Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Race is ON!

Finally, somebody took me up on my offer to lose weight with me. Thanks Daddy! I somehow knew you'd come through.

Since I'm putting this in writing you have to stick to it!

Here's the deal: Both of us want need to lose at least 25 pounds. I'm not going to put his weight on here because I'm sweet like that, but my target is 125. There can't be any cheating like starving since we want to do this the proper way and keep the weight off once it does start to come off.

The first person to reach their target weight gets a $25 iTunes gift card from the other person. That's $1 per pound. Can't beat that.

I'm doing this to feel better about myself, and to finally be able to stop bitching about not fitting into any of my clothes, he's doing this because it's doctor's orders.

Since I'd like for him to be around for another 50+ years this is a win win situation.

My personal goal is this: Choose my calories wisely and limit the amount I take in each day. I'd love to do some sort of exercise every day but that is next to impossible around here. I'll do as much as I can without having CPS come take away my children for neglect and not beat myself up about it if I can't do it one night. Or three.

Tonight I didn't get to work out because I had to walk "SOMEBODY" though the steps on how to reload their iTunes/iPod back up. That only took a couple of hours! It's all good though, I'll just make up for it Thursday.

Speaking of iPod, I'm SOOO heartbroken. I went to use mine Tuesday night and when I went to turn it on I noticed that it had a crack in the screen. A crack. In my beloved iPod. I was crushed more like it. Don't know how it happened but I wanted to throw up right then. I tried to take it back to the store but they pretty much said, "sorry 'bout your luck, we ain't helping."

It's still technically covered under the Apple warranty but since it's more of a user damage thing they aren't willing to do much about it either. Even if there was something wrong with it internally they wanted to charge me about $40 to ship it back to them so they could turn around and send me one that was refurbished. That sucks doodie balls! Who wants somebody else's busted up iPod that they had to fix??!! Not me!

I'll just stick with my busted up ghetto iPod (new name for it now, gPod). Sad thing is, I try really hard to take care of it but from the looks of it you couldn't tell. I snipped the earbuds with the yard trimmers a while back, I blogged about it somewhere around here, and since it didn't completely sever it I put clear tape around the exposed wires and then wrapped a Spongebob band-aid around that and now I have the cracked screen.

Doesn't get more ghetto than that! Oh well, at least it still plays! Plus, with the Spongebob band-aid on them, I never have to look to see if I'm sticking them in the right ears. The left one is the screwed up one. Doesn't take a genius to remember that. Thank goodness.

Back to the topic at hand. For the record, I was down to 146 over the weekend, but tonight while on the phone with my counterpart, I came in at 148. It's going to take a lot of discipline to really stick to it this time for the both of us, but someone said not too long ago that if you TRULY want to change you can.

Good luck Daddy. But I can't wait to get my $25 iTunes card!

What I'm listening to right now on the gPod: Madonna's La Isla Bonita.

It's too late to edit so once again, point and laugh at any mistakes.


mlb said...

Hey this is too funny, remembermy best friend from high school? Well we made a friendly wager this past Monday on losing weight. We have to check in every two weeks and by the end of 3 mos whoever has lost at least 15pds wins!!!
Too funny on how that just happened the same week as your bet. It is still hotter than hades here, keep cool!!!!

Dino said...

Good luck! It's hot here and looks like it should be mid october instead of August. Everything's dead and the leaves are all falling off the trees. Our swimming pool is more like a sess pool with all the leaves in it and green gross water.
Why in the hell is it so easy to put the weight on but hard to take it off??!!

Anonymous said...

Can I get a side bet on this? I think, between just you and I (you're b,i, older sis) that I can win some money off you. I think gdad is going to cheat...but don't tell him I said that.

Dino said...

You're on! He was wanting some junk food awful bad last night when I was talking to him!