Friday, September 14, 2007

Like Mother, Like Son

Don't know how I could have forgotten to post this up, chalk it up to my Internet causing me grief and massive brain fartage but let me tell you how my husband almost stroked out the other night.

It was last week sometime when I decided to go all girly and hit up the make-up, bikini wax, and fake fingernail section of our lovely neighborhood Wal-Mart. By the way, I've got some product reviews coming up.

I came home with all my goodies and decided to put on the press on nails one night while the husband was sitting on the big couch playing on the computer and A2 was bumbling around in his normal manner.

Naturally A2 was very curious about what I was doing and wanted to touch everything I had sitting out. The kit came with a tiny emery board that I was using to scruff up the tops of my nails so the glue would hold better.

Curiosity got the better of little A2 and he came over and stuck his fingers out for me to rub the emery board on his fingers. I took his little hand and did it easy across a couple of his finger tips.

This warranted a stern look from over top of the computer from hubby dear.

I didn't pay him (hubby) much attention and went about my business. He's still a little unhappy about the fact that a while back I was painting my toenails and A2 insisted I do one of his. I obliged and he freaked his daddy out with one pink big toe.

Anyway, back to my story, I measured out my nails and had them sitting across the arm of the little couch and A2 came over and of course had to touch all 10.

He was seriously interested in what I was doing.

Once I got ready to get the glue out I had forgotten to take the little stick thingy and push back my cuticles. So I bent over and got the box out from under the couch. (I had to put it up under there so A2 would leave it alone.) At that point I was sitting with my butt on the edge of the couch with my legs crossed pushing back the cuticles.

Here comes the good part.

A2 decided to hop up on the couch beside me and point and grunt at the emery board that I had put on the arm since I was finished with it. I didn't think anything of it and just handed it over to him.

Guess what he did?

He pushed his little butt to the edge of the couch just like me, crossed his right leg over his left, and started rubbing that emery board over his fingers. I would have given anything if somebody had been able to take a picture of the two of us sitting there like that!

I lost it and busted out laughing.

Hubby looked up from over the computer this time and almost shit his pants. The look on his face was well worth the $5.98 I paid for that box of Revlon Press-On Nails. Naturally I got screamed at to "NOT LET THAT BOY DO THAT, WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY!?!"


I couldn't stop laughing and went about my business again. A2 thought it was funny too because he kept right on filing. He got bored with it after about 30 seconds but that was the best 30 seconds ever!

Needless to say hubby shut the computer, grabbed up some cars and told A2 to get down in the floor with him to play.

I'm guessing this preschool thing we've started A2 in will be good for him since it'll give him exposure to other people but if nothing else maybe my husband's life expectancy will increase if he thinks A2 will emulate me less after going up there a couple times a week.

(I doubt it.)