Friday, April 4, 2008

Welcome DGMers!!

I'm so excited that a couple of you came over from DadGoneMad! I love his site and have been a lurker of his forever. I appreciate those of you that have left comments. It actually gives me more incentive to post more often therefore stressing less since writing is a great outlet to blow off steam. Make sure you leave a link to your blog and I'll pop in and read your work too!

Have a great weekend! It's raining like crazy still here. Pretty soon Imma need a row boat to get to the mall. I've got an Old Navy coupon that CAN NOT go to waste. That would be sacrilege!


Kris said...

Hey! You changed the layout of your blog. Very nice indeed. And yes, aren't comments addicting?

DeeDee said...

comments rock! changed the layout for spring. figured the bright colors would cheer me up.

Heather said...

I like some of the funny comments I've gotten lately. =P Apparently, the world is full of crazies and sickos just like myself. Did you get to use that Old Navy coupon?

DeeDee said...

Does a bear shit in the woods?!!

MadWoman said...

Ok, so I came and checked you out from DGM and I didnt get a chance to leave a comment because my spawn were chomping at the bit to go to the park. But I'm here and I think you're funny.

And yeah..comments are what makes my world go round.