Thursday, February 14, 2008

H♥ppy V♥lentine's D♥y!!

♥ Nothing says, "I love you" quite like saturated fat and slutty lingerie, right girls? Don't know about you but I'm going to skip on the box of chocolates this year and if you haven't been following along thus far and are clueless to my body image issues then let me assure you, lingerie just ain't gonna happen either. I've tried that in the past and something about the expectation of having to give it up just because everybody else is doing it takes away from the "romance".

♥ Don't get me wrong, I love that it's Valentine's day and I love my honey but doing the same exact thing every other person in the world is doing today seems more than a little cliché and I'm just not feeling it. We exchanged our "Happy Valentine's Day" kisses this morning before he scooted off to work and that'll be about the sum of our celebrating. I use to go all out and get cards and candy and the lingerie. I would even try to plan something a little special for him whether it be an edible cooked meal or some candles in the bedroom but he's just not into all that stuff and over the hundred or so years we've been together we've finally accepted it's just not us. Although I'm pretty sure he'd still be up for the idea of an edible meal. Any day.

♥ I have more fun getting Valentine's stuff for the boys and making it more about them. Yesterday I finally got out of the house after a third (!) snow day and picked up their stuff. I found them some buckets with hearts on them and lids and bought a ton of little odds and ends to put inside for them. I probably put too much candy in them but that's half the fun! A1 is so hard to buy for since he's getting so much older but he's still my little baby boy at heart so I picked out little things that I know he will get a kick out of if only for a little while.

♥ A2 is a lot simpler. Give him a new car and some Pez and that child is in Heaven! I had some leftover Valentine's cards from A2's little pack so I put a special note on the back of one for each of the boys. I know A2 can't read his but I drew a little face on it and he'll love that. I'm not going to tell A1 about his message because I want him to find it on his own. It pretty much summed up the fact that even though it seems like it sucks to be a teenager we are so proud of him and love him with all our hearts. A1 is an awesome child and I'm blessed to be his mom.

♥ I didn't really go out of my way to get anything for hubby for Valentine's day since I bought him a Wii game for our anniversary which was only a week or so ago. He made me promise that I would let that game count as anniversary and Valentine's Day since he just doesn't like for people to splurge on him, especially me. I agreed. I did find some of the old Fashioned Candy Sticks though and got a bucket of those for him. It's the ones that are covered with chocolate and flavored either peppermint, cinnamon, orange or lemon. I threw in a box of candy hearts since I had some left over from the boys’ stuff and a little made up bag of Gobstopper hearts.

♥ My real gift to him will be letting him come home from work and watch whatever he wants on television or play his video game all night without once wanting to wrestle the remote away from him and force him to watch either Survivor or Supernanny with me. I'll even let him watch Star Wars for the zillionth time without so much as a huff. I'm a giver!

♥ I don't expect anything from him today either. He brought me flowers home out of the blue the week or so before our anniversary and that was so sweet. The unexpected is more what I'm about. For our anniversary he tried to buy a game for me but the people at Sam's messed it all up. They took his money and when he went to the desk to pick it up they said they didn't have any after all. He had to get his money refunded and come home with nothing but a sad story but the receipt to back it up. I didn't mind, it was the thought that mattered. I don't need for him to have to buy me things just because of a certain date on the calendar. He gives me things everyday. Things that can't be bought in any store. He gets up and goes to work every single day to provide for the boys and me. He thinks about us in every decision he makes.

♥ He makes it to where I can stay at home and be here for the boys around the clock. I don't have to rely on babysitters or daycares to raise my children. I can watch their every development right here from the comfort of my living room couch. I can spend the entire day in my pajamas with my hair in a jacked up ponytail on the top of my head sitting in the middle of the floor playing cars and watching Spongebob with A2 if I want and it's because of my husband. That is worth more than something Hallmark can print out on a card, Russell Stover can cover in chocolate and certainly worth a helluva lot more than Victoria can string together with dental floss and lace.

♥ Here's wishing you and your loved ones have a fabulous day. The best gift you can give them is to tell 'em you love them.....and mean it from the bottom of your heart.

For all you single gals out there:

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