Friday, November 2, 2007

November Already??!!

Where did October go? Oh wait, I know it was spent wondering what in the hell the weather was going to be like from one day to the next. Only around here (the southern region) can you wear shorts and a t-shirt during the day but freeze your nuts off come time to go to bed. I swear I would open up my windows during the day but have to make sure I didn't forget to close them come about 5 or so in the afternoon or else Hubs would be bitching it's too cold in the house.

We went trick or treating last night and instead of worrying about A2 freezing to death like we did the past two years we've taken him, I was afraid he was going to sweat to death in his little monkey suit. We got home last night and I had to change clothes because I was sweating like crazy after walking around just one neighborhood with A2. Call me crazy but boob sweat in October, on freaking Halloween of all nights, just ain't right.

Regardless of being covered head to toe in a fleece monkey suit he had such a good time last night once he figured out he was getting candy from all these people and that if he said "peas" (read: please) sweet enough that one of us would open something up for him and let him have "just one more" of about a thousand pieces of candy that he consumed yesterday. I'm a great mom, I know, you don't have to state the obvious. I at least brushed his teeth before he went to bed.

We all seriously ate way more candy than solid good food yesterday and it was GREAT. I halfway expected to see undigested candy corn in our poop today or at least look down to see that it had an orange tint to it but thank goodness it doesn't work like the real stuff does. Yeah, I'm gross but you look too and you've had chunkage before, don't deny it.

I was a little sad that A1 decided that he was too old to even dress up this year. There is no way my baby should be too old for anything like that. I figured the least he could do was put on a yellow raincoat and a hat and go as the man in the yellow suit from Curious George to complement his brother's monkey outfit. He could have carried a pillow case and scored even more loot. He didn't do it though, guess he didn't want to ruin his hard earned "coolness rep".

Can't talk about that too long or I'll lose it, not the coolness thing but the being too old thing. Since when is it Ok for mama's little boy to no longer like the simple things in life like trick or treating or believing in Santa or the Easter Bunny or that I have eyes in the back of my head and super sonic hearing? Worst of all who said it's a good thing for him to be taller than her? I damn sure didn't approve. Hell, I don't even remember being asked. Can these decisions be overruled or something like that? Get back with me on that one.

Want to know how the work out thingamabob is going? Well, today for the second time I actually saw 141. Granted it was 141.9, I still saw it. I haven't seen that since the first time about three or maybe even four weeks ago. Who can remember? It depresses me to think about it. I will say that I can at least maintain a certain weight once I get there. I stayed at 150 for-freaking-ever until I started this bet thing with my Dad. Only thing is that when I hit the 144-145 range I've petered out and up until just today haven't budged.

I've tried to watch what I eat but still screw up. I FINALLY finished the last of those damn Oatmeal Creme pies last week. Now I just have to refrain from dipping into the Halloween pumpkin. Do you know how hard that is going to be? Can you even imagine just how fan-freaking-tabulous cashews mixed with candy corn tastes? Do you know how many Reese's Peanut Butter Cups this child got?

I've tried very very hard to cut back on my Dr. Pepper consumption. I even bought some Diet Rite in black cherry the other day just so I could drink something carbonated and not be tempted to do bad. For the record, that stuff is horrible. I'd rather drink piss I think than to drink too much of that stuff. It's that bad. I still suffer through it though. When I go out I try (doesn't always work) to order either water or something diet.

I've fallen out of the everyday working out routine (that's a shocker) but still try to make it at least three times a week. My husband seems to think that that is all I need but the fat on my ass and my thighs make me believe otherwise.

I do have something super-mega-awesome to report and that is that I FINALLY GOT A NEW RED 8GB iPOD! I even got my name engraved on it for free! Can I get a w00h00t from the peanut gallery??!! The iPod fairy granted me my wish and it is beautiful!! (Dear iPod fairy, I freaking love you! You Rock with a capital R!!) I've already loaded it up with about 6GB of music and I'm about to search for me some Guns N' Roses to put on it right now. I've looked for them in the past but have had the damnedest time finding what I want. I changed my video over on the left so if you like GNR you should give it a click-a-roo. I don't have any videos on my iPod yet but that will soon change. I was thinking about getting an audio book with the $25 I'm going to win from my Daddy.

Oh, I'd like to take a minute to thank everyone who participated in the little poll I had up for the last 20 days. Thank you self. Oh your welcome self. OK, I'm done. What's the deal? You couldn't pick a box!! I know I only have about three people who read this thing but come on!!

OK, I'm done for today. I just worked out and wanted to post something real quick before I called it a night. I've got to go change out of these clothes and watch me some Seinfeld. That's my new nightly ritual. I've got all but season 8 and the new season 9 of course. That one won't be out until next week. I love me some Sein!! Hubby finally got me a DVD player for our bedroom and I'm taking full advantage of it.

Really going now. Happy November everyone or as I like to refer to it, the month in which every stinking time I wash clothes I will either have to pull a bazillion candy wrappers out of the dryer or rewash about umpteen loads due to one of these assbags leaving candy from the Halloween bucket in their jeans pockets! Today I fished out a Sweet Tarts wrapper and two Laffy Taffy wrappers. Luckily nothing sticky as of yet. This fact alone makes it even harder for me not to either eat up all the candy myself or at least hide it from everyone just to avoid the hassle.

Ciao amigos!!