Friday, December 5, 2008

On Lack of Productivity and Unintentional Dirty Words

Talk about taking your birthday and stretching it out to make the most of it. I've managed to get away with doing as little as possible this week and there has been NO griping and complaining.

Things I've accomplished this week:

1. I mopped the floors. Some things can't be overlooked no matter how much effort I put in to ignoring them. Plus when you mop the floors it gives off the appearance that the whole house is clean and you worked your ass off all day accomplishing it when it actually only took about half an hour.
2. Loaded the dishwasher. Didn't bother to unload it though. I figure that since we only have a limited amount of things here that more than likely it will all come out a piece at a time by oh, say, Saturday.
3. Cooked dinner only three times and two of them held probably no nutritional value to my family whatsoever - frozen pizza on Monday and hot dogs on Tuesday.
4. I washed a load of towels since it was either that or have everyone drip dry or dry off on hand towels and I washed the comforter that has been piled up in a ball on my laundry room floor for at least two weeks. I only washed it because I switched detergent and fabric softener this week and the smell is like floating on a cloud.

If I weren't so lazy I'd take everything we own and run it through the wash just to have that smell wafting out of every corner of this house. This is also another way in which it would seem effort was expelled to clean my bedroom today. There is still crap all over the place in there but because the super awesome clean smell of that comforter smacks you in the face as soon as you walk in, you can't help but totally over look that junk and breathe in the freshness.

I could do that for A1 and A2's rooms but since I dipped out that extra helping of lazy this week it ain't happening. I'll wash their sheets tomorrow or Monday.

Sadly I'm sitting here trying to think if there was something else that I actually accomplished this week and I'm coming up blank. I rock at life this week! Good thing it was my birthday so I can at least give some sort of excuse other than just plain old lazy. (I'll save that one for another time. I'm not too proud.)

I did start watching the Gilmore Girls two nights ago, not productive but enjoyable for me, and after finishing the first two discs of season one I've determined that I want to live in Stars Hollow and totally be a Gilmore girl or at least hang out with them!! How could I have not known about this show?? No one I know has ever seen it so it's just a fluke that I decided I wanted to own it and watch it and I. Love. It. With. All. My. Heart!

The mom is a sassy smart ass and the daughter reminds me of my own child had he been a she and not a he. If you have never seen this show you should. Seriously. I saw the first four seasons at Sam's club on Tuesday for $13.88 each. You can't find them cheaper than that anywhere.

I tried out my new headphones the other night while watching my show on the computer in bed and let me tell you after wearing them for a couple of hours that night the next morning it felt like somebody punched me in the ear on the left side.

They work great as far as blocking out the sound (i.e. the husband and A2 snoring loudly beside me) but they are kind of big for my little ears. No matter how hard I tried to squish them to fit in there better it just wasn't happening. I wore them again last night and they didn't hurt as bad so I'm guessing they are just going to take getting use to. It probably doesn't help that I sat my computer on my makeshift upside down empty box nightstand and laid on my left side to watch one whole episode before falling asleep that first night. Notice I only watch at night after everyone else is asleep. That's the only time I get any peace.

Other things going on around here: We've all been working on our Christmas list for the past week or so. I tell you with everyone so broke this year I feel weird sending out a list this time. Is it just me or do you feel like you should be adding stuff like milk and beans and rice and bread to the list this year? Of course we are going to still shop like usual for our cast of characters but I'd rather not have people buy for me this year. (Wow. I know. Unselfishness kicking in. Maybe it just took a few days AFTER my birthday for it to kick in. Who'd a thunk it?) I still want those boots though but I've got birthday money that I can put towards them.

Even though it's a little weird I'm still sending ideas for all of us though because I don't need any more shower caps to add to my collection for those who will shop for me anyway. What's that you ask? Shower caps? Yes, I have been given shower caps as actual gifts. Wrapped up with my name on them. Handed to me with no shame with all eyes on me as I unwrap them. I'm talking the stupid plastic ones that you buy off the shelf and even ones that are given out free from hotels. I've gotten them both more than once. I shit you not. I also have a nice assortment of things that are gold and I'm not talking jewelery.

Side note: A2 has been watching Bob the Builder all week (try getting that damn song out of your head) and his new favorite character is Pilchard the cat. Well, when he's talking about him it comes out less like Pilchard and more like Pisser, or when he wants to elaborate, Piss on the cat. Got a couple of nasty looks on the DVD aisle at Sam's over that one. Not like I needed any help in that department stupid Bob with your stupid cat name.

I'm off to maybe clean the bathrooms or something. I can't in good conscience only have four things on my list of things I've done this week....or can I? It was my birthday dammit!


Heather said...

I never thought about giving out shower caps. That's a damn fine idea!! And those little soaps and shampoos, hell I could make up a little plastic travel case (read - sandwich baggie) for everyone in my family! Awesome!

mumma boo said...

Happy Belated Birthday! And you are totally entitled to have only 4 things on your "done" list this week or any week. :-)