Friday, September 7, 2007

Technical Difficulties: Insert funny post here

Nope I didn't go into hiding this week but I've had some annoying ass problems with both my computer and the Internet. This is actually the third time this week that I've tried to post something and because the last two disappeared into oblivion I'm not going to make this one very long until I know it's going to post and stick. This could all be blogger's fault too, I haven't decided for sure which one I'm pissed at right now.

So here's a quick recap of just what's been going on around here this week that you have missed out on.

Brace yourself:

Monday - we all came back from visiting friends and family over the holiday weekend. I hadn't worked out since Friday so I was anxious to get back at it. Hubby and the boys sat around and watched television and played on the computers. I actually managed to sneak in a nap if you can believe that!

Tuesday - don't even remember...too many days ago. I did work out. I think I do recall bitching out my husband for the umpteenth time for taking my iPod apart Sunday night and completely screwing up the clicker wheel. Oh dear, if you thought it was ghetto before you should see it now!

He did manage to fix the broken screen but now the damn thing will not work unless the radio component is plugged into it and that will only advance the songs forward and back. No shuffle, no seeing the songs or artists or pretty much anything. It won't even turn on without the radio adapter.

I have seriously been hell on this iPod. He claims to have ordered a new clicker wheel and that he can fix it now with no problems. We'll see, I'm certainly not going to be holding my breath for it!

Wednesday - this was suppose to be A2's first day at preschool but he didn't make it. When we came home on Monday afternoon he picked up the shitz from somewhere and by 8:45 that morning he was still grossing me out pretty bad with it. The preschool lady said to stay home and he'd have his first day on Monday (translated: don't bring him here so we can all trot back and forth to the bathroom with that mess!!).

I think we actually went out to lunch with hubby dear on this day. Oh yeah, we did and do you know he had the nerve to bitch me out for letting the baby "play hooky"!! What the hell??!! I should have smeared the "hockey" in his face and asked him if that looked like hooky to him! Too bad I think this shit up after the fact. Worked out again. It's starting to pretty much be part of my daily routine.

I will be collecting that $25 iTunes card from my daddy!

Thursday - pretty blah day. Woke up with the blues for really no reason at all. I'm pretty sure it's PMS related. It finally rained and I was loving that. I had to force myself to workout but I'm always glad I do it when I'm finished. One reason I'm pretty sure my blues were PMS related: I had to break out the nursing bra just to run on the treadmill. The "girls" were sore as shit bouncing around down there the day before! But oh well it was worth it, I'm at 144 and feeling pretty good about it.

I got a wild hair and decided to put on some press on nails today. I use to be pretty good at it. I'd put them on and people would never believe I did them myself and that they only cost me $5 from Wal-Mart. Well, I'm a bit out of practice and A2 was climbing all over me when I put these on so a couple of them are a little crooked and more than two of them have rough spots on them where my friggin finger got stuck to the tops of them while I was trying to get them positioned. Thank goodness the packages now come with enough tips so you can do them at least one more time. They don't look horrible (from a distance) but that really crooked ass pointer one is starting to bug me! Oh well, maybe the glue will loosen up sooner rather than later and I can try it again sometime while A2's asleep.

Ooh, important news of the week. I think it was Thursday, I don't know maybe it was Wednesday, that I saw the new iPods and just so you know, I will not let up the whining until I get one of the new 8GB red ones. Hubby dear can have the one that I have now, that still hasn't been fixed, since he's very familiar (insert loud snicker and massive eye roll here) with the inner workings of it now.

I'm seriously going to cry and whine until I get one. I'm spoiled like that (and petty too I guess). But have you seen them? They are awesome! See. I really really really really really really really want one.

Today - it's rained pretty much all day and it's been the most beautiful thing. We were in desperate need of moisture around here. A2 shocked me and actually ate two and a half of the four nuggets that I fixed for him today. That's pretty major around here since he eats absolutely nothing I fix for him. Ever. How sad is it that the fact that my two year old actually consumed food was the highlight of my day??

I'm currently sitting here contemplating making some more ring tones for my phone. I'm more than a little bored since both of the kids have conked out in front of the television (insert super loud w00t here!!).

This is all I've got. Yep, I know this is boring but for now it's all I can do. My damn Internet has caused me more grief this week than I care to admit, plus my new computer has some sort of freaky glitch in it that makes the screen flake out on me during random processes. It just shut down on me again about 30 minutes ago and it's a brand freaking new computer! I'm starting to wonder if I'm some sort of technical jinx.

So I'm just testing the waters right now. I'll post this up and keep my fingers crossed that it stays. If it's still there tomorrow then I'll try to post something a little more interesting but don't get too excited about it. It is my life we're talking about here. This may be as interesting as it gets.

Happy weekend out there!