Thursday, May 8, 2008


This is for everyone who has ever scoffed at a blogger whether it be a mommy blogger or a daddy blogger or just someone looking to connect with a larger community.

I'm looking at you husband dear!

I'm so glad I found this because I actually missed the segment yesterday.

Blog on!


pungsnotded said...

I am so glad you found that too! And glad that you visted my blog today! As for Kathy Lee, pshwwqwqq she needs to calm down. I would be nervous if I were her! Not knowing much about computers in 2008, what did she do with all of her time off?

dadshouse said...

Nice video, thanks for posting. And thanks for dropping by my blog to say hi. I'm the single dad who writes about dating and parenting, and raising teens. I'll be back.

Amber said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I had found about the list from BackpackingDad when he commented on my blog, and I just wanted to tell you that I like your blog and "I'll be back".

ps. POP is what I like to drink, uh-huh!

In Pittsburgh they call shopping cart "buggies" too, so I at least had heard it before. It's "jimmies" that confuse me to this day (apparently they're sprinkles - like on ice cream & donuts).

Deborah said...

Hi, Thanks for visiting and commenting. And for posting the video. I knew i wouldn't get to see The Goddess since I had to work.

Pocklock said...

I don't know why I keep watching this! Every time I do I want to crawl through the computer and choke KLG!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Heidi said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I had missed it and was so bummed. I never thought to check You Tube! :)

Along said...

Thanks for stopping by. It means a lot when strangers take the time to say a few kind words when you're feeling down. We're doing much better now. And I'll be sure to come and visit your blog regularly.

Misssy M said...

Being British (Scottish, really) I thought you'd like my perspective on the successful blogger. The Dooce phenomenon could never happen over here. I am astounded by her success.

There is no-one I know in British blogging circles who is making enough money from their blog to sustain a family. Even though we are supposed to be in a World Wide Web, where you are geographically still counts, and the fact that Dooce is able to get huge advertising sponsorship as she is being read by thousands of Americans makes my mind boggle. It's amazing!

Even though we blog in the same language, and I am reasonably well known in British and Scottish blogging, I have only a handful of US readers.

The only bloggers I know who have made any real money as a result of their blogs are bloggers who have been offered book deals as a result of their blogging activities. This usually involves some notoriety (anonymous sex blogging: Girl with a One track Mind, Belle de Jour. OR whistleblowing: Petite Anglaise, The Policeman's blog)

And to be honest even then, very few British Bloggers take advertising. This seems to be down mainly to a combination of an idea of not "selling out" and general disdain of bloggers who do carry ads, and the very few pennies that are to be gained from ads on British sites given the comparatively small size of our market.

The whole thing is a very interesting example of the differences between our two countries, even in blogging which is supposed to have no borders.

Thanks for popping over the Atlantic to visit me on the Misssives yesterday, by the way!

moonspun said...

Very interesting segment! Kathy Lee should take a chill pill, but it was great to see how many moms were there!

Misssy M said...

Oh and I don't know much about that Kathy Lee woman, but she needs to wise up..I thought she was flippin' rude! She practically says that Dooce is irresponsible and was two or three words away from indicating that she was making her child a target for pedophiles.

Sorry meant to say that carried away on other stuff.

MereCat said...

That was nice to see. No one in my real world even knows I blog, because I don't want to hear it from them.

for a different kind of girl said...

Did you catch her segment on Nightline last night? It was much better, not the least of which was because we avoided hearing the "this worries me!" rants of a woman who spent a huge chunk of her career talking about her kids on daytime television.

No one in my "real world" sphere knows I blog, but it feels like the people I know in my "blog world" understand me so much more!

DeeDee said...

I didn't see the Nightline segment until Zoot! posted it on her site yesterday. It's been so crazy around here this week! I enjoyed the segment and thought they did a good job with it. If you go to the ABC site and watch it you can see a LOT of nasty comments though from people that are either jealous, stupid, or really have nothing better to do with their time than to bash someone for exercising her right to do and say what she wants about her life.

I'm glad you brought up the point that Kathie Lee spent a good chunk of every single day talking about Cody when she was on Live. She just gets under my skin!!

mumma boo said...

Thanks for posting that, DeeDee! I missed it, too. What moron let KLG back on network TV? She's just rude, rude, rude, and very clueless. I wish Cody and Cassidy would quite literally muzzle the woman.