Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Raining He's Snoring

It's raining cats and dogs outside, it's pitch dark in here in the bedroom, it's just after 9 a.m. and A2 is still sawing logs. In my bed. Because I still haven't moved him out yet. I'm weak. Moving on. I on the other hand have been awake since 7:45. That may not mean much to those of you that have to get up early every morning but to me it's just a short stint on my road to flipping my daily life around. The latest I've slept in this week is 8:20. Slow and steady wins the race. Or so I'm told.

I've made a little progress on my list of things I want to do and even though it isn't major progress it still feels good. Most important thing I've done is at least try something every single day. I took the boys swimming last night at the gym and that qualified as quality time with A1 because he LOVES to go swimming and because it was just the three of us in the pool he enjoyed it that much more. A2 is like a little fish in the water and enjoyed it too but A1 knew it was because of him that we went. That scored me major coolness points in the mommy game plus it got his butt out of his bedroom and back to interacting with me and his little brother. Hubby was working out while we played. He's making more progress on that working out thing than I am.

Dinner has been ready every night this week at a decent time. The latest we ate was last night and it was only because we didn't get home from the gym until 7:30 or so. All I did was convect our other Little Caesar's pizza from two nights ago. Even A2 ate some. He's still on his kick of eating absolutely nothing of substance unless you count dry cereal and the occasional chicken nugget. If it wasn't for milk my child would wither away. What is up with that?! I try to cut back his milk but he still won't eat. I'm waiting for him to start mooing any day now.

In case you were wondering if I did any working out while I was right there at the gym or if I've made any headway on the whole loosing weight thing then you obviously haven't been hanging out here at my blog for very long because the answer is.......OF COURSE NOT! I'm still sucking major ass at trying to get back into the workout routine and the scale said 143.3 just two seconds ago. Does thinking about it nonstop and getting dressed to workout the other day count? Didn't think so. The scale says no too. Bitch. Yes, my scale is a female. Who else can be so wishywashy and cruel?!

Get this, I was out gallivanting around the mall area yesterday and I did not go into Old Navy. "WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!?" you say......yes, you read that correct. I DID NOT go into Old Navy. I even let my coupon for a free pair of panties from Victoria's Secret go to waste because I knew if I went in there to claim my $7.50 pair of panties that that free $7.50 would end costing my husband at least $30-$40 in Aeropostale and no less than $30 at the Gap. I did good!! Miss my free pair of panties though dammit! I'm a free panty whorearooskie. I swear I squeal and hubby groans every time I open the mail and see that mailer. It's second only to the excitement I get out of receiving my Old Navy "Stuff and Save" bag in the mail. That's good stuff right there. I think I get so excited over it that I pee a little. I'm sick. I'm aware. The first step is admitting it. So hah, I've been clinging to that first step for years now!!

Haven't called the mother in law but went out of my way to email her and ask if she wanted to get together this weekend. She was suppose to come up here but we've pretty much put the kibosh on that and have decided to go to them instead. This way we can control the amount of time we have to spend with her. Is that so wrong? If so who the hell cares. I've already admitted this one was going to be the hardest one of all.

I went yesterday and picked up my new bible study book. This time I'm doing the Henry Blackaby series called Experiencing God. Yes, I'm going from cursing about my mother in law to talking about my new bible study. I never claimed to be perfect or even anywhere close. Anyway, I finished my first ever bible study group a few weeks ago and it was okay. I agreed to do another one with the same leader but I missed the very first session last week only because I was sick. I've managed to work into my daily routine at least 20 to 30 minutes.

I figure if I can spend hours some time every day reading junk like who's screwing who and who's had what work done on TMZ and Dlisted then I seriously need to work in some time with Jesus. Bible study will help, plus I picked up one of those daily devotional journals yesterday to help me along. I have a feeling it will be filled with prayers to help me get off my lazy duff and start accomplishing something. Oh well, I'm a much better writer down of things than I am an actual doer of things.

I picked up a book to start reading yesterday too. It's called A Lady of Hidden Intent by Tracie Peterson. I've never heard of this writer before but the cover looked pretty and come one a pretty book jacket is one of the most important things right?! When I decided to read two books and review them I had something of a little more substance in mind but this one caught my eye and so it wins out. Maybe the next book will be more intellectual. Remember I just said MAYBE.
Here's what the back cover said:

A life of privilege becomes only a distant memory when Catherine Newbury's father is falsely imprisoned and she is whisked away from her home in England to America. Forced to disguise her past and create a completely new life, Catherine takes on a servant's last name and carves out a tenuous future for herself as a seamstress. Soon her dress designs are sought throughout Philadelphia.

When the dashing Carter Danby accompanies his mother and sister for a design consultation, Catherine suddenly encounters her past face to face. Is Carter's avid interest in her genuine... or does he, as she suspects, recognize her as the young lady he met while touring England? She cannot deny the attraction, but admitting her true identity may jeopardize her father's only hope for freedom. Will Catherine be forced to sacrifice her dreams of love?

I haven't started it yet but hope to start today. I'll write a full review when I'm finished. If you have any good book ideas I'm open to suggestions. I'll read it and review it and we can see if we both agree.

That's pretty much all I've accomplished this week from my list although I did clean out my garage yesterday and that felt pretty damn good in itself. I couldn't walk in there without boxes teetering or toppling over. We save all of the boxes we get around here and take them to a recycling center every so often. I'm talking everything from Hamburger Helper to Tampax boxes. I try to crush them and stuff the smaller ones inside the larger ones to keep it somewhat neat out there but there are days where I just open the garage door and give them a big heave ho and hope for the best.

It had been about four months or so since I'd crushed some and it was pretty awful out there. I crushed everything yesterday and put them all in the trailer that we use to carry them off. Now it's so neat and organized out there and there isn't a box in sight. I can actually walk around the front of my vehicle without bumping into anything and there isn't anything falling over in front of my feet pissing me off and causing me to kick about 20 boxes all over the place!

So that's about it for this week. I'm down to my last six episodes of Charmed and I feel the jitters already starting to settle in. I was thinking I would be done with them long before now but I've only been able to watch one episode at a time for the past few days. I did try to find season 5 for my sister in law for her birthday because I'm shameless and would have hounded her to hurry up and watch it so I coud have it but unfortunately it is nowhere to be found around these parts. Guess I'll just have to pick up and watch the ones that are on TNT right now even though they are halfway through season 5 and I didn't get to see how they vanquished Cole because I know it's inevitable. I'm just now to the part where he's realized he's The Source. I'm going to miss the crap out of him. He's more than easy on the eyes. Good stuff.

I have one of those embarrassing mommy stories to tell you real quick before I'm out. Whenever I go to change A2's diaper I ask him if he "needs a fresh diap?" it's just what I do. I use to ask if he needs fresh pants but somehow it went from pants to diap. Of course in toddler speak things don't always come out like they are suppose to sound so when he answers in the affirmative he will say "I nee pesh dike." Yesterday I picked him up from preschool and he was kind enough to wait until the moment before I walked into the door to crap his pants real good. He did his normal spot me through the doorway and come running while screaming "MoooooM" but this time he was also screaming "pesh diiike, PEsh DIIiike, PESH DIIIIKE!!"

Normally this would be all cute and nothing to get embarrassed about but yesterday, of all damn days, one of the other kids moms (and I use that term loosely because she looks more like a HE most days, imagine Pat) had walked in with me. I know I'm not the only one who thinks she looks more than a little ambiguous because I overheard two other moms talking about her when we all went in to sign the kiddies up. Typical gossip mongers but anyway. This lady hardly ever brings her kid to school because she apparently works odd hours and has her mother do it. I've only seen her about three times total.

Of course as soon as he said it I could feel my face turning blood red and my palms went sweaty. I was mortified at the thought that this lady may be thinking my child was calling her some ugly name. Only reason I thought this was because one of the OTHER idiot moms obviously thought it because she scooped her child up and I could hear her snickering LOUDLY as she scurried out the door. I immediately went into damage control and without making eye contact with anyone was saying, "OH YOU NEED A FRESH DIAP AS IN DIAPER BECAUSE YOU CRAPPED YOUR DIAP AS IN DIAPER" that loud. It was pitiful. I'm sure I'll hear about this come Monday from snicker puss.

I'm off to do something. Don't know what that something is yet. Actually I just lied, I'm off to see if any of my favorite bloggers have updated and to see what's going on in the Big Brother house now that dip shit Natalie has been granted Head of Household by God. After that I'll check my email and THEN I'll get up and possibly clean my funky toilets and run a mop over my floors. I may even haul A2 downstairs with me work out a little. I'm feeling like today could be the day. I'll let you know how it works out later. You just may be surprised.

Keep in the back of your mind that I said "MAY" dammit!!

Ciao buuuuddies!