Monday, August 20, 2007

I Got Me Some New Clicks!!

Yep that's corny but I was trying to make a play on words. (Just picture me sitting here with a giant L on my forehead.) When you get new shoes you say you got some new kicks right? Well, hubby bought me us (dammit, I hate saying that!) a new computer and I didn't know about it until it arrived on Friday! How cool is that?! I could not be happier. I haven't had a new computer in a hundred years and have been forced to use one of A1's extras for the last several months after mine officially crapped out on me.

Now I have no excuse other than downright laziness to blog every single day. Besides I have nothing but free time on my hands this week. Hubby is gone for training this week so it's just me and the boys. I'll probably clean the house up today and not have to worry about it again until later in the week because for some strange reason the house doesn't get HALF as dirty when Hubs isn't home. He doesn't believe me when I say that but it's sooo true. When it's just me and the boys about the most effort I have to put out is keeping the bathrooms clean and picking up a few toys here and there.

I'm sure I'll be spending about 90% of my time taking A2 to go "bee pee" in the potty so I'll have stuff to do. For the past week or so he has been asking to go to the potty on a much more regular basis and it's working out so good. He's loving it and I'm excited that it's taking minimal effort on my part to "train" him. We never forced the issue with him but just showed him the potty and clapped like a deranged monkey when he would use it. I'm guessing that's the only reason he goes potty so much these days. I'm convinced he has a warped sense of humor and it amazes him that his mother is such a nut ball and acts crazy over the fact that he takes a leak in a little pot on the floor, plus I'm sure the mini M&M's I give him help the situation a bit too.

Yesterday I bet we made 15 trips to the potty before 12 and he didn't get up until about 10. Since he was so into using the potty, I had the brilliant idea to put underwear on him because I'm guessing I had a serious brain fart and thought it would be cute.

What the hell was I thinking?

I should have remembered from way back in the day (about 11 years ago) with A1 that as soon as the big boy underwear go on the evil underwear sends some sort of message to the wearers brain to let them know it's time to take a major dump for mom to have to clean up and out of said brand new underwear.

Big fun. Needless to say, the diaper went back on and we didn't fool with the big boy drawers any more other than to get the ginormous racing stripe out.

Ok, I'm tired of talking about the bathroom habits of my child now so I'm moving along. I hear you sighing in relief.

My new obsession these days (nope, not so much the numbers on the scale) but: Looking for the new Cher dolls to hit store shelves. How sad is that? I collect Barbie dolls, not all of them, just celebrity dolls. I have all but the first three I Love Lucy dolls, all of the Gone with the Wind dolls, the Wizard of Oz set, Sandy from Grease and a couple of others. I have always wanted a Cher doll every since I saw the one that came out about six years ago but never got my hands on. That doll now goes for close to $100 plus shipping on eBay, greedy bastards. If I thought I could get away with it I would buy her but I'm guessing Hubby would KILL me if I did that.

Anyway, I was browsing the Barbie collector site the other day and saw that they were releasing three new Cher dolls. Holy Freaking Cow! I was excited. Unfortunately and like most everything else in my life, I found out too late in the game to get the first one. The ass clowns at Mattel decided it would be a neat idea to make the first doll an online exclusive and only make 1000 of them. What a douche bag thing to do! So of course I didn't get one and didn't actually find out that it was an online only thing until last week. I was crushed. At least there are two others I would have a chance at getting since they weren't set to be released until this month.

The thing that sucks about the dolls being released is the fact that, according to the site, they were not suppose to release the next two until certain set dates this month but guess what? They are already on eBay. The individual dealers evidently get them first and can put them out for sale before the official release date. Not such a big deal I guess. Lucky for me though, I was browsing the aisles the other day at Wal-Mart for shitz and giggles and guess who was sitting there waiting for me to pluck her off the shelf? 80's Cher! I managed to snag the one of her dressed in the black outfit with curly hair.

Now I'm obsessed with finding 70's Cher and if I don't find her in the stores I'm planning on hounding Hubby relentlessly until I get her from eBay. I'm a little worried about this one. I think it's the coolest of the three and hope that everybody else doesn't pick up on that and decide to snatch up all of them and then price them about five times the retail price. Plus she was suppose to come out before the 80's one according to the site. So with that said, if you see a Cher doll anywhere dressed in a white Native American looking outfit PLEASE.LET.ME.KNOW!

Seriously, let me know.

Told you I was obsessed. I could use to get a life but, **shrugging shoulders** meh, I'm happy!

One other little tidbit I'm going to share right now is the fact that...wait for it, wait for it, I.Lost.Four.Pounds.Last.Week! Woo-freaking-hoo!

Yes, I am still struggling with my weight issues but I finally made up my mind to get, and stay, serious about reaching my goal of 125 pounds. I started out several months ago at 150 and, as of the other day, I'm down to 146. I look better than I did several months ago though because I do understand the concept of building muscle first and that muscle weighs more than fat so the numbers on the scale aren't going to automatically start going down. I've trained myself to stop jumping on the scale every single day and waiting at least a week before weighing in. That took a lot of effort and self control though.

My biggest obstacle before was myself. I expected instant gratification and because the scale and I were not on the same page I would get discouraged and give up. Now I have a different mindset and it seems to finally be paying off.

As my routine now, I've been running everyday, of course I couldn't for the past three days though, ugh, and watching my caloric intake. I'm not starving myself at all but cutting back on all of the junk and most importantly the amount of cokes I drink.

I try to use the Bowflex at least three or four times a week and rigged up a makeshift plug (the movers lost mine) for my exercise ball so I can do sit ups on it. Actually my sister in law gave me some golf tees to try and they worked perfectly. I have to admit I know it's a slow process but I feel better now that I'm actually starting to see tiny results.

My plan is to start going to the gym that's a whopping mile and a half down the street from my house on Tuesdays and Thursdays when A2 starts going to preschool. He starts the first Tuesday in September. He'll be there from 9:30 to 12 on those days and the church he's going to be going to is only about three miles away from the gym. There really isn't any good excuse I could come up with to not start going on those days. Besides, I think doing different things will help me stay motivated. I'm hoping to find some chick to play racquetball with or maybe even start working out with while there.

Regarding preschool, I have such mixed emotions about A2 going. On the one hand I'm looking forward to it so he can play with other kids his age and I can have a little while to myself but on the other hand, how am I going to manage without my baby!! Oh well, I'm sure there will be more to come on that since it keeps getting closer and closer as the days go by.

Ok, my tush has officially gone numb so I've got to get up and at least try to get a little bit accomplished around here. Besides I have to at least clean the bathrooms and make the beds so I can justify sitting around and playing on my new computer for hours!

It feels good to be back. Thanks for hanging around while I was off being a slacker! I've got tons more to gab about so ya'll come back now, ya hear!