Sunday, May 18, 2008

Roll Call

Let's play a little game. Let's all pretend that my husband picked up my laptop this weekend and within a matter of a few keystrokes or "SOME freak of nature" managed to wipe out ALL of my favorite bookmarks. Even the good porn sites. Just kidding. Only wanted to see if you were paying attention.

I know. I should kill him, right? Those were some awesome por....kidding!! You guys know I get my kicks from The Discovery Channel. I'm sooo soft core!

Anyway, most of my favorite blogs were bookmarked and now I got nothin'. As much as I would love to go through the entire list again I don't think my eyes and children can take it. While I do plan to go back through it, I was hoping to save it for a little later in the summer.

Fending for themselves while mommy reads blogs isn't up there on their list of favorite things to do. Crazy kids. Who do they think they are being all demanding of my time and all!?

For now, lets do this. If you leave a comment on this post right here I will automatically add you to my new blog roll that I'll post on the side and you'll be guaranteed a new visit and more than likely a comment bomb from time to time if not every time I read you. I'm a giver. You guys should know that by now!

If enough of you leave your linkie-poo I may even be forced to give up wasting time over at Dlisted and TMZ!! I'd do that for you guys!

Sound like fun? Thought so. Now hit the comment button and I'll add ya to the permanent roll!

Edited to add: Can somebody please explain just what in the hell happened on the finale of Desperate Housewives??!! Gabby looked like hell and what's up with Susan's man???!!! Come on. I'mma halfta rewatch that ending to make sure I saw that crap right. Surely they aren't going to screw up one of my favorite shows!! Thoughts?


Sharon said...

Hey DeeDee!
I know, I about lost it when I saw Susan with the weird guy!! I figured when Gabbie looked like that, that they probably either went broke or she had kids!! Haha!! But the Bree thing did not surprise me, nor the Lynette or Katherine thing. Oh well.. I guess we will have to wait and see... those bastards!! Oh yeah, here is my blog:

Cecily R said...

In our house I'm the one who somehow, by some freak of nature, breaks the computer by looking at it funny or wipes the DVR by picking up the remote. I'm talented that way.

By the way, thanks for coming by my blog last week! I LOVED your caption!

Loth said...

Oh, I sympathise! I had my laptop stolen a few months ago and not only lost all my bookmarks, but had to go and change all my passwords on the various sites I use. It took forever and made me want to cry. On the plus side, what is husband planning to do to make it up to you?

Heather said...

One time, my husband reimaged my hard drive and swore he saved all my bookmarks. Well something got screwed and he didn't save them, and I never did find them all again. =( Last time he had to reimage, I threatened him with some very painful punishments if he lost them again. He didn't, but there are still a bunch of settings that changed and I don't know how to change them to the way I like them. Damn computers.

moonspun said...

Doesn't it suck when something happens to your computer? Then you realize how dependent you are on the damn thing!
come back and visit my blog again..I love reading yours!

Harmony said...

Did you get to see the whole show of DHW??? The ending fast forwared five years ahead to show you what they will be like in five was crazy and if anyone missed the little "Five years later" on the screen then you were lost.

DeeDee said...

I got that they fast forwarded five years but from what I saw we are in for some major changes next season. Looks like Edie is out for good and possibly Mike.

I'm sad over the Mike thing. Not so much Edie. Gabby with kids..what a hoot.

I've added you guys to my roll. Thanks for the comments!

Moonspun dear, I need a link for you! And in the post below where you asked what he was rolling around's baby powder. He got it and turned it upside down and with each step he shook out about a pound! Sometimes buying the giant econosize isn't the smartest thing to do!

As for what the hubby is going to do to make up for the computer glitch...I'm going to guess nothing since, "there's noo waaayy he did it!" By the time he's through spinning it it'll end up being my fault!! He's good like that. ;P

Erin said...

I've been a subscriber since you started the DGM challenge. I think you should invest another userid and password into a google reader, that way you won't lose all your links should by some freak accident something happened to your comptuer!

My link is in my profile!

Mandy said...

Funny you should blog about this. My laptop is on its final days and I was just thinking that I should write down the addresses in my toolbar before they disappear into the great beyond.

I wasn't on your blogroll before, but I read you regularly even though I am bad about commenting. (I think the blog comment challenge scared me... over 200 places to leave comments? I can barely organize my time to read blogs!)

Anyway, good luck recovering your lost links.

Backpacking Dad said...


Brian said...

Bing bang boom.

No help here on the DHW front, though...sorry. Just a little too soft core for me.

Heidi said...

Ugh. ALL the bookmarks? I would cry.
I am so behind in DHW, I don't know that I'll ever catch up! :)

MereCat said...

I mean WHAT IS UP with that show? It was getting kind of old, so maybe this fast-forward will spice it up a bit. That ending did make one helluva cliffhanger for next season, though.

Here's my blog:

Anonymous said...

That TOTALLY happened to me when my computer crashed..I never used to use my blogroll only my "favorites"..and I should subscribe to feeds but I don't. Now w/ the "move" I need to rebuild my blogroll.

Ad me!

ZooKeeper said...

Happy Monday! I would be so upset in my favorites disappeared. I need to update my blog with my new blog finds so I always have them handy.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for having someone as outspoken as myself, comment on my site!

Man, I gave up on DH about midway through the second season when I realized I could save myself all the angst and just go online and look at most of them naked.

Wait...did I just say that out loud?

Danielle said...

Dude! Susan was smooching that creepy guy from Lost! {whine} I love Mike {end whine}

And Gabby's kids were so.... graingy lookin!

So are they going to pick up next season at five years later and make us fill in the pieces about what happened for five years? Or are they going to go back five years with us sitting on the new information....?

Jen S. said...

Wow, it seems like I picked the wrong time to stop watching Desperate Housewives. Sounds like I might have missed something interesting!

Anyway, here's my blog:


Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't know what the hell I would do if my bookmarks were wiped out!! Probably use YOUR form of birth control! :)

for a different kind of girl said...

I spent two hours tonight trying to log onto my laptop. TWO HOURS!

Maybe two and a half.

Anyway, I had to call my husband, who is out of town, and have him wal me through this process lf getting a page to come up. Like I'm an idiot or something. Sheesh.

But if I lost my regular reads?! I'd get a little nuts!

Hope you'll add me. I've enjoyed reading your stuff, and hello? You can bust it to "Buffalo Stance"!

So who am I? said...

Awww man! That is the worst. Been there, so I know first hand. Just think of it as doing some dynamic relationship building with your lap-top :) Come visit when you can --

My_Dog_Is_Better said...

Aww, all you have to do when your bookmarks get lost is to a system restore. It's really quick and "voila", your bookmarks will be back. Unless he manually deleted all your bookmarks and somewhere clicked "DELETE", they are still in your system somewhere and will come back with the restore. Happens to me all the time.

As for DH - I'm hoping that Mike died, and not that the marriage just ended.

Kelly said...

hey is your solution to the favorites nightmare! sign up, it's free and then you can bookmark your favorites AND have access to them from ANYWHERE. Plus it is fun to see who else has bookmarked you or the things you love.

I am off to watch DHW I am dying to see what happened!

Amber said...

Hmm. You might want to make a backup of your favorites once you get them all figured out again. If you have XP, it's inder c:\documents and settings\username\Favorites.

Actually, if you have system restore turned in, it's totally restorable. Really. I can (try to) help. I'm a computer nerd by occupation.

alntv said...

Looks like Desperate Housewives is pulling a Lost. Who knows what is gonna happen, but doncha know you're gonna stick around to find out! Nicely done by the creative writers over at!