Tuesday, December 2, 2008

On Daddy and My New Love

Going to type this fast so I can spill it out and catch up to where I can feel like I'm not running behind. I'm not going to edit so just overlook the mistakes.

Last week this time I was sitting at the hospital with my mom and we were both staring at my daddy as he slipped in and out of awareness. He had his surgery a week ago yesterday and by Tuesday morning of last week he was in his own room.

He was groggy from all of the meds but he looked a thousand times better than I could have hoped for. I hope if I ever have to undergo any type of major surgery like that in my lifetime that I can come through as nicely as he did.

It was a long week sitting there and wanting to help him in any way that I could without being more of a nuisance than a help but I'm so glad I was there and got to spend that time with him and my mom. She's such a trooper herself for staying strong and helping him through this whole ordeal. Is it any wonder her personalized ring tone for my phone is the Wonder Woman theme song?

Thanksgiving day was spent in the hospital but next year and many many more to come we will hopefully all look back on this and be thankful that he is in way better health and shape than he was the year before. I would gladly eat hospital turkey and dressing alone in the cafeteria again if it meant he was going to be healthy as a horse at the end of it all.

Friday I gave them a break from seeing me at the hospital and just hung around their house hoping he would get to come home. I washed and cleaned and just tried to keep myself busy waiting to hear from them. By about 3 or so that afternoon I got a message that said he should be discharged sometime around 4:30. I was too excited.

They have this love seat that sits in front of their big front windows and I perched myself up on the arm of that thing staring out the window much like I use to do when I was waiting to be picked up for a date back in the day. I saw the lights and my tummy did a little flip.

He was home.

Every day is a better day and for that I am so thankful. Nothing in life is guaranteed but to know that he was otherwise healthy enough to undergo this ordeal makes me feel so good. It's going to take a while for him to heal up completely but he'll get there and before you know it he will be back in the floor wrestling with A2 just like he use to. I'm not so sure he'll be able to handle that any better though because that child is a tiger!!

I was going to stay longer to help out but it was really just to hang out because I'm homesick but I decided not to wear out my welcome and come on back home with my boys on Sunday. It took us until 10 pm to get here and the ride sucked major dookey balls but whatchagonnado?

Yesterday A1 went back to school and the man went back to work. A2 and I slept in and didn't do much of anything else. I did a lot of reflecting on where I was a week ago and how it all turned out. Today is my birthday (34) and it's been a good day.

My daddy and mom called to wish me a happy one and it was great to hear their voices. A1 always treats me like a Queen on my birthday so of course I'm eating that up. A2 and I went out and did a little window shopping this afternoon. I want some UGG boots but don't want to pay that much for them. I treated the two of us to McDonald's because he loves to play on the playground. The husband isn't home yet but I'm banking on him to bring home cake. If he doesn't there WILL be hell to pay.

I've put my PJ's on and I'm off to finish my Bad Girls Club marathon. How could I have not known about this trash until today??!! Discovering this filth has been the best birthday present ever. I woke up this morning to it on my television and found myself instantly hooked. It's apparently a twisted take by the Oxygen channel on MTV's The Real World which throws seven strangers together in a house to tape their every move. The Bad Girls Club throws seven spoiled little rich bitches into a house and all hell breaks loose. I've seen clips on The Soup before but have never actually seen it listed on the guide until today. (Insert sound of the heavens parting)


Today was a marathon of last season because tonight at 10/9 central the new season starts. Guess who has it set to tape? That would be me! I had to stop watching at around 11 this morning but taped the rest of them so I've got plenty to catch up on. Matter of fact that shit is STILL taping and runs til 10 tonight. I just hope for little A2's sake we have enough space on the DVR. Otherwise some of those Thomas Train episodes have to go.

I'm not even joking.

He only has about 20 Thomas DVDs so he can give up his space on the DVR for my new found trash fix. It's my birthday dammit. I'm warped. I know. Knowing is half the battle or so I hear.

Other people who share my birthday:
Britney Spears
Lucy Liu
Stone Phillips
Nelly Furtado
Monica Seles
Rick Savage and
Michael McDonald

Happy Birthday to me....and them, but mostly to me.


mumma boo said...

Happy Birthday, DeeDee! I'm so glad to hear that your dad came through the surgery so well. Sending good thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery!

for a different kind of girl said...

Happy, happy birthday!! Hope you got some cake!

Glad your dad's recovery is going so well. Talk about things to be thankful for!

Jo said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I am so glad that you're dad is getting better :-D

Loth said...

Happy Birthday, DeeDee. Hope you get your cake!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad to hear your dad is doing better.

DeeDee said...

Hey ladies! You guys are great.
Guess what I ate for breakfast?

Birthday Cake!!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday, DeeDee! (A day late) Glad to hear your dad's doing ok. You lucky thing - I didn't get cake on my birthday. And still haven't gotten any. =(

Brian said...

Happy belated B-day. I just discovered your blog!! Glad you like mine.