Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm such a NERD

Oh my Lord it's time to whip out the Aqua Net and hair picks girls! The New Kids are officially going to announce after 15 years their reunion album and tour this Friday on the Today show.

I am was such a fantard! I can remember going to their concert and because I was on the grass I had to sneak up to the seats in the front with a handful of my friends. We screamed and sang our hearts out. It was utter chaos. One of my friends cried so hard I thought she was going to hyperventilate!

I am so embarrassed to admit seeing this picture today made me smile and actually flash back to some happy times Hangin' Tough with my girls!

I'm pretty sure if I remember correctly one of my friends actually named her daughter Jordan because of these clowns. I was always partial to Jon. I like those quiet boys.

If you dare tell anyone I admitted to this I'll hunt you down and make you listen to Please Don't Go Girl on a continuous loop until your ears bleed (once, maybe twice should do it)!

I'm off to the gym to listen to my old school New Kids on my iPod cuz you know I've got it on there. This will be day number three to work out so far and it feels great w00t!!

How sad am I that it takes very little to make me giddy??!!

ETA on 4-4-08: They didn't even sing on the Today show this morning!! What the hell is up with that!! Now I don't feel so bad that I missed it and had to watch it on YouTube. All they did was come out and announce that they would be performing for the first time on May 16th on the Today show. It was funny to see the "old women" like myself in the crowd screaming for them though. Good to know I'm not the only freak in da house!!

Also, is it so wrong that I've already set my DVR for that day so I don't miss it? **Gosh** I need professional help.


Heather said...

Good for you, working out! Keep it up.
I can't confess to a love of New Dorks on the Block but one year my aunt gave me a nightgown that had them on the front of it and I wore it because I didn't have a lot of pj's. I just didn't wear it around my friends. Heh.

DeeDee said...

Thanks for the encouragement I need all I can get! "New Dorks" that's funny. Looking back now, I can't believe just how much of a geek I was. I will admit that I never got their first album. Too much bubble gum. I only liked the Hangin' Tough one. For the longest time I never even knew they had one prior. The one after HT was too cheesy (if you can believe it possible) and from there they just dropped off my radar. I'm just curious to see how far they will go with this. Wonder if they can last longer than the Spice Girls did with their "major comeback"?

Hey what happened to the DGM board? I haven't been able to access it in a LONG time. I cleared my cookies and now I've lost your site and a couple of others that I was lurking around on from there.

Mad Woman said...

I found you from DGM. I actually ended up reading your panty post (as did a couple others..check out their comments), and decided to come read your more recent ones.

I am lovin' that you wrote about NKOTB. I had the biggest crushes on them. Not sure how I feel about a comeback or how my husband is going to feel about their faces reappearing in our house as my daughter acquires a taste for Joey.

Jenny said...

Also here via DGM. Enjoyed reading through your blog!

I'm just a few years too old to have caught the NKOTB craze, but I have a cousin who LOVED them! Will have to tell her about the comeback.

DeeDee said...

Welcome mad woman and jenny! Glad you dropped in. I'm anxious to see how well these guys do. I was talking with one my friends today and she has two little girls but doesn't quite think they will fall for the guys quite like we did. Joey probably has the most potential since he's the baby of the group but we'll see.They all have to be in their late 30's or early 40's by now! I can't believe I missed them on the Today show this morning! Hopefully someone will have it up on YouTube!

Backpacking Dad said...

I believe the post-Hangin' Tough album was "Step by Step".

I ripped someone's 90's playlist onto my iPod and that single, "Step by Step" is still on there.

Just for the, you know, nostalgia value.

I didn't like them.

But I always liked the girls who liked them. So I had to stay current.

DeeDee said...

Don't worry backpacking dad your secret New Kids love is safe with me! Make sure you set your DVR for the show in May so we can chat about it!! Nothing like a closet New Kid lover. ;-) LOL