Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Filler Muppets Style

Since playing online trumps running on the treadmill any day, this is what I did while my guys were watching their stupid Sci-fi shows tonight (see previous post). A2 got a kick out of it. He danced and even tried to sing along to a couple of these. Hope you enjoy!

Debbie Harry sings Call Me.

Kermit and Debbie Harry sing The Rainbow Connection.

Debbie Harry sings One Way or Another.

I don't care who you are or what you think....Debbie Harry rocks!
This is back in the day when the kid shows were awesome and not so superfreakingficial like they are now.

Alice Cooper singing Schools Out! Can you imagine how this would go over today?! Um, It wouldn't.

Elton John singing Crocodile Rock.

Elton when Elton was cool! A2 loved this one, he was singing along with the crocodiles. Too cute for words!

Kenny Rogers singing The Gambler.

I'd say this would get on a kids show today sometime between hell freezing over and never!

Leo Sayer - you'll know him when you hear it.

Dancin' woo! This one rocks!! A2 loved the bird with the googly eyes.

Just TRY to get this one out of your head. Won't happen anytime soon.

A2 even imitated this one. He'd lower his voice, get in his daddy's face and say "nah nah."

You have to admit this was one jammin' ass kids show. I love it!