Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yo Crappa Crappa

My Internet service still isn't perfect but at least my last post made it through the weekend. It's so annoying to have to get up and shlep across the house to the playroom to unplug the router every time the stupid Internet decides to crap out on me. It's crapped out on me right now and I won't be able to publish this post until I go back there and reset it for the fourth time already today and I've only been online for about 30 minutes!!

So it was too good to be true, I started this post Tuesday morning at around 10 and here I sit again at about 6 p.m. trying to see if my damn Internet will connect up and the answer was no. Thank goodness I’m smart enough to copy and paste my work into WordPerfect so I can at least save my work. It's now 10 p.m. and I'm finally back online.

Arrrgh!! I’m so frustrated with Comcast right now I could scream!!!

ANYWAY, Guess who went to preschool yesterday??!! Yep, A2's first day was Monday and I'm pretty sure I took it harder than he did. Just so you know, A2 is not an early riser so for me to wake that child up at 8:45 and for him to be in good spirits helped start the morning off on a good note. I figured he would be a grumpy little bear cub but he surprised me.

I got him ready and tried to explain to him that I was taking him to school to play with kids. He'd repeat "scew" and showed a little excitement even. Only because he had no idea what I was talking about. We hit the door and got there at about 9:15, which is about 15 minutes before everybody else. I was hoping that by getting there early that he'd have his fit behind him before the other kids got there and he didn't freak them out. I'm thoughtful like that.

The lady met me at the counter and said it would be easier to just hand him over and go so I did. He reached for me and cried for about 10 seconds but once she went into the room and showed him the box full of cars and the mat to drive them on I was nothing more than a memory.

I hung around for about five more minutes to see if maybe he'd remember me but nope he didn't. I left and didn't really know what to do with myself. I haven't had alone time in.......forfreakingever!

So what did I do? Did I go shopping? Nope. Did I just come back and relax? Nope. Did I do anything at all just for me? Nope again. I straightened up my living room and bedroom then I cleaned my kitchen up and scrubbed my toilets and showers out. I took out the garbage and cleaned out the garbage can. I know. I'm so wild! The whole time I was missing my baby. What is wrong with me? I had two and a half hours all to myself to do whatever I wanted and I moped around missing my little shadow.

I left a little (ok, a lot) early so I could go pick him up and to hopefully get to spy on him just a little bit. It didn't really work out for me though because they were all in line coming back from the gym and he saw me so that backfired a bit. The teachers said he had a fantastic time and played really well with the cars. When we were leaving he pointed to the room they ate their snacks in and said "nack." Aww, my baby's a preschooler now. I was secretly hoping that he wouldn't like it and I could talk the husband into waiting until he was three to try it again.

He's here with me today but goes back again tomorrow. He only goes on Monday and Wednesday. I have a feeling I'll be able to enjoy tomorrow a lot more than I did yesterday as long as he takes to it as well as he did yesterday. I'm planning on going to the gym since I've totally bombed on working out this week. I haven't exercised since Friday and I'm feeling like crap on a stick right about now because of it.

In my defense I did have my "friend" drop in on me Sunday and who wants to work out while all that is going on? I'll tell you who doesn't and that's me! All weekend I wasn't even caring about that $25 iTunes card. I was way bitchier than normal over the weekend and completely exhausted for most of it even though I didn't do much at all. Matter of fact I spent the entire day Saturday in my pajamas. It was weird though because every time I would get up or try to stand in one place for longer than five minutes I would feel like I was going to pass out. I was hoping it would get me out of having to cook but that didn't work AT ALL. I could be in a friggin' coma and there'd be somebody around here bugging the hell out of me about what's for dinner.

Major potty training news to report right here in the middle of everything. I really need to work on my segues. A2 pooped on the big potty for the first time this weekend. w00t!! That was a major accomplishment. He was super proud of himself as were we. His dad of course takes full responsibility for getting him to do it. I'll let him have it.

Speaking of the crapper, want to hear how we avoided spending a minimum of $500 or so on our stupid septic tank? Sunday afternoon we were all sitting around in the living room when Hubs jumps up and says I hear the alarm going off downstairs. I had no freaking clue what he was talking about so I follow him down there. Turns out our septic tank has a pump on it that carries the waste down to another tank. (Complicated but that's what I understand it to do.) If the pump goes out the alarm sounds to let you know that it needs to be fixed otherwise the backyard is about thisclose to becoming a massive shithole. WHAT.FUN.

He silenced the alarm and everyone was put on water restrictions until we figured out what we were going to do. Monday morning he called the septic guy and he says that judging by what hubs was saying our pump has gone out and we have to have it replaced. That's about $300 itself but before that can be replaced they would have to bring some huge ass truck out to our backyard and completely pump all the shit out of our tank. About another $250 he was guessing. He also threw in the fact that it could cost more if something else is the cause of the problem. This is just the "best case scenario," geez that's great!

Well, they were supposed to be here yesterday afternoon but they never called which I am sooo glad that they didn't because despite the bitching I like to do about my husband, he's a pretty smart guy and pretty freaking handy to have around (unless he's trying to fix your iPod). He woke up this morning, apparently with shit on the brain, (sorry) and decided to go try something out downstairs. He had the brilliant thought that the problem could just be that there isn't any electricity getting out there to the pump and sure enough after trying out several different things THAT was the real problem.

Apparently our swimming pool pump had kicked a breaker or something or another out there and all it took was hub resetting everything. After about 10 minutes the alarm light had gone off and the pump had pumped everything down to where it needed to be. He managed to figure all of that out on his own and thankfully didn't have to disassemble anything thank goodness. I don't think I could find a Glad bag big enough for the left over parts from that.

How lucky was that though!!! Not only did we skirt having to shell out more than $500 I can go back to whining and begging for a new iPod. Yes, I'm full aware of the fact that I'm about as shallow as our freaking septic tank but who the hell cares, my iPod is broken (pretty much)!! Besides, I didn't say one word about it yesterday. I figured having a place to shit won out over listening to tunes. Just sayin'.

I've seriously got to cut this off here. Have you seen that show on Nick called Yo Gabba Gabba? If not then, let me warn you to never.ever. watch it. It ranks up there with the intelligence level of those damn Wonder Pets but this show scares the shit out of A2 when it comes on. He cries until I find the remote and change it.

Here's a picture of the crew.

Scary stuff man. They all start the show by shouting Yo Gabba Gabba over and over again. Who can blame the little guy for being scared?!

Ok, I've got to post this quick and keep my fingers crossed there aren't any huge mistakes because I'm afraid I won't have time to edit before the Internet goes down on me again. (That was funny and I didn't even mean it to be.)

I'll keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow it'll be better and I can give a report of A2's second day at preschool, the progress of my iPod since my part came in and how I tried to break the co-sleeping habit Monday night but husband came in and shit all over my efforts.