Monday, September 24, 2007


w00h00t! it's Monday. I've been looking forward to today since Friday afternoon. A1's at school, A2's at preschool and hubby is at work. I have the house, the computer and the television all to myself and it feels GOOUOOD.

Don't get me wrong I luv my boys but I also luv being able to sit here and blog without my husband snarling his nose telling me I should be doing something more productive. I love being able so sit here at 10:28 in the morning and watch the True Hollywood Story about The Osbournes and not another episode of Spongebob Friggin'Squarepants that I've seem already about a trillion times. I love not being asked over and over and over again if I'm going to get up and cook something by A1 and then when I do cook something for him he does that annoying teenage "uumph" thing through his nose.

Maybe later I'll clean my house and work out but not right now. Am I horrible for enjoying this alone time possibly a little too much? If so WHO CARES!

Oh, I'm holding at 143 still as of today. I weighed myself yesterday and it said 144 even but this morning it said 143.4. A little disheartening that I didn't lose any weight last week but good to know I didn't gain any. My goal for this week is to finally see 140. I should have gone to the gym this morning but I was hungry and needed to eat otherwise I would have passed out trying to get my workout on.

I'm going to really push myself to work out extra hard this week and to really watch those calories carefully. I'm not going to weigh myself until this time next Monday.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Recently downloaded to my iPod: P!nk's entire I'm Not Dead CD from last year. I never really loved the whole Stupid Girls song when it came out but this CD is pretty awesome to work out to. My favorite track 'Fingers'.

I found the video on YouTube but didn't want to embed it. You can click here if you want to see it.

I realize P!nk isn't for everyone so if you are easily offended then don't click here (same link, different spot) to see her but click here instead.