Monday, November 26, 2007

Who doesn't....

keep things like this here!!??!!

After thinking about it for a minute or two it makes sense to keep my hairspray in the toilet.

It can keep my sanity company.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quickie for Lunch

OK, since personal hygiene didn't make my list of things keeping me from blogging this week, I decided to hop in the shower before doing a few things around here. Since I always weigh nekkid I jumped on the scale and guess! what! it! said!?!

139.6 OH YEAH!!

Big girl finally broke into the 30's!! Yeeeehaaaww.

Oh, what is up with this?

That's Britney Spears and her weavadocious up do. She actually goes out in public like this. WTF?!

That's all.

Otherwise Engaged

Here's just a few of the things I've been doing besides blogging this week. I'll lay them out in a numbered list so it makes me feel like I've done something of substance this week.

1. Shuttled A1 to and from about a billion school functions ranging from Academic Team meets to Math Team practice. He's finally taken an interest in school functions so what can I say.

2. Went shopping with Friend 1 on what was apparently A2's Worst!Day!Ever!. What was so surprising about it was that he woke up in a chipper enough mood but that all changed once he didn't get the 500 cars he wanted in Kohl's. He screamed and cried and kicked. Yep, it was one of THOSE tantrums in which you walk past the mother and give her one of those stares down your nose and think to yourself, "she needs to beat that child, I'm such a better mother than her and my child eats off the floor."

Sadly that wasn't the worst of it just the first of it, keep reading. We proceeded to go other places in which he was perfectly fine. We even stopped for lunch and he ate a couple of french fries. (That's a major accomplishment in and of itself since he eats NOTHING! Man, am I SuperMom or what!)

After lunch we went to the mall. It was here that the freaking bottom dropped out of the universe and I seriously contemplated leaving A2 in the Santa sled they had sitting in the middle of the mall with a note pinned on him that said, "Free Reindeer Food or Elfin Labor, You Pick!." I'm not sure what triggered it but he threw another fit in the mall that spanned from one end to the other.

By the time we got out to the car I was holding this child by one leg and one arm and he was squirming and screaming, he was red faced and about a gallon of snot was pouring from his nose. It was horrible. I kept my cool though. Funny thing is that it didn't even phase Friend 1, she's got three kids and has been there gone through that. We just kept on talking as we walked out to the car. By the time I put him in his car seat he had naturally calmed down. It wasn't 10 minutes later and he was asleep.

My score of the day though: I bought an Elmo costume from Toys "R" Us that was originally $34.99 that is fleece and has a giggle box inside it for A2 to either wear next year because it's a 3T-4T or to just roll around in right now for only $3.50. That's all I bought all day. Hubby was pretty proud.

3. Spent four hours and 44 minutes solving all of the mysteries in my new Mystery Case Files game that I am totally addicted to right now. I got it over the weekend and it is awesome. It's a scavenger hunt game in which you have only so long to find all of the clues in these different rooms that have about a trillion little things sitting around in them. Once you find all of the clues you then have to rearrange a puzzle to see who the culprit is.

Here's a picture of one of the rooms. Go ahead, try to find the stuff on the list. Beware, you could become addicted just by looking at it. If so it's at Wal-Mart in the computer game section and it's only $9. Plus all your friends can load it on their computer since you don't have to have the disk to play the game once it's loaded.

Another reason I played it so long (no, not all at once) is that Hubby played it too and it took him a lot longer to finish it and I just HAD to beat his time. I smoked his butt by about three hours. Go me!

4. I did a little knitting. And by little I mean I knitted one row one night and about a third of a row last night. It's going to be a LONG time before this blanket keeps anybody nice and cozy. I'm getting better though. I managed to turn the light out last night since Hubby was trying to go to sleep and just knit by the light of the television because A2 wanted to watch one episode of Spongebob before he fell asleep.

5. Fought off one of the nastiest headache and cramp attacks I've had in a few months. I'm pretty sure the lining of my stomach is a lot thinner now after swallowing as many Tylenol as I've had to take this week just to function at the minimal level possible (read: breathing and changing channels on the television). I finally shook it yesterday afternoon. This cycle has kicked my butt! I was so wiped out Tuesday night that I fell asleep curled up on just one cushion of our couch at about 8 and didn't move from that spot until about 6 the next morning. I slept in my jeans and hoodie and socks and it didn't phase me one bit. Normally I can't stand to sleep in my socks and let's face it, sleeping in jeans doesn't do wonders for the girly parts.

6. Signed up to participate in a Meal Ministry on November 29th. It's based on the Super Suppers concept but ran by a couple of people out of the local church here. Since my husband is forever giving me grief for making our usual pizza, chili and spaghetti staples I decided to give this a try. They do it on a little bit smaller scale than Super Suppers but the portions are still pretty large from what I hear. You can choose from seven meals and it's $65 for five or $85 for all seven. The menu for this session is:

Burgundy Beef Tips

Italian Mozzarella Meatloaf

Cranberry Pork Roast

Sunday Roast Pork Chops

Slow Cooker Kansas City Chicken

Italian Chicken

Garlic Lemon Chicken

In other words, it's stuff I would have NEVER cooked in my life but now we get a chance to try it to see if we like it. I hope it works out and there aren't that many extras cooked with them since my guys and I aren't very big on the vegetables. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I'm really looking forward to it.

7. Weighing myself every single day wishing for a different number to pop up on the scale even though I haven't worked out since last Thursday but have really been trying to watch what I eat and not drink anything other than Diet drinks but not getting the results I want but still happy it says 140.8 because I know I'm carrying around a lot of extra bloat this week!! *whew*

8. Searching the entire contents of my house for this one car for A2 since he only has 28! others to play with but we can't find his favorite! one out of the bunch. We created a monster from the moment we introduced him to Cars the movie. I thought it would be nice for him to have a couple of the character cars to play with since he loves to watch the movie and at 2 can name every character in the movie but not say his own name. Boy did that get out of hand.

He seriously has 29 of them now and the sad thing is, that's not all of them they make. But of course when we went in to see the folks this weekend we had to haul them all down there. I stuck Lightning McQueen and Chick in my purse to tide him over when we went to eat but we never got them out to play with them at the restaurant. Plus, we never took those two back out of my purse even after we went back to their house. By the time we got back to our house, McQueen was missing. Devastation!! It took me three days but I finally backtracked every body's steps and figured out that it somehow had to be either A1 or Hubby's fault. A1 was quickly ruled out after intense questioning so it had to be Hubby.

He wasn't convinced but after questioning him and making him think back it was determined that he spilled the contents of my purse in the driveway of my parents house while putting the car seat back into our vehicle and that is where McQueen had to be. I called my folks, told them my story and sure enough after being sent outside by my mom, my dad walked inside with McQueen in tow. w00t!!

Not being able to find that one car bothered me from Sunday night all the way to Wednesday night until we found it. Yep, I realize there are more important things to spend my time doing but my baby LOVES that car and it's next to freaking impossible to find another one sold just by itself. Life can carry on now.

9. Spent not near enough time looking online for a school I can go to online for a Master's degree. We've decided that since I'm staying home with A2 until he at least goes to kindergarten I may as well make good use of my time and go back to school. I've searched in the past for a degree program that is offered exclusively online but since it was so new at the time the most you could find were Bachelor's degrees.

I actually finished my Bachelor's degree online. We were living in Washington DC when I went back to school the first time and by the time we got ready to move back closer to home I was lacking about a semester and a half before finishing. Strings were pulled and I got to complete my BS in Psychology online without having to transfer or lose any credits and essentially without having to interrupt anything.

Since I really enjoyed the freedom of taking my classes online and posting my work at either 3 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning I've decided that online is the way to go for me. I don't have to have someone standing right in front of me to grasp a concept and sitting in my bed taking notes in my PJ's is a lot better than driving to class and sitting in an auditorium or stuffy classroom.

There are still way more Bachelor's degree programs out there than there are Master's but I've got a couple of places in mind. The worst of my struggles right now is that my husband isn't sold on me continuing in the psychology field. He thinks it's a "go nowhere" field. He could be right depending on what you want to do or where you live but it's what I like and if I'm going to spend hours working on a degree then I want it to be something that keeps my interest.

Just be warned that if I do go back then my posting may be slower than it already is because I will have had to sacrifice an arm and probably both of my legs to even be able to afford to go back to school. Have you seen the price of tuition these days??!! Holy hell! I need to get a Master's so I can get a job to help put A1 and A2 through college. I'm just praying that A1 gets a scholarship and by the time he gets out of college he can kick in a little from his super awesome architect job to help me and the hubby put A2 through too!!

I'm going to go off subject a second and be a little braggadocios here on A1. At the end of the school year every school in the nation makes their students take these state mandated tests. It usually takes about two weeks for them to get through them all and the schools threaten you with your life if your child misses school on any of the testing days. The results usually aren't given back until sometime the next year. Well A1 brought home his test scores from last year about a month ago and that child scored PERFECT on the whole entire thing. I know! Pretty amazing, huh. He even scored above average in the writing section. They had his scores ranked among the rest of the state and he ranked distinguished in every single category. I just hope he keeps it up. He gets his smarts from his momma!

10. I'd like to say cleaning my house has been one of the things keeping me busy this week but it hasn't. My living room has a Cars tent pitched in the middle of it and the counter in my utility room looks like one of those yard sale tables where everybody just picks through everything and tosses the clothes all over the place. I'm pretty sure everything on the counter is clean but at this point who knows. I managed to put the suitcase we took home this weekend up just yesterday and the bathrooms haven't been cleaned at all since last Friday and today is Thursday (excuse me while I shudder with disgust!). If I don't clean them today I'll be at the point to where I have to hover over the toilet in my own bathroom. How sad is that?!

I could go on but my brain is starting to hurt and now that I've actually reminded myself how funky my house is I MUST GET UP TO CLEAN IT!! No more riding the "I've got cramps and a headache and I feel fat from bloat horse." I don't think the hubby would let me get away with it again today.

Besides, I've got to get up anyway to go turn the heat up since it's actually going to dip into the November weather tonight and hit 28 degrees. That's a major shock to the system since it was just yesterday when I picked A2 up from preschool in a t-shirt because it was almost 70 at midday.

Til next time, ciao buddies and here's wishing you a productive Thursday!

P.S. There's no way I'm going back to edit or spellcheck all of this so once again point and laff at all mistaks in grammer and speling!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

You'd Think

Since the weekend is over you'd think I would have a nice post to put up but I don't. There's not really that much to tell right now. I'm just that boring.


I am.

I worked out Thursday, didn't on Friday, Saturday or today but I did drink diet Coke all weekend long and that is saying a lot since we went in to see the parents and when we do that we eat out like carazy folk.

By the way, I saw the 140.9 again on Thursday or Friday one. Can't remember exactly which but that's a good thing since I've been hauling in chocolate like it's going out of style the past couple of days. (Curse you Mother Nature!!)

I could go on but there are exactly 300 cookie cutters in the middle of my living room floor and unless I want to go into cardiac arrest in the middle of the night thinking about the mess in here I MUST pick them all up before I go to sleep.

A1, A2, and Child 3 (AKA: The Hubby) were playing with Play Doh tonight after we got back from our visit and they sure know how to make the mess but they seem to forget what it means to clean it up.

So here's your reminder to take your birth control pills tonight.

Do they have a husband control pill out there I could get my hands on?? I'd be all over that prescription!! Those are his nasty feet in the top of the picture. He's of course sitting on the other couch playing on the other computer and will be there until at least 1 or 2 in the morning since he doesn't have to work on Monday because of the holiday.

Here's another picture for you for no reason at all other than to show you my new hobby.

I mentioned taking up knitting a few posts back so I could keep my hands busy, to keep from causing bodily harm, and went ahead and did it. The learning to knit thing, not the bodily harm thing. Yay me! I bought me a couple of knitting needles and a skein of yarn and let YouTube edumacate me on what I needed to do. I swear anything you ever wanted to see, and then some can be found on YouTube. Plus my mom felt sorry for me and bought me a knitting book the last time I came in.

How'd she know I'd need that darn thing and use it religiously?! Intuition I guess.

It took a lot of starting over and sore fingers and a little lot of cursing to get it to where I am now. When I finish with it, it's going to be a blanket. Yes, for me.

I'll try to post my progress. Last week I didn't get to work on it but two nights and only about an hour each night.

Gotta run I'm starting to twitch looking at all these damn cookie cutters on the floor. I may even sneak in a row of knitting.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

This Chick Rocks

For all of you moms out there who haven't seen this you will love, love, love it. For all of you who have, excuse me while I catch up to the rest of the world. I just heard about it for the first time today at my MOPS meeting.

I can't wait for A1 to see it. He will roll.

What'd I tell ya?!!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hell to the Yeah!!

So, Saturday morning I decided to hop up on the scale and see what the evil thing had to say for the day. I really wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary. I was prepared for the ol' 144.9 - 145.2, or even 149 again, fluctuation but guess what it said instead??!!

Warning: The following may not be suitable for those of you with an aversion to freakish monkey toes. Try to avert your eyes to the number on the scale only.

Un-freaking-believable! I was beyond excited! I was convinced it was a fluke so I had to run and grab my camera. Now notice how it says 140.9, well it would fluctuate from 140.8 up to 141.1 so what I had to do since my camera sent it overboard was to scream at the top of my lungs for my husband to come to the bathroom.

Of course when you hear someone screaming your name in the crazy ass tone I was using you're naturally going to break your neck trying to get in there. I could hear him stumbling over toys and cussing because when he rounded the corner of our bedroom he clipped the edge of the dresser with his hip. When he got into the bathroom he found me standing there on the scale with the camera yelling at him to "look look look look." (Had to explain to him I meant the number on the scale and not my hooters since that's naturally ALL he saw.)

I told him to take a picture of it for me that I HAD to post it and then call my Daddy. After a huge nostril flaring sigh and a lecture on how he could have hurt himself and to never ever blah blah blah (I tuned him out at that point so just use your imagination as to what he could have been saying!) he took the picture for me. Of course I was telling him to make sure he got it on the 140 side and not the 141 so it took a second or two to get it right.

Can you believe it? I finally saw a number that makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Oh and out of pure curiosity I hopped back on the scale yesterday and it did the same exact thing except this time it tended to stay more on the 141.1 side. Oh well, I'll take it, I still felt pretty good about it. Only 15 to 16 more pounds to go!! Hell yeah!

Another thing that felt pretty good, I went shopping with Friend 1 and Friend 2 Thursday night after a much needed "girls only" supper and found a pair of size 7/8 jeans at Aeropostale (read: store were I can usually find shirts to fit but the jeans are cut more for the skinny little teenage girls or the older girls who don't eat). Now when I got them off of the 70% off already marked down prices rack, Friend 2 was a little skeptical as to whether or not they would fit. She said I was loosing weight but to not get crazy.

We are THAT honest with each other. (My friends rock because Friend 1 had on some ugly ass bowling shoes that Friend 2 and I ragged her about all night but she took it in stride.) Anyway, I tried the jeans on and guess what I'm wearing right this minute?? Those 7/8 jeans that I, oh hell not I hubby paid only $4.99 for!! Again, hell yeah!!

Guess drinking all that nasty ass Diet Rite is paying off along with the fact that there are no longer any Oatmeal Creme Pies in the pantry and I'm really really trying to be good. I worked out last on Thursday after I got back from eating and shopping with the girls. Didn't have a chance to do hardly anything this weekend since Friend 3 from another state came to stay with me. I've got to get my rear down there tonight for sure.

Speaking of Friend 3, she did a pretty freaking awesome thing when she came up here. Her husband has been collecting music for years and has it all saved on their external hard drive. Since she knows I'm a Limewire junkie she brought it up and I copied only one of the folders, because we forgot about it until she was getting ready to leave, but it was 45GB worth. That's a shitload of music!

Granted I had some of it and some of it I'm not that interested in but I've already added over 100 songs to my "woo hoo, BRAND! NEW! RED!! iPod!" taking my song count over the 1,700 mark and that's with just spending about 30 minutes looking through his folder. He had another one on the drive but she needed to go and it would have taken at least another hour to copy it all. Besides I'm not so sure my computer would hold it because it was another 30GB. Apparently he and his friends pool their music. Pretty smart idea. Me and my Dad did the same thing once.

I tried to put the folder on A2's external hard drive last night so I could take it down to my Dad's house the next time I go in but get this, my clumsy ass managed to knock the hard drive off in the floor and now it won't show up on any of our computers and you can no longer shut if off without unplugging it. I felt like a major ass after doing it. He only got it for his birthday back in July and wouldn't you know the warranty ran out two frigging weeks ago.

Guess it's a good thing I only pay $5 for my jeans because now I'm going to have to buy him a new hard drive. That sucks ass but it was my fault even though I didn't mean to do it. I was just trying to do something cool for my Dad....hey wait, I wonder if I can blame it on him somehow??

I'll work on that, but for now here's a picture of my little "monk monk" for no reason other than your enjoyment. It has nothing to do with today's little story.

Oh, and what is up with this!!

The Tissue Bandit strikes again!

Happy Monday blogaholics.

Friday, November 2, 2007

November Already??!!

Where did October go? Oh wait, I know it was spent wondering what in the hell the weather was going to be like from one day to the next. Only around here (the southern region) can you wear shorts and a t-shirt during the day but freeze your nuts off come time to go to bed. I swear I would open up my windows during the day but have to make sure I didn't forget to close them come about 5 or so in the afternoon or else Hubs would be bitching it's too cold in the house.

We went trick or treating last night and instead of worrying about A2 freezing to death like we did the past two years we've taken him, I was afraid he was going to sweat to death in his little monkey suit. We got home last night and I had to change clothes because I was sweating like crazy after walking around just one neighborhood with A2. Call me crazy but boob sweat in October, on freaking Halloween of all nights, just ain't right.

Regardless of being covered head to toe in a fleece monkey suit he had such a good time last night once he figured out he was getting candy from all these people and that if he said "peas" (read: please) sweet enough that one of us would open something up for him and let him have "just one more" of about a thousand pieces of candy that he consumed yesterday. I'm a great mom, I know, you don't have to state the obvious. I at least brushed his teeth before he went to bed.

We all seriously ate way more candy than solid good food yesterday and it was GREAT. I halfway expected to see undigested candy corn in our poop today or at least look down to see that it had an orange tint to it but thank goodness it doesn't work like the real stuff does. Yeah, I'm gross but you look too and you've had chunkage before, don't deny it.

I was a little sad that A1 decided that he was too old to even dress up this year. There is no way my baby should be too old for anything like that. I figured the least he could do was put on a yellow raincoat and a hat and go as the man in the yellow suit from Curious George to complement his brother's monkey outfit. He could have carried a pillow case and scored even more loot. He didn't do it though, guess he didn't want to ruin his hard earned "coolness rep".

Can't talk about that too long or I'll lose it, not the coolness thing but the being too old thing. Since when is it Ok for mama's little boy to no longer like the simple things in life like trick or treating or believing in Santa or the Easter Bunny or that I have eyes in the back of my head and super sonic hearing? Worst of all who said it's a good thing for him to be taller than her? I damn sure didn't approve. Hell, I don't even remember being asked. Can these decisions be overruled or something like that? Get back with me on that one.

Want to know how the work out thingamabob is going? Well, today for the second time I actually saw 141. Granted it was 141.9, I still saw it. I haven't seen that since the first time about three or maybe even four weeks ago. Who can remember? It depresses me to think about it. I will say that I can at least maintain a certain weight once I get there. I stayed at 150 for-freaking-ever until I started this bet thing with my Dad. Only thing is that when I hit the 144-145 range I've petered out and up until just today haven't budged.

I've tried to watch what I eat but still screw up. I FINALLY finished the last of those damn Oatmeal Creme pies last week. Now I just have to refrain from dipping into the Halloween pumpkin. Do you know how hard that is going to be? Can you even imagine just how fan-freaking-tabulous cashews mixed with candy corn tastes? Do you know how many Reese's Peanut Butter Cups this child got?

I've tried very very hard to cut back on my Dr. Pepper consumption. I even bought some Diet Rite in black cherry the other day just so I could drink something carbonated and not be tempted to do bad. For the record, that stuff is horrible. I'd rather drink piss I think than to drink too much of that stuff. It's that bad. I still suffer through it though. When I go out I try (doesn't always work) to order either water or something diet.

I've fallen out of the everyday working out routine (that's a shocker) but still try to make it at least three times a week. My husband seems to think that that is all I need but the fat on my ass and my thighs make me believe otherwise.

I do have something super-mega-awesome to report and that is that I FINALLY GOT A NEW RED 8GB iPOD! I even got my name engraved on it for free! Can I get a w00h00t from the peanut gallery??!! The iPod fairy granted me my wish and it is beautiful!! (Dear iPod fairy, I freaking love you! You Rock with a capital R!!) I've already loaded it up with about 6GB of music and I'm about to search for me some Guns N' Roses to put on it right now. I've looked for them in the past but have had the damnedest time finding what I want. I changed my video over on the left so if you like GNR you should give it a click-a-roo. I don't have any videos on my iPod yet but that will soon change. I was thinking about getting an audio book with the $25 I'm going to win from my Daddy.

Oh, I'd like to take a minute to thank everyone who participated in the little poll I had up for the last 20 days. Thank you self. Oh your welcome self. OK, I'm done. What's the deal? You couldn't pick a box!! I know I only have about three people who read this thing but come on!!

OK, I'm done for today. I just worked out and wanted to post something real quick before I called it a night. I've got to go change out of these clothes and watch me some Seinfeld. That's my new nightly ritual. I've got all but season 8 and the new season 9 of course. That one won't be out until next week. I love me some Sein!! Hubby finally got me a DVD player for our bedroom and I'm taking full advantage of it.

Really going now. Happy November everyone or as I like to refer to it, the month in which every stinking time I wash clothes I will either have to pull a bazillion candy wrappers out of the dryer or rewash about umpteen loads due to one of these assbags leaving candy from the Halloween bucket in their jeans pockets! Today I fished out a Sweet Tarts wrapper and two Laffy Taffy wrappers. Luckily nothing sticky as of yet. This fact alone makes it even harder for me not to either eat up all the candy myself or at least hide it from everyone just to avoid the hassle.

Ciao amigos!!