Friday, August 31, 2007

My How Time Does Fly

So here I sit the last day of August scratching my head and wondering where in the crap did the summer get off to? Oh yeah I remember now, it sped by me while I was trapped inside the house because it was too darn hot to set foot outside for longer than five seconds for fear of bursting into flames. (How's that for a run-on Mrs. Webb??!!)

Thank goodness it has cooled down a wee bit and by cool I mean it's only 90 degrees outside today and tomorrow it'll only be 91. I may need a sweater!

Today was preschool orientation and I could tell by the tensing up of A2's entire body as soon as we walked into the classroom that the first few drop offs were NOT going to be pretty. Really looking forward to that! Really!

The lady had me all confused though because he was originally going to go on Tuesdays and Thursdays but I was informed today that it'll be Mondays and Wednesdays. I can live with that. I'm just planning on hitting the gym when I drop him off anyway.

I'm happy to report that my weigh in today had me at 145.3. I threw in that .3 because it was thatfrigginclose to being 144. I'm not noticing the pounds coming off as much as I'm noticing a toning up of various areas. I'd still like to hit my goal of 125 but the number isn't consuming me. Even though it was against his better judgment my husband even went out and bought me one of those neoprene waist trimmers so I could strap it on when I worked out to help sweat out some of that extra water weight. I have to admit it probably is a gimmick but what the hell it makes me feel better to wear it and see all the sweat pouring off of me when I'm done. I'm convinced this whole weight loss thing takes as much mental exercise as well as it does physical.

Anyway, I was getting ready to go this morning and decided to wear this pair of white ragged jeans that I've been dying to get up around my buttocks for the longest time, if they would fit that is, and would you believe that they came up and buttoned without ANY effort whatsoever! (Remind me to take a picture of that!!) I can distinctly remember the day where they would not come halfway up my thighs. Seriously, they stalled out about midway, I kid you not! Needless to say, after putting those things on I was feeling pretty good about myself when I left the house this morning.

Here's the 8's I wore today.

Yes, I wore a shirt that came down far enough to cover up the bulges on the sides. The real issue here is that these very pants DID NOT FIT not too long ago. Maybe in a week or two I can put them on again and not scare young children.

I went to Old Navy today to kill time after going to the orientation and before meeting the husband for lunch and bought a pair of $9 "skinny" (the label said it) jeans in a size 10 thinking they wouldn't look so stressed if stretched across the bootay. When I tried those suckers on after I got home guess what? They fit and were actually a smidgen too big around the top part of the waist. Size 10! I could have bought an 8! Granted it was just a smidgen. A smidgen isn't much but I'll take what I can get. Oh well, enough about that.

Here's the "skinny jeans". Too bad they don't do much for those thunder thighs.

All I got's to say is "thank goodness for low rise and stretch right now," otherwise they probably wouldn't fit.

I'm working on it. Not loving it but working on it!

On to a more melancholy topic for just a quick second. Today is the 10th anniversary of Princess Diana's tragic accident. I can remember where I was at when I heard the news and I can remember in great detail the emotions surrounding all the media coverage. It was such a sad moment in time. I think I layed on my couch and watched the coverage around the clock until the last news clip aired. I was completely consumed. I wanted to watch some of the memorial tribute today but haven't had a chance to sit down and watch more than 15 minutes of anything all day. I really hope they show some of it tonight and I get a chance to see some of it.

I did see a clip with Matt Lauer talking to the boys and they honored their mother with such a beautiful ceremony from what I did see and loving speeches. It made me really stop to think about what type of mother I wanted my two boys to think of me as when I get older or heaven forbid something ever happen to me. There is no doubt she was a wonderful mother. Princess Diana truly loved her boys and instilled very strong values in the both of them. She would be so proud of them today. I can only hope my boys love me as much as those two obviously love her even still in death.

Today also marks another loss but one that is closer to home. I met a boy when I was in 8th grade who had been adopted by one of the more "prominent" families in our little hometown. Before you get the wrong idea we were just friends and never anything more. His name was Brad and he had the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. He was such a fun loving character and was very mischievous. He loved to joke around with everybody and more importantly he loved to play basketball. Matter of fact, I met him for the first time at the civic center playing basketball with some of his friends when me and my friend went there to show off some of our balling skillz and mostly stare at the boys that were there. (MLB I'm talking about you! I mean come on, did we really need to curl our bangs and put on make-up just to go play basketball??)

As the years went by we never became bestest buds or anything but we would hang out occasionally with our groups of friends and he was always the life of the party. He was actually someone you wanted to be at the party because you were guaranteed a good time if he was there. Sometimes he was a little overbearing and obnoxious but we all loved him for it anyway. He was Brad.

On this date 13 years ago he was driving his BMW way too fast around the corner road near the middle school and rammed into a utility pole. The car was demolished and he didn't survive. Some say he was drunk. They were probably right since I know where he was just hours before. Some say he was being chased by some guys that wanted to kick his ass. They were probably right about that too.

The thing that I'm 100% sure about was that he died too young. I was at home with my friend Mechelle when we got the call. All we could do was sit there in disbelief and then cry. How could that happen to someone so young and full of life? I guess I'll never have the answer to that. It's not like he was the first person in our small town to die like that, in fact there are too many to mention. Brad just held a special place in my heart because he didn't care what people thought of him, he was out to have fun and to make sure if you were around him that you were having fun too. Brad was truly someone special. To some he may be forgotten and to others just a part of their past but if no one else thinks about him on this day, I hope he somehow knows that I do.

May you always walk in sunshine Bradley.


mlb said...

Great post... I do remember the day he died cause I was still pregnant and had not been around alot of the "prominent" people from our town and was really nervous. ( run on sentence, ( i too had mrs.webb )
But we really did have to curl our bangs to play some ball, if I did not do that, I do not think my "mad skillz" would have come out. Time really does fly, my daddy is 76 today. It seems surreal to think that he is not the big strong, horse and motorcylce rider he used to be. Have a good day and I hope day care goes well.