this I've decided to give the yard sale thing a whirl. I sent out a mass email to the neighbors and I'm hoping some of them will jump on board and we can make it a big deal.

I work better if other people are involved and I feel like I am being held accountable!

Chas said...

Congrats on the 5 lbs. I for one know how hard even one pound can be to take off. Any time I think "I only lost 3 pounds this week", I stop and tell myself maybe I should go to the grocery store and look at 3 pounds of butter. I don't know why, but it puts things in perspective for me.

Kris said...

Congrats on the 5 pounds and good luck with the (possible) move.

The thing I miss most about living in a small town is being able to go home for a hot lunch every day.

Heather said...

Congrats on losing some weight! =D
Have you considered trying to sell things on ebay? You might enjoy that. Or it might be an uber gigantic pain in the ass. You'd probably get more for your stuff than at a yard sale, especially if you make up "lots" of clothing. Kids clothes go for an arm and a leg on there, especially if they are name brands.

moonspun said...

The other option for a yard sale is to have it for a good cause and just price everything the "it's all 50 cents and proceeds go to the American Cancer Society" Or whatever non-profit you want to. It's a great way to get rid of stuff and will make you feel good about doing it.
YOu can get your kids to sell some lemonade to add to the cuteness factor.
Then you can donate (and NOT itemize everything) when it's all done.
Congrats on the five pounds.

tjs said...

Ack - how I hated moving when I was a kid. I think I was the "new kid" in school about five times.

My husband moved around a lot too while he was growing up. I guess that's why we've lived in the same house for almost 19 years now.

Which means 19 years of junk has accumulated. My husband said the words "yard sale" the other day.

Congrats on the weight loss! Amazing, isn't it, how much power the number on the scale (and the way our jeans fit) has over our emotions.

for a different kind of girl said...

I wish I was motivated to have a garage sale. I probably would be if I could motivate my husband to clean out the damn garage. But probably not, because if the garage was actually clean, I'd stand out there and marvel at the beauty of it. Thus, I just make my list, put the items in a bag, donate it, and write it off on the taxes.

Great job with the weight loss. Kick those goals in the ass. I'll be cheering for you!

Heather said...

Ooh ooh I second the lemonade, only instead make it cookies! One summer I went to a yardsale and this little boy was selling store bought cookies, the kind from the bakery section, not like chips ahoy or whatever, and he was kicking ass in sales, and selling them for 50 cents each. I thought 25 cents would've been enough, but he was selling them to everybody. Probably cuz he was so cute. =D

DeeDee said...

I've sold a couple of things on eBay before but I seriously have an entire room of stuff that needs to go. Most of it is name brand stuff but unforunately it's not all "current" stuff.

I'm pretty excited about having a yard sale and decided a little while ago that the crap that is way too embarrassing to put out on a yard sale table will get thrown into the give away pile. That will consist mostly of my husbands clothes!

The cookie selling thing is a very good idea. I may jump on that since we have a Sam's club here that I go into at least three times a week. I'm sure I can find some goodies to let the little one sell. Can't be too sugar coated though 'else he'd eat it all himself!!

As for lemonade I'm sure it would sell nicely but I'm also sure my child would be the one over there stirring it up with his entire arm instead of a wooden spoon or something practical like that. Don't think I could give it away after that!

Amber said...

Hot dogs & pop/water tend to sell well too! :-)

Good luck with your yard sale. When you're done with yours, can you come sell my crap? :-D

Heather said...

Here is another thought. Do you have any children's resale shops in the area? We have several, the big one is Once Upon A Child, but there's one called Reruns for Weewuns and Beds to Britches. They usually pay cash for whatever they buy, children's clothing, toys, books, shoes, and some even take maternity stuff. You have to understand the concept though, because they don't pay you nearly what the stuff is worth. BUT. It's as much as you would probably get from a yard sale, minus the time and effort it takes to do the yard sale. Look in the phone book, you might find something. And believe me, current means 5-7 years regardless of what they say. I used to work in a store like that, and a lot of the stuff you can't tell it isn't "this season" (and for kids that young it doesn't matter) unless it's obviously dated looking.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Your husband is as anal as mine, huh? I SWEAR!-I get my taxes done by a CPA every year, the SAME CPA, and you DO NOT have to itemize every little thing.
I've been donating for the past 12 years, and I have never itemized piece by piece, amount by amount, on my donations, and I have never been chased down by the IRS. (It helps that I'm honest too, I guess?)
Sheesh. :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 5 lbs.. I need to lose at least 20..

MereCat said...

Here's a big "HELL YES" for you on the five pounds. I'm simply green with envy. And I feel you on the traffic thing. I just don't go anywhere anymore. Solved THAT problem.

Sounds like you going to stay busy this summer. If I don't see you blogging I'll dispatch the St. Bernard with the little barrel around it's neck to dig you out of your closet.

Mumma Boo said...

Woot! Woot! Congrats on the five pounds! I know how hard it is to drop those suckers, so way to go! (I'm dancing around my living room with pom-poms for you right now. That's not too weird, is it?)

Yard sale is definitely the way to go. Although if you do end up donating, listen to Danielle-Lee -you do NOT need to itemize. All you need is the name of the organization and the estimated total value. Good luck with the yard sale and keep up the great work with the weight loss! 125 is closer than you think... (go, DeeDee, go DeeDee)

Mandy said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! That's great.

We did a huge yard sale during our last move. But, I have to say, some people take yard sales a little too seriously. We had people coming over days early to check out the furniture. The day of, it was supposed to start at 9am. People were there at our house at 7. No kidding.

Anyway, good luck with your sale (if that's how you go)!