Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Untitled Because I'm Lazy

Yes my life is this boring. I haven't posted because there hasn't been anything to post about. Actually there probably has been but I'm just THAT DAMN LAZY and haven't posted it.

No I haven't worked out. Not.One.Time.

Yes I've still been eating junk like there is no freaking tomorrow. It's crazy cold outside and the kids have had two more snow days this week and it's only Tuesday. I eat to keep from drinking insane amounts of alcohol. Just kidding, but only a little. There is an insane amount of ice dangling from our trees outside and there is no good reason to do anything today besides bundle up on the couch and watch some movies with the boys.

That gives me a much needed break from this damn computer because even though I haven't been blogging I've actually been banging my head against the wall trying to find a reputable school that offers a Master's in Occupational Therapy completely online. Do you know how hard this is?? I've also been praying for the means to pay for said school to fall out of the sky and into my checking account. Paying for graduate school = loosing one, possibly two limbs and more than likely the rights to my soul.

Speaking of praying - I've put in a little overtime in that department because as of yesterday we are faced with the decision to make ANOTHER move or stay where we are at. We have moved so much in the past 10 years and quite frankly I'm not up for too many more. Just so you know we aren't vagabonds or anything like that, we move because my husband keeps working his way up the career ladder. Each move has resulted in more money and a better house. This move however isn't a promotion but an opportunity for us to go home for the first time in those 10 years.

Why the hesitation? Well, we've moved around so much for the sole purpose of my husband to reach his ultimate career goal. If we go home now there is a better than 50% chance he will not reach that ONE LAST STEP. There is a chance that if we go home now we may not be there that long before that last step opens up in an area that we have lived in once before and we would be moving again. Our plan has always been to come home but it was to come home when things had all fallen into place. Right now we aren't sure.

Here's the scenarios - A) Move home now in the position he is in and roll the dice in hopes that the brass ring opens up there in a few years and he can retire at the top of his game. If it doesn't open up he would have to be content staying in the position he is in and have no regrets for giving up that shot. This would result in this being our final move. B) Stay where we are at and hope that the brass ring opens up in one of two positions that may be available in the coming years and then eventually come back home with a better than 50% chance of a lateral (FYI - the brass ring won't be open at home for at least 6 years or so) and then a retirement. This would result in the move up to the brass ring and then home, so that's two more moves. C) Going home for the time being but keeping his eye on the prize and facing the reality of having to move to one of the other two places and then after a while in that state coming back home to settle. This would mean one move home, one move to the brass ring, and then moving back home. That's three more moves. Just so you know,!!

Yep, it's complicated. Yep, it sucks not knowing what the right thing to do for us as a family is right now. Do we want to come home and be with our extended family? Absolutely!! We wouldn't have to make those weekend drives back and forth for visits. No more not being able to be there when something comes up because we're too far away or the weather or whatever is keeping us at bay. No more not having family to fall back on if we need something or someone to take care of the boys. No more wishing I was having supper at my granny's house when she's cooked a big pot of beans and made some of her rockin' cornbread. Is it that simple? Nope!!

Speaking of cornbread, I'm going to the kitchen now. I stress, therefore I eat. I'm fat, therefore I bitch.

This too shall pass. Hopefully sooner rather than later because my ass can't keep spreading like this for too much longer.