Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just One More

We interrupt this blog to bring you the following announcement: I have not dropped off of the face of the Internet but I must state that I am HOOKED on a new show right now and it is impossible to pull myself away from the damn thing!

Member when I went through my Soprano's phase? I hopped on the bandwagon right at the end of season six but managed to talk someone into letting me watch all of their DVD sets? Well it's happened again except the show I'm watching now is totally off the air and I can't believe I scoffed at it when it was on. I remember deliberately telling myself that it had to be a stupid show and I couldn't believe it had lasted so long.

Well it lasted so long because it sucks you in, drains all of your will power to get up and actually do something productive and as one ends I tell myself I'm only going to watch one more. I think I "just one mored" it through about nine episodes yesterday. I guess I really mean one more ENTIRE DVD and not just one more episode!

What show is it? I'm almost embarrassed to admit it but it's Charmed. Yep, the one about the three sisters who inherit magical powers after their grandmother dies and they have to protect all of the innocent people in the world while trying to live together in the family house and get along.

It isn't award winning material by any means, or maybe it was, but it has seriously sucked me in and will not let go. It's the one that starts out with Shannen Doherty from 90210 but she leaves somewhere during season three and they replace her with Rose McGowan. I like it because it doesn't require you to follow a long drawn out storyline from episode to episode. They pretty much have a constant theme (three sisters with powers that must save the innocent) but each episode begins and ends one story. It has the right mix of funny and kooky that I like and it requires minimal brain power to stay hooked. I blame my sister in law, it's totally her fault because she loaned me the first four seasons. So if you were wondering where I was now you know.

I just hope she goes out and gets the rest of the seasons, I think there were eight total, because I'm going to be hurting once I'm done with season four. Hell, her birthday is coming up this month. We could get season five for her. Hmmm, I wonder if she'd notice if I watch it first before I give it to her? I'm thinking I could slap some saran wrap on it and she'd be none the wiser.

So, I'll be back when my DVD player either explodes or I'm done watching. At the rate I'm going it won't take me long to get through them all.

See ya later I'm already feeling the itch to go back to watching.

Me, obsess much??.....NEVER!!


Heather said...

You aren't alone my friend! I also refused to watch Charmed when it was on, but started watching it on cable when it went into syndication and they would play 2 episodes back to back every weekday. I watched it from beginning to end several times over the course of about 2 years and then got tired of it. I've been renting them from Netflix though so my daughter can watch them. =D

I'm DeeDee said...

That's how I got hooked. I saw the very last two episodes one morning in syndication. Once I saw how it ended I had to watch it from the beginning. Luckily my sister in law had these! What is it about this show that will not let you look away??!!

Heather said...

You know, I really liked Alyssa Milano as a kid, and I still do! But I HATE Doherty. The show got much better for me when they replaced her with the other girl, even though she was kind of weird looking. I love the guy who played Cole on the show. MMMM yummy. =D

I'm DeeDee said...

I think Shannen comes off as bitchy from start to end with her character but I just think that is her general personality. I like Rose's character better too even though it seemed a little weird when she first came into the picture. Oh, if you're talking about Coop, Phoebe's second husband, he was on Days of our Lives for a while and let me tell you it was a SAD day when he left!!

Heather said...

I meant Julian McMahon, who played her first husband. What.a.stud! They did do an excellent job of finding good looking guys for that show, let me tell ya! You're making me want to watch it again. LOL

Kris said...

Can't say I've ever seen this show, mainly for the reasons that you mentioned. It kind of looked like a piece of shit when I seen it advertised. Maybe I should rethink I probably won't.
Don't you love TV on DVD though? I love not having to wait until the next week or next season to keep watching. I inhale "Rescue Me" like that. I usually finish the season in a couple of days.

I'm DeeDee said...

TV on DVD rocks especially after a show is over and done with. Too bad I'm cheap and don't really buy them for myself though. I do own the entire series of Seinfeld and I'm working on Will and Grace. My favorite part is no commercials!! You should rethink Charmed though it's pretty addictive.

Heather said...

Ugh we totally have the entire Star Trek: TNG and Enterprise and are working on Star Trek: Voyager because my husband is a tremendous geek. I also get Monk for my daughter's stepmother, and Daniel Boone for my daddy. My brother has XFiles and Angel and about a dozen other shows. TV on DVD is taking over the damn world!!!