Friday, April 18, 2008

Captain Underwear to the RESCUE!!

As most of you know there was an earthquake in southern Illinois this morning. If you didn't know this then promptly crawl out from under your rock and let the sunshine hit your face. You'll enjoy it I promise! I just crawled out from under mine not too awful long ago.

At about 4:36 this morning I hear what I would describe as my house creaking. It didn't freak me out or anything because it's a normal thing when, oh say, a burst of wind hits the house. My husband on the other hand sits straight up in bed and is freaking the hell out. He yells at me, "get up right now!!".

Did I mention that it was 4:36 in the freaking morning??!! I get up and he's up saying something about a tornado or a mini tornado just passed over us. I'm thinking that's not possible because the freaking wind chimes aren't making one single noise. I'm pretty convinced he's lost his mind at this point. I mean come on, all I heard was a few creaks.

I look out the front windows and there is NOTHING going on. Literally no rain, no wind, no movement whatsoever, nothing....except my husband standing out there in his underwear spinning around like a top looking off in all directions for his "tornado".

He comes back in. I go pee and pray that I can fall back since it had to be nothing other than the house settling or something like that. As soon as I lay back down he comes back in swearing something creepy just happened and he just doesn't understand what it could have been.

So much for going back to sleep.

His description of the whole thing is that he woke up instantly because he could feel the whole house moving in every direction at once. He heard the creaking too but it was the movement that made him jut out of bed. He said it felt like it went around about eight times and that's what made him think a tornado or a burst or some sort of wind had been whipping around the house. He never thought about the chimes not clinging until after I mentioned them. He ran outside because he thought he would be able to see the "tornado" or whatever it was moving off in the distance but once he stepped out onto the sidewalk all he felt was a weird calm.

Since we don't live in an area that is prone to many earthquakes, it never occurred to us that that is what had just happened. Plus did I mention it was now 4:38 in the morning?? Who can string together coherent thoughts at that time of the day from a dead sleep?? Nobody in my house apparently.

At about 6:15 in the morning my husbands phone rang and it was our sister in law. She was calling from one state away from us, even farther away from the epicenter, asking if we felt the earthquake because she was at work when it happened and she felt it.

Let the "OH MY GOSH, I KNEW IT WAS SOMETHING" rantings begin!! Bless him, but my husband had to call everybody he knew after that in the vicinity to ask if they felt it and to let them know that he KNEW something was up and was ready to whip its tail by running outside in his trusty underwear.

Ok, so I added that last part.

Now all we've heard about today on the news has been talk of the earthquake. I can't believe I didn't feel anything especially since my husband certainly did. From now on I promise not to dismiss his earthquake calling abilities and to ever doubt that my husband has the real potential to be THAT GUY who gets interviewed by the hot local news lady on our front porch in his underwear. All we would need to make it a complete interview is a few junk cars in the front yard and one of these here newfangled doorbells.

Did YOU feel it?


Heather said...

I didn't feel it. My mom didn't even know about it til I called her about 1:30 pm so she must be living under that rock....
Here's the weird thing, both people I know who definitely felt it at home said they looked outside to see if the wind was blowing, and they realized not so much as a leaf on a tree was moving.

Mandy said...

We live in an earthquake zone, but I've yet to feel one here.

Hope you have all recovered. Nice to have a "war story" that doesn't involve any real injuries!

MadWoman Meg said...

Those disappearing tornadoes are a force to be reckoned with, and you can only battle them in your underwear. I hope he was wearing a cape too!

We live in an earthquake zone, and they're quite interesting to go through. All that hiding under tables with the kids makes for some interesting explanations, let me tell you.

Tell your husband that unless the house is actually falling down, he can leave you sleeping.

By the've been tagged.

LiteralDan said...

That's a hilarious story to go with a bizarre event. I felt it (up in the Chicago suburbs) and heard some stuff rattling in our house, and I got up to see what was going on, just as bleary-eyed and confused as you guys.

I only found out it was a tornado when my mom asked me about it the next morning.