Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

Hello out there friends who live in my computer. I'm taking a break from cleaning my house and thought I'd tell you all about our fun filled weekend. Ok, I lied. I haven't started cleaning yet, I usually don't get in the groove until at least 2:30 in the afternoon, before that I'm pretty much useless. I'm pretty sure I worked second shift in my past life.

Let's see Friday I did some spot cleaning, which pretty much meant I shoved all the clothes that were in my closet floor behind the door so nobody could see them. I hit the toilets with some cleaner but left the sinks and showers for a later date and actually put the dishes that were in the dishwasher up so I could reload it with the ones that were in the sink. A2 and I were going to go into town by ourselves but decided to wait for A1 to get off the bus. He decided to come along after some coaxing and we had a blast. We went to the mall and ate Dipping Dots, looked for A1 some shorts and then went to the park. A2 loves to swing but until Friday had never gone down a slide. He was hooked after the first trip! We played at the park for at least an hour before coming home.

Remember how I'm obsessed with my weight and have been wanting to stick to my working out? Well, I've been doing so so with it but when we got home Friday afternoon, what did I do. I baked a freaking cake! What is wrong with me?

Saturday morning got up and it was gorgeous outside. Hubby went to outline the yard for me. He likes to make the first sweep, I guess he's afraid I'll mess up somehow??!! While I waited for him guess what I had for breakfast? Friggin' cake. Why is it that the cake tastes SO much better right off the stupid plate? I got me a fork and since I made it with a bundt pan started on the right side and had about five good fork fulls before I felt like a gluttonous cow and had to go outside to make the hubby give up the mower. After we finished the yard we left to get tires put on my car. Woo hoo for that. I was close to running on the rims. A2 got sick and threw up all over himself in Sam's and hubby said, "oh, he's fine just wipe his face off." What the hell ever! I went over and bought an outfit for him and changed his shirt in the store. Why are husbands clueless sometimes?

We got home later that night and spent some time in the back yard looking at the plants we were trying to get started before we put them in the garden. Hubby went to the garage and found some leftover fireworks so like true rednecks we had a mini fireworks show that night. A2 loved it but got scared a couple of times. A1 thought we were the coolest parents ever for shooting fireworks in April.

Sunday was even more gorgeous than the day before. The boys got back from church and hubby grilled some burgers. After we ate I scrubbed A2's little plastic pool out and filled her up with water. I put on my bathing suit (yes, friends, I have no shame) and sat in the sun while A2 splashed around and A1 and hubby played ball, pitched horseshoes and then flew kites. It was an awesome day. We debated going to get a swing set but were all too lazy to get ready.

At about 4 in the afternoon A2 and I came inside. He was getting tired and needed some milk. I popped us some popcorn and we nestled into the couch. He had been munching on Crunch Berries earlier and for some reason thought Crunch Berries and popcorn in the same bowl would make an awesome treat. So there we sat eating popberriecrunchcorn. It wasn't that bad to be honest about it. We fell asleep and napped for about an hour. After we got up we went back outside and drew on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and then went for a walk.

I had to put shoes on A2 before we went for our walk. His daddy was embarrassed because he has one pink toe. I painted my toenails earlier that day and of course A2 was right there up under me while I was doing it. I was talking to him and explaining what I was doing so he stuck his foot out for me to do his. I only did the right big toe. I figured if I did any more than that his daddy would have a coronary.

We ordered pizza for supper and sat around like lumps last night. It was a good thing we ordered out because you can't see one square inch of the counter in the kitchen. Don't know how we manage to do it but our house can go from pristine clean to trailer park trashy in the course of a weekend and we even ate out Saturday afternoon for lunch.

So here I sit with a kitchen that looks like who-done-it-to-it, bathrooms that I would be afraid to go into, pizza crust on the baby's train table, 10,000 dirty cups and clothes scattered from one end of the house to the other.

I can put it off no longer. If you don't hear from me in a while it's probably because something in the kitchen came to life and ate me.

One last thing, today I'm going to start working extra hard on the weight loss thing. Tomorrow is May and if I'm going to reach my May 21st goal I've got to step it up. No more cake for breakfast. I think I'll throw it out to the birds. Wish me luck, I really want to accomplish my goal. I haven't been as diligent as I wanted to be, so I need all the support I can get.

Going to go get my iPod, that is completely full, now and start to defunkify this nasty house. Let's see what's up first on the playlist. Money maker - Ludacris after that it's Never Been Any Reason - Head East (you know it, it's the "save my life, I'm going down for the last time" song).

Have a Happy Monday Internet chums......or to myself if no one out there is reading this.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading for a while and quite frequently you mention your weight. In regards to your exercise and weight loss - good luck with your goal. I definitely understand how easy it is to get out of the habit of eating right(ie your cake eating episode)and exercising. How come it takes no time to put on pounds but takes what seems forever to get it off. It's just not fair. Just curious though, it's been a while since you have put down what you actually weigh on your blog. I know your goal date is coming up soon, so how much more do you have to loose? And also curious as to the date of May 21st. It falls on a Monday, which seems kind of different. Is it a special occasion? Do you have plans to splurge on yourself by buying some clothes if you make your goal in time, you ought to! Just keep on working at it.

Rambleina said...

Thanks for your encouragement. I'm presently at 146. Ideally I'd like to get to about 136 but May 21st won't see me that slim I'm afraid. That is someone's birthday that is very special to me.
Thanks for reading! I'll start posting my weight again. I think that will help motivate me.