Sunday, November 11, 2007

You'd Think

Since the weekend is over you'd think I would have a nice post to put up but I don't. There's not really that much to tell right now. I'm just that boring.


I am.

I worked out Thursday, didn't on Friday, Saturday or today but I did drink diet Coke all weekend long and that is saying a lot since we went in to see the parents and when we do that we eat out like carazy folk.

By the way, I saw the 140.9 again on Thursday or Friday one. Can't remember exactly which but that's a good thing since I've been hauling in chocolate like it's going out of style the past couple of days. (Curse you Mother Nature!!)

I could go on but there are exactly 300 cookie cutters in the middle of my living room floor and unless I want to go into cardiac arrest in the middle of the night thinking about the mess in here I MUST pick them all up before I go to sleep.

A1, A2, and Child 3 (AKA: The Hubby) were playing with Play Doh tonight after we got back from our visit and they sure know how to make the mess but they seem to forget what it means to clean it up.

So here's your reminder to take your birth control pills tonight.

Do they have a husband control pill out there I could get my hands on?? I'd be all over that prescription!! Those are his nasty feet in the top of the picture. He's of course sitting on the other couch playing on the other computer and will be there until at least 1 or 2 in the morning since he doesn't have to work on Monday because of the holiday.

Here's another picture for you for no reason at all other than to show you my new hobby.

I mentioned taking up knitting a few posts back so I could keep my hands busy, to keep from causing bodily harm, and went ahead and did it. The learning to knit thing, not the bodily harm thing. Yay me! I bought me a couple of knitting needles and a skein of yarn and let YouTube edumacate me on what I needed to do. I swear anything you ever wanted to see, and then some can be found on YouTube. Plus my mom felt sorry for me and bought me a knitting book the last time I came in.

How'd she know I'd need that darn thing and use it religiously?! Intuition I guess.

It took a lot of starting over and sore fingers and a little lot of cursing to get it to where I am now. When I finish with it, it's going to be a blanket. Yes, for me.

I'll try to post my progress. Last week I didn't get to work on it but two nights and only about an hour each night.

Gotta run I'm starting to twitch looking at all these damn cookie cutters on the floor. I may even sneak in a row of knitting.