Thursday, April 19, 2007

Betcha It's A Syndrome

Wanna hear just how lazy I am? I have this love hate relationship with my dishwasher. I love that fact that I have one and that it keeps me from having to wash a billion sippy cups, bottles and glasses a day. Between just four people in this house we can seriously dirty up over 10 cups a day, sometimes more. Meh, no problem since I just cram them in the dishwasher along with anything else that gets chucked into the sink throughout the day. Love that. The only problem I have with my dishwasher is that I loathe unloading the stupid thing and putting all the dishes up. I would rather just open it up and take out what I need and get this, stand at the sink and wash a sink full of oh say supper dishes before I would unload the damn thing. Only if the supper dishes are seriously nasty or I actually cooked a meal that required the use of more than one pot and one pan and I let them eat off of the regular plates instead of paper ones will I unload it. I'm seriously disturbed. I've been told. I know this.

Well well it was goodbye for Sanjaya last night. Have to say I didn't see that coming. I'm wondering if the powers that be had a little something to do with that. I know he should have been gone a long long time ago but his popularity was skyrocketing. I'd bet good Old Navy gift certificates on the fact that there was some tampering with the votes because it was getting so out of hand. I mean come on, if the guy who runs votefortheworst was appearing on David Letterman and Howard Stern just to name a couple of places talking about how big of a farce the show had become I'm sure they wanted to squash it quick. I actually felt a little sorry for the little guy last night watching him cry during his goodbye video. He's definitely been a trooper throughout the whole ordeal. Somebody will want to cash in on him. I predict some sort of hosting show or something in his future.

My newest obsession - The Sopranos. Yeah, well, I know I'm about nine years late but have you seen this freaking show? I love it. Tony Soprano is such a bad ass. A2 is a night owl and we are up watching television at around 12 or 1 in the morning most nights. (I know I'm a great mom aren't I!?!) He tends to fall asleep while I'm rocking him somewhere in between there. I couldn't find anything good to watch one night and discovered season five of the show On Demand on Comcast. I was hooked. My new objective is to find each and every season thus far on DVD. We usually don't have HBO because we're cheap like that but when we moved into our new house almost a year ago we got a great package deal. Because we never had it before I never got to see it except for maybe an episode here and there at my dad's house. I have to be the biggest television freak I know. I need a new hobby. Any suggestions.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention this but my site counter (the thing to the left there) is four clicks away from 1000. Can you believe it! Of course the first 300 or so had to be me when I first started blogging. I would just check it to see if it looked OK and to see if there were mistakes on it. I finally figured out how to keep my IP from counting towards the visitors though. Who comes here? Hit the comment button at the end of this post and say hi to me. I promise not to bite. I just ask that if you know me personally don't use our real names. If I wanted to give those out I wouldn't refer to my children as A1 and A2.

It's a glorious day here. My husband just came in with the mail and guess what time it is???? It's Stuff and Save time!! He just gave me my Stuff and Save bag from Old Navy. I freaking love that store. Starting April 25 thru May 20 anything I can stuff in the bag I can take 20% off of it. The bags aren't that big but you'd be surprised how much I can get in one of those things!! I sooo look forward to this. It's just a matter of time before my friend calls me squealing because she got hers out of the mail box. I'm such an Old Navy whore! I'm lucky to have a friend that's just as bad as I am. Can't wait til next week. You know where I'll be!

Gotta scoot. Hubby came home early so we could mow the yard. My neighbor to the right no longer works so he literally mows his yard every other day and we can't let his yard look better than ours. Plus I love to ride on the tractor now and listen to my iPod. Hopefully I can keep from damaging it this time. The last time we did yard work I was trimming the hedges with the clippers, bent over, my ear bud fell out of my ear and into the path of the clippers. Obliterated them. I was so upset but thankfully we had a backup set that came with the radio adapter hubby bought me for our anniversary. He's such a keeper.

First up on the playlist - I Hate Myself for Loving You - Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, after that, She's My Kind of Rain - Tim McGraw.


Ms. Hart said...

Did you want me to comment too? Cause I so totally will! Let me know k?


Anonymous said...

Hi Rambleina

Everyday I read your post and just love them. I expecially love hearing about A1 & A2 and hubby.

I especially liked where you ran over you earbud, for I have a special daughter in Tn that just ran over her gas cap, so this got me tickled. But at least she did get the yard mowed for the first time and is sooooo very proud.

P.s. we both know my daughter and just love her. She is my adapted daughter.

Keep posting you are great and I will meet you soon. Tell Gdad Happy Birthday from me.

JS in Tn.