Friday, February 22, 2008

In Memoriam

Dear Lord,
When I get older please please please don't let me get plastic surgery. Let me be comfortable with my wrinkles or better yet just make sure I get my granny's complexion. (She's beautiful!)

Anyway, sadly Mickey Rourke went from this (watch it all the way through - it's pretty awesome)

to this

and that is scary as hell!!

Mickey, Mickey, Mickey what have you done to yourself?? Do you own a freaking mirror?

This cat must not have friends like mine who make no qualms about telling you when you look like ass. He was soo cute in 9 and 1/2 weeks. If you haven't seen it you should. It's from way back in the 80's. Talk about a twisted love affair! Don't you just love this song too? Almost makes you want to jump up and rip off all your clothes doesn't it!

I said ALMOST!

Why am I posting about this today after a being out for over a week? Because I'm bored and saw this video on YouTube and it made me think back to the first time I ever saw this movie and my yankee friend and I thought we were watching *gasp* a real live porno flick. (I was only about 15 so you can't blame me for thinking that!) Also posting this mundane nonsense because I'm putting off cleaning my house as long as humanly possible. It hasn't quite reached the inhumane status but it's close.

I'm trying very hard to ignore the gang of killer dust bunnies screaming "i'mmacutchoosucka" at my ankles and toes when I stroll through the dining room. There have to be a million of them all over this place and I swear it hasn't been that long since I did the floors. I'll show those little bastards who's boss eventually and suck their asses up with the vacuum but it probably won't be today. I have more stuff to look up on YouTube to clean my room, scour the bathrooms, and do some laundry. Housework blows, just not as hard as Mickey's plastic surgeon.


Kathy Thompson said...

do YOU look exactly how you did 20+ years ago? this is quite uncalled for!

I'm DeeDee said...

no hon i don't look like i did 20+ years ago. thankfully i grew out of that training bra and my acne cleared up quite nicely unless it still counts cuz it went from my t-zone to my ass cheeks. my point to this was that he would have probably aged quite nicely but the plastic surgery he's had has left him hardly recognizable.

Kris said...

Wow, you think Kathy has a thing for Rourke? Someone's a little defensive!
He looks like the fucking Joker in that second picture. Slap some white facepaint on him and TADA!

I'm DeeDee said...

I think he looks closer to that lady who has had so much plastic surgery that she looks like a cat. I'd google a picture to post but I'm too lazy!