Monday, July 9, 2007

Spongebob Party-pants Birthday

I made this! It took me forever to do it but I made this for A2's birthday party we had on Saturday at his grandparents house. He had such a good time. He followed his grandaddy around just about all day while we were getting everything ready. His Nana did a wonderful job of getting all the food ready and she bought him another cake that was decorated with Patrick and Spongebob on it. It was a small party with his great grandparents and great aunts and uncles and one cousin. Everyone ate burgers and hot dogs that his grandaddy cooked and then we all had cake and ice cream.

He opened his gifts and loved each and every one of them. His grandparents got him a Spiderman four-wheeler, which was a huge hit with him. He got cars and a car carrier from his brother and from his great grandparents he got a car set and an outfit, he got a Silly Suitcase Potatohead with over 40 parts from his great aunt F and uncle J (awesome gift, we LOVE Potatohead around here, it's the greatest.toy.ever. I have two giant ones of my very own.), some money from another great uncle R and great aunt C that also sent some toys for the pool/tub, and he got a chair and the cutest outfit (that he has had on for two days now) ever from his other great aunt D and uncle W. He was tickled with everything he opened.

On Sunday we took him to celebrate with Hubs family. His uncle M and aunt T had a cookout out there. He had a fun time swimming out there and jumping on the trampoline. And guess what he got from them? Another four-wheeler.

Yep, he has two now. What are the odds of getting the same gift from two different people like that? If it were a small gift I would understand maybe getting two but this isn't something small per se. I guess we will end up having to take one of them back and that really stinks because both groups put a lot of thought into their gifts and it kind of burst their bubble to learn it was a duplicate. Oh well, we'll figure something out. All in all the weekend was amazing for A2, he played so hard and had so much fun. Now we have to get ready for A1's birthday on the 19th. He said he doesn't was a huge fuss made over him just something small. We'll see. It's not everyday your baby turns 13 (thank goodness).

Now we are home, minus A1 who stayed with his grandparents for the week, and it looks like a toy fair exploded in my living room. A2 has been up playing with all of his new toys and taking turns riding on each of his four-wheelers and catching up on his Spongebob. I'll have to wrangle the TV away from him here in a little bit because I have to have my Big Brother fix. I didn't get to watch last night or read anything at all about it all weekend. I'm about to go into DTs. Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate this weekend. You guys rock! And if you couldn't make it, that's OK, I think I ate enough friggin' cake to make up for each one of you.


mlb said...

Sorry we could not make it, but it sounds like ya'll had fun...too much stuff happening around here, I don't know where I am suppose to be half the time.
A hint on the gift, I would take it back and get a gift card in it's place and wait for the new to wear off of his new toys and when he starts potty training you can reward him with the $ from the gift card..He can go pick something out himself and it is not breaking the bank for you...My kids always get so much on the B days and then after a week they are wanting something different, so we always make them save their $ they got as gifts and then we take them to wally world or where ever.

R said...

I understand you couldn't make it. Good idea on the take back. We considered taking both of them back and getting the one that is the next size up. Not sure that is a good idea though, he may be too small for that one yet. On the other hand if we just take back one we might use the $ for new seasons of Spongebob or this Spongebob DVD player we saw. Not sure yet. How's the house thing going?

Cousin It said...

Thanks for posting pics for those who of us who couldn't make it. The hub had to work later than expected and the whole one vehicle thing, sorry. Mom called when she got home and filled me in. Wish I could've seen A2 on his four wheeler!

Your cake rocks!

mlb said...

I am not very patient, that is not surprising though. I am so anxious about the new house, I can't seem to sell this one fast enough. It has only been on the market a week and I have been stir crazy.. but if it is meant to be for us to move then it will happen.
My kids loved the 4 wheeler, now that they ride real ones, my nerves are shot. I know now why my mama is crazy sometimes, and I know my kids aren't as wild as I ( or we ) was... Have a good night