Monday, November 5, 2007

Hell to the Yeah!!

So, Saturday morning I decided to hop up on the scale and see what the evil thing had to say for the day. I really wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary. I was prepared for the ol' 144.9 - 145.2, or even 149 again, fluctuation but guess what it said instead??!!

Warning: The following may not be suitable for those of you with an aversion to freakish monkey toes. Try to avert your eyes to the number on the scale only.

Un-freaking-believable! I was beyond excited! I was convinced it was a fluke so I had to run and grab my camera. Now notice how it says 140.9, well it would fluctuate from 140.8 up to 141.1 so what I had to do since my camera sent it overboard was to scream at the top of my lungs for my husband to come to the bathroom.

Of course when you hear someone screaming your name in the crazy ass tone I was using you're naturally going to break your neck trying to get in there. I could hear him stumbling over toys and cussing because when he rounded the corner of our bedroom he clipped the edge of the dresser with his hip. When he got into the bathroom he found me standing there on the scale with the camera yelling at him to "look look look look." (Had to explain to him I meant the number on the scale and not my hooters since that's naturally ALL he saw.)

I told him to take a picture of it for me that I HAD to post it and then call my Daddy. After a huge nostril flaring sigh and a lecture on how he could have hurt himself and to never ever blah blah blah (I tuned him out at that point so just use your imagination as to what he could have been saying!) he took the picture for me. Of course I was telling him to make sure he got it on the 140 side and not the 141 so it took a second or two to get it right.

Can you believe it? I finally saw a number that makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Oh and out of pure curiosity I hopped back on the scale yesterday and it did the same exact thing except this time it tended to stay more on the 141.1 side. Oh well, I'll take it, I still felt pretty good about it. Only 15 to 16 more pounds to go!! Hell yeah!

Another thing that felt pretty good, I went shopping with Friend 1 and Friend 2 Thursday night after a much needed "girls only" supper and found a pair of size 7/8 jeans at Aeropostale (read: store were I can usually find shirts to fit but the jeans are cut more for the skinny little teenage girls or the older girls who don't eat). Now when I got them off of the 70% off already marked down prices rack, Friend 2 was a little skeptical as to whether or not they would fit. She said I was loosing weight but to not get crazy.

We are THAT honest with each other. (My friends rock because Friend 1 had on some ugly ass bowling shoes that Friend 2 and I ragged her about all night but she took it in stride.) Anyway, I tried the jeans on and guess what I'm wearing right this minute?? Those 7/8 jeans that I, oh hell not I hubby paid only $4.99 for!! Again, hell yeah!!

Guess drinking all that nasty ass Diet Rite is paying off along with the fact that there are no longer any Oatmeal Creme Pies in the pantry and I'm really really trying to be good. I worked out last on Thursday after I got back from eating and shopping with the girls. Didn't have a chance to do hardly anything this weekend since Friend 3 from another state came to stay with me. I've got to get my rear down there tonight for sure.

Speaking of Friend 3, she did a pretty freaking awesome thing when she came up here. Her husband has been collecting music for years and has it all saved on their external hard drive. Since she knows I'm a Limewire junkie she brought it up and I copied only one of the folders, because we forgot about it until she was getting ready to leave, but it was 45GB worth. That's a shitload of music!

Granted I had some of it and some of it I'm not that interested in but I've already added over 100 songs to my "woo hoo, BRAND! NEW! RED!! iPod!" taking my song count over the 1,700 mark and that's with just spending about 30 minutes looking through his folder. He had another one on the drive but she needed to go and it would have taken at least another hour to copy it all. Besides I'm not so sure my computer would hold it because it was another 30GB. Apparently he and his friends pool their music. Pretty smart idea. Me and my Dad did the same thing once.

I tried to put the folder on A2's external hard drive last night so I could take it down to my Dad's house the next time I go in but get this, my clumsy ass managed to knock the hard drive off in the floor and now it won't show up on any of our computers and you can no longer shut if off without unplugging it. I felt like a major ass after doing it. He only got it for his birthday back in July and wouldn't you know the warranty ran out two frigging weeks ago.

Guess it's a good thing I only pay $5 for my jeans because now I'm going to have to buy him a new hard drive. That sucks ass but it was my fault even though I didn't mean to do it. I was just trying to do something cool for my Dad....hey wait, I wonder if I can blame it on him somehow??

I'll work on that, but for now here's a picture of my little "monk monk" for no reason other than your enjoyment. It has nothing to do with today's little story.

Oh, and what is up with this!!

The Tissue Bandit strikes again!

Happy Monday blogaholics.