Thursday, September 13, 2007

All Ye of Little Faith

REPENT! (I'm really just talking to myself there.) Holy cow he did it! Last night after much fussin and cussin, a little finger nail polish remover and a few dabs of glue my husband managed to completely disassemble my iPod (again), replace the broken clicker wheel, put it all back together and it WORKED. Most amazing of all, there were no spare parts.

I have to totally apologize to him now for not believing he would ever pull this one off. So here goes:

Dear Honey, Sorry for making fun of you, er, I mean not having faith in you. You Rock. Love you. Now will you buy me the new 8GB red one already?!

Man that felt good!

Now I just have to decide which song I want to uncheck so that I can fit Britney's new Gimme More on it since it's completely full. I have 5.8 GB worth of music right now in my iTunes but only 3.68 will fit on my iAppendage.

Now that all most of the Britney bashing is dying down over her VMA performance I'm going to throw my two cents in because I didn't want to appear to be jumping on any bandwagons.

I watched her performance live and then had to go back and watch it at least two more times before I could give my proper assessment. My first reaction was, "oh, my goodness why is she wearing that!"

NOT BECAUSE SHE WAS FAT, but because I knew she was going to have hell to pay from the media. She was asking for that one to be served up on a silver platter. Here she is the little pop tart that has made a career out of being sexy with her rock hard abs and kick ass ass looking less than rock hard. Believe me, I would love to have the confidence it took to wear that outfit in front of millions of people and to look as good as she did in it but it wasn't a smart move on her part at all. She should know by now that people are brutal and would pounce.

As for the song, I obviously think it's a catchy little tune since I snagged it from Limewire last night in the hopes that my iPod would once again work.

The "dancing" blew. Again, here is someone that is known for her sexy dancing and well choreographed moves and she was faking her way through it. My initial comment about her dancing was that she was dancing like "Jessica." My husband didn't get that one either so I'll explain.

Before Jessica Simpson got revamped for her little Daisy Duke routine that girl danced like the stiffest white girl ever. I know you've seen black people make fun of how white people dance and that is exactly how Jessica danced when she first burst into the spotlight. It was almost painful to watch. That's how Britney was moving on Sunday night. Maybe she partied too hard, maybe she just didn't give a shit but whatever the reason it was apparent she was only giving about 10%.

I'm wondering if the whole thing was set up by MTV to have her fail miserably. Before the show was to even air all I heard was how Britney was going to make this smashing comeback with smoke and mirrors and magic and acrobatics. At the last minute they nixed it on her and made her redo the whole thing because the initial performance was too "dangerous and/or complicated." Well hell's bells, that would piss me off. Here she is preparing for one thing and they yank the rug out from under her. It's almost like they didn't really care about her so called comeback because they just secretly wanted to be the network that caught her final downfall on tape for the world to see.

That's really all I have to say about it. I feel sorry for her on the one hand because she's got some psychological issues going on that really need to be addressed not only for her boys sake but for her own good. On the other hand she perpetuates a lot of her issues and, being an adult of her own free will, has no one to blame but herself.

One last thing, if you watched her performance then answer me this: Am I the only one that thought she flashed her cooter? Hubs said I was crazy but I'm pretty sure that when she crouched down and was swinging her leg back and forth you could see at least a little bit of her cooter area. It could just be me since there hasn't been a firestorm about that in the media.

Just curious that's all.

I'm off to clean my closet out and listen to my iPod (w00t!). Have a happy Thursday.


Kitty said...

Hi Dino ... you don't know me, I'm just a blog-browser in the UK. I was wandering around blogland and found your place.

Reading your latest post prompted me to go and find Britney's performance on YouTube. I thought she looked completely terrified - as though her confidence has been shattered. And I didn't think she looked fat either - she's had 2 kids and a bad time, so looked pretty good considering!

I loved your blog - hope you don't mind if I bookmark and visit again sometime?

Best wishes ~ Kitty :-)

Dino said...

welcome kitty!
very happy to have you. come back as often as you like!

Anonymous said...

Please tell brother I am sooo very proud of him...And very glad that your ipod is fixed. However, your good ole sis does think he needs to buy you the bigger one. I mean hey, all us girls know that size does matter!! Give the boys hugs and kisses.

Dino said...

amen sister! thanks for your support on a new iPod but you know he ain't budging!!