Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In Which I Vent and Say Nothing Funny

You'd think that with NOTHING good on television that I would have more time than ever to sit down and post but guess what....I haven't touched my computer for three whole days until this morning. I know, how is that even possible?! I've got a ton of things to do and what seems like no time to do any of it. I haven't been home since Saturday morning and even though we were gone all weekend my house still manages to look like shit. I'm wondering if the cat threw a party while we were gone because I know I didn't leave it this dirty!!

The bad thing about not living near any family is that when a holiday weekend comes up or really just about every other weekend comes along we have to pretty much drop all that is going on, pack up, and hit the road to go visit. We love to do it but good grief it's good to get back home when it's all said and done with! Dorothy was on to something what that whole, "no place like home" chant.

The thing that sucks the most is that we never get anything accomplished over the weekend and afterwards I got to unpack for everyone and put everything up as well as the other stuff that needs to get done that was left. It usually takes me a day and a half to catch up to where things are at the barely manageable level as opposed to the out of damn control level things are at right now!

This is going to be a short week for so many reasons. One, today feels like Monday but it's Tuesday already and two, not only do I have to unpack from this past weekend I now have to repack because we are taking a long trip to the other freaking side of creation for an interview for the husband. We are leaving Thursday afternoon sometime after we watch A1's *sigh* 8th grade graduation. We'll be gone until sometime Saturday because we're going to spend the rest of the day on Friday and that night to kind of scope out the area (read: find the essentials like Wal-Mart, Target, and Old Navy 'cause I won't go if they don't have those!).

It wouldn't be all that bad to move but it's just when we seem to get settled into somewhere and start to get comfortable in an area he goes and puts his name in the hat for somewhere else. I get that he's doing it for the betterment (is that even a word?) of the family but hell's freaking bells moving sucks donkey balls! Literally, and I'm not looking forward to it in the least bit.

It's bad enough we already live one state over from family but now he's wanting to move us an entire work day's drive away and I'm not looking forward to it at all. There will be no more "quick trips in" to visit the family. It will now be a real fucking ordeal in which we have to either drive in in the middle of the night Friday night to be there on Saturday morning or we yank the kids out of school on a Friday so we can be there that night. I'm sure their schools will love that little nugget of information when we go to register them. That is if I can find somewhere I feel comfortable taking A2 for preschool since it only took him the entire time here to get to where he looked forward to going.

A1 has been bummed out all weekend long because he's afraid that after this Thursday, when he gets out of school, there is a chance he won't get to see his friends ever again if the husband gets picked for this promotion.

I feel a little sorry for him since I have to say he's made the most friends here but I'm thinking that won't be such a bad thing either since I'm almost certain a few of his friends right now aren't the greatest of influences. (Read: he has his own computer and we found stuff that shouldn't be on it because he slipped up and "forgot" to delete the history.) But still, I can understand how he feels because he'll be starting high school this time around and as if that wasn't hard enough of an adjustment, being the new kid in town on top of it all is bound to cause more than a little anxiety.

I guess when it boils down to it I understand that the husband is really chasing his dream. Hell, if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be able to sit here and blog all day from time to time or better yet read all of my favorite blogs from the comfy ass groove of my own couch. I'd have to be doing it all from work. FYI: I am not a morning person and I don't even know what I'd want to do if I had to work right now. I haven't had to work for several years because of his job and his choices so what do I really have to complain about?

I'm extremely proud of him for moving up the ladder and if he gets this job he will have topped out at his ultimate goal. How many people can say that and how awesome would that be for all of us? I guess I'm selfish and wish that he could accomplish this goal a little closer to home or better yet right here where we are but I know that that isn't even an option.

I've just got to suck it up and be prepared to pull up stakes and move again if that's the case. If it doesn't happen now it will eventually. I'm guessing the sooner we get it done the better I just cringe thinking about another house full of boxes and no idea where anything is or where I want it to go. I'll bitch and moan about it for a little while but it will all work out in the long run. Besides where we are headed this weekend may be the closest thing that comes up for a long while and if we don't get this one we may be forced to have to go even farther away. See, I can see the bright side to it all. I'm not completely closed minded.

Best thing I can do right now is to just let go and roll with whatever happens. It's not like I can change it so there really isn't any need to be bitching about it. I knew what I was getting into when we hooked up and moved away from home that very first time over 10 years ago. Plus, I've made a lot of different friends from a lot of different places and I'm thankful for every one of them. Some of my better friends live in my computer anyway but who knows maybe my best friend in the world is living 8 whole hours away from me at this very minute. She better love to shop is all I've got to say!!

Let's move on, no pun intended.

Oh, I've been on my pills now for an entire week and so far they haven't caused me any problems what so ever. Got to say I'm pretty happy about that. I can't even tell you about any side effect at all. No headaches, no increase in appetite, no aches, pretty much nothing at all. I've set my cell phone alarm to go off every day at 6 in the afternoon and that's how I've been remembering to take it every day. Keeping my fingers crossed that the longer I take it and the more of it I get into my system that I'll still feel the same way about it and I'll still won't have any side effects.

I've also been taking my vitamin, the One A Day Weight Smart one, and it's not caused me any problems either. I read some reviews on it where people thought it tasted awful or it caused them to feel nauseous. How in the hell can you taste a vitamin? Are they chewing the damn thing, putting it in their mouth and swishing it around in there before they swallow it? I don't get it. Put the damn thing in your mouth and chug it down with something to drink. No tasting necessary. Maybe it's an aftertaste they are getting. I don't taste it one bit.

I made the mistake of taking it before I went to bed the first night and that wasn't smart. The caffeine or whatever ingredient that's inside it kicked in and I couldn't really sleep that well. I now take it after I eat my first meal of the day and I can tell that about an hour later I get a little energy boost. Nothing that makes me bounce off the walls or any other extreme but just enough of a boost that makes me want to get up and maybe do a little something. I'm not positive but I think it also makes me need to go pee a little more than usual too. Maybe that's their weight smart catch, it makes you piss out some water weight. Meh, I don't care. I'll take whatever tiny bit of help I can get in the weight loss department!

I was doing really good on the weight loss thing last week. I actually got on the scale and saw 137.14 for the briefest (again, is that even a word?) of seconds and that felt pretty damn good. I held steady though at 138 for a few days. I was ecstatic to be in the 130's even if it was floating around the bottom end! Bad news though, after spending the entire weekend at home where I ate like a pig I weighed 140.1 just a few minutes ago. I'm going to see that damned 130 if it kills me! I'm crazy enough to even believe I can see 125 and stay between that and 130. That's my hope anyway!!

Good news, I wore a t-shirt the other day that I would never have thought about wearing a few months ago because of all the lumps and bumps and that was pretty awesome. I managed to buy a new bra the other day too that *gasp* actually fits and that in itself cut down on some of that freakish back fat that has kept me from wearing a couple of my shirts.

Who knew that if you bought one that actually fit around you properly that it would cut down on some of that shit!!?? I'm pretty sure the sizes are rigged though. I never would have thought to buy it because it always seemed a bit freakish but I bought a 36 D and it fit. There is no freaking way that my boobs are a D but how else can I say it, it fits.

I've never bought a D in my life. I've always bought a C and when I bought the first one of those it never seemed quite right. I know what you're thinking too, maybe I should have bought a wider band but I tried that and that never helped. I've tried a 38 and I think I even tried a 40 and they were both way too big when it came to wrapping around me. Even in the 36 I have to ratchet them into the last hooks. I don't get it. Bras are a mystery to me. I'm just happy I now own one that will hold both my wonky boobs in without any spillage or ugly back fat imprints. Nothing like looking as if you've got nice sized boobs when you are walking towards AND AWAY FROM someone!

Enough about my boobs. Any Days of our Lives watchers out there? I have watched it since I was 12 years old and for the longest time couldn't go a single day without it. For the past year I've slacked off on watching it because the story lines were dumb as hell (yes, even for a soap opera!) and I would just read about it on one of my all time favorite websites.

Now, the person who use to run the site sold out and it's been taken over by a new crew. I hate it! This is the second time one of my Days sites has just up and either shut down on me or changed. Since I can't stand to read what they write about it I started watching again last week. It's not that bad so I think I'll actually pick it back up. I've actually missed watching it a little but they've got some new people on there that I'm not quite sure about yet. We'll see. It's not like there is anything else on that I can watch. The Real World isn't exactly brain food. I'm just biding my time until the new Big Brother starts. Didn't I mention I like to watch junk that requires little to no thought whatsoever!

Okay, since it's become pretty apparent that this house isn't going to clean itself and the bags aren't going to get unpacked and then get repacked for our "trip" this Thursday afternoon I've got to get up off my lazy ass. Good thing about the end of this week is that the boys and I will be hanging out in the hotel Friday while the husband goes for his interview so I plan on hitting everyone up that I added to my new blog roll. I've got to go back and make sure I didn't miss anybody so if you commented on any of the last three posts and don't see your name on my roll I promise I'll get you there by weeks end and I'll stop in and comment on each one of your sites!

Have a great week guys and maybe next time I'll have something a little more worthwhile to post about besides my boobs and Days of our Lives and no guarantees but I may even reread and edit it to make sure it doesn't have spelling or grammar mistakes in it. This one isn't that lucky. Feel free to point and laugh at all errors you find in this one.

Almost forgot, for some reason this stupid song has been stuck in my head for two whole days. I have to say I was glad to get that damn Buffalo Stance that one of you guys planted on me out but I'm hoping I can pass this one off to one of you and finally get this out of there too!

I love Bowie but holy hell I need a break!!


Miss Grace said...

See now I thought that was funny. You're selling yourself short. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I posted pictures but didn't really read any blogs. I didn't even read my book..I took pictures, played on flicrk and watched war movies on TV. Plus 2 load of laundry.

I watch CBS soaps and follow on CBS.COM... well right now just 2 and I can't believe yestesrday was Monday and I forgot my fricking soaps were on!!

Misssy M said...

I am with you 100% on the family visits thing. My husband's family lives five hours away and we routinely have to visit ,effing up our weekend. And I can't complain about it (though, I do a weeee bit) as Meeester loves them all and takes the hump.

My greatest problem is that there are so bloody many of us, and when we come down the whole family gets together and there's never enough room for everyone to comfortably stay the night.

I swear that this weekend we are going down and taking our caravan (trailer) with us. It's the only way to avoid sleeping on a crappy sofabed and having twenty kids jump all over you in the morning.

Rant over...thanks for the couch...

for a different kind of girl said...

I catch the paperboy...he's out front of my house in a Buffalo Stance! Woo hoo! Sorry if I saddled you with that. If it's any consolation, I totally saddled myself with it, too!

You had a hella busy weekend!

I'm totally down with the bigger bra thing. When it was suggested to me, I was totally "Uh uh!" But whoever told me was so right!

Used to watch Days years ago when I was in college and post-college. I can't even recall what bizarre storyline prompted me to finally stop, but I've not gone back. I'm totally in with The Young and the Restless. That's about all I can deal with!

Now I'm going to sing more Bowie while makind dinner!

MereCat said...

Sorry about the relo. I know it's hard to know what to wish for there. But I''m glad the pills are being kind. Good luck breaking 130. That's my goal too. If I could stay between 125 and 130 I would never bitch again.

Jo said...

{Lots of hugs} for moving again - we moved throughout my childhood (though in the UK, so never as far as you guys!) for my dad's job, so I know how much it sucks.

Very interesting on the bra - I'm not sure how it runs in the US, but in the UK, every manufacturer of bra actually has slightly different sizes - I run from 36B to 36D depending on which shop I go into! It's why it's worth getting measured each time you go to buy one :-)

Congrats on the weight loss!

Badass Geek said...

I hate moving, too... The Boss and I have moved every six months for the past two years. After the third move we made, most of our crap stayed in boxes so we didn't have to pack it again when the next inevitable move happened.

moonspun said...

Bras are indeed a mystery. You have to be in the mood to go shopping for them and it's so hard to get there. That last two years I've bought bras at an outlet in Maine on our way to my aunts for Easter. There is nothing like a kindergarden kid in the dressing room with you pushing your boobs this way and that to get them into place. "There, Mama, they look good like that!"
As far as moving... I moved twice last year (in the same area) it sucks the big wet one. Period.

Sarah said...

ah, so you actually have one side effect of the birth control, but you're contributing it to the vitamins.

When women gain weight on birth control, it's actually just water weight, so most birth control pills (including yaz) have a diaretic (sp?) in it to keep you from retaining that water.

I didn't realize that I knew so much about birth about that...

DeeDee said...

miss grace: you're too sweet for your own good

mysecondjournal: i've never quite mastered flickr. i've had pretty good luck so far with snapfish

misssy m: luckily we have our own room when we go in to visit my parents and we never spend the night with his! too bad the bed isn't very big though since A2 usually ends up sleeping with us even though is very own bed is two feet away!

FADKOG: you crack me up. i totally forgot it was YOU that planted that damn song in my head til I popped back over there! I'm thinking up something really good to leave on your doorstep!!

merecat: thanks for the encouragement! it's a hella lot harder than i ever thought it would be to try and lose even a few pounds. good luck to you. wanna race to see who gets there first?

jo: thanks for the hugs! i would go with getting measured but there's just something about somebody wrapping a measuring tape around my boobs that unsettles me. trial and error seems to work for me! FYI: went out today and bought another bra. hopefully since i got the same size as last time that it'll fit as good!

badassgeek: yikes! that's a lot of moving around. i'd lose my mind if we moved that much! i've kept some stuff in boxes over the years that we've been moving. my theory is that if we can make it from one place to the next without unpacking it...we don't need it and i dump it. just don't tell my husband that. he'd burst a blood vessel!

moonspun: i hear ya on that one. last time i tried to let someone measure me i had the little guy and it wasn't fun. not that he was bothering me so much but he kept trying to poke his head under the stall of the lady next to me. luckily she thought it was cute and not invasive!

sarah: you know, somebody else told me that the BC could be what's causing me to go to the bathroom more as well as the vitamins. oh well, if having to go pee is as bad as it gets with taking the pill then i say bring it on!!

ZooKeeper said...

Moving is hard. The bf lives two hours south of me. My entire family lives within 20 miles of me. I can't seem to wrap my mind around everything that would be involved in moving where he is or even half way in between. I don't even know where to start so I just don't think about it. Ugh. Of course the bf hasn't talked about us living together for a few months so maybe he changed his mind. He's not much for decisions anyway so maybe I won't have to worry about it until both girls have graduated in oh 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think bras are rigged too. Sometimes my 36D doesn't fit, and other times it's PERFECT. WTF?

Mandy said...

I ran out of breath reading the post, but I agree with Miss Grace; it was definitely funny.

(And my husband's unpacked suitcase will often sit on our bedroom floor for two weeks at a time.)

Mumma Boo said...

Bras are definitely rigged. I've got three in the same size and similar design from different manufacturers and none of them fit the same way. One pushes the girls up so far I can rest my chin on them; another puts them just a wee bit north of my belly-button; and the last almost gets them in the anatomically correct position. Guess which one is going to wear out soon? Hope your visit to the possible new 'hood went well. Thanks for checking in on me during your travels!!

THopgood said...

We have a lot in common.

1) I can't wait to get to 136 pounds. I'm 5 or 6 pounds off. I'm working on it and you've just motivated me.

2) I love Robert Downey Jr. too...always have...fell in love with him during "From the Hip" and Can't remember the name of the one he was in with Mel Gibson...

3) George Carlin is my favorite comedian. I am so sad he's gone. If you haven't read his book "When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops" really should! Funny stuff!

THopgood said...

Oh, and I did 3 miles on the treadmill Monday too...=)