Monday, April 14, 2008

My First Time

NO! I'm not going to write about that so Daddy you can take your hand down from your chest! I've been tagged for the very first time for a meme by a new visitor of mine Snooty Primadona. If you don't know what that means I will explain it for you briefly or better yet, I will go to another website and cut and past what they say about it here:

"People often ask, "What is a Meme?" so here's a more than a little information on that. I pronounce it so it's rhymes with 'dream'. In the context of web logs / 'blogs / blogging and other kinds of personal web sites it's some kind of list of questions that you saw somewhere else and you decided to answer the questions.

Then someone else sees them and does them and so on and so on. I generally consider these to be actual questions and not some multiple choice quizzes that determine some result at the end (what color you are most like, what cartoon character are you, what 80s movie are you)."

I snagged this info from the Now that we have that cleared up here goes.

Six completely unimportant facts about me:
1. My Perfect Food:


2. Favorite Colors:

3. Hair:
A cross between this:

and this:

And on hat days something like this:

Sadly, I'm not kidding.

4. DVD I Recently Saw:

Just kidding!! Of course it was this:

5. Guilty TV Pleasure:
I've watched this for over 20 years now thanks to Ms. Banana!!

I watch this with A1 who has been hooked with me since episode 1!!

6. If I Were A Tree I Would Be:

There you have it!
I think I'm suppose to tag about five people but since I only have one true reader that I know of then Heather dear, I tag YOU!!
As an added twist, if you leave me a comment then play along and answer the questions in there so I can gain a little insight about you.


Snooty Primadona said...

Love how you answered your's, lol. Shows you have some spunk.

The weeping willow is gorgeous.

Heather said...

ARRRGGGHHHH! I've been tagged? What does that mean? I am clueless to the whole thing? Am I supposed to answer the same questions you did? Or make up my own? That would be much more interesting....BWAHAHAHAHA

DeeDee said...

Thanks snooty!
Heather: From what I understand you have to answer the same ones. You don't have to use pictures like I did, I was just killing time. I'm not a stickler though so if you want to make up your own then go for it girl!

Mandy said...

Great photos... especially the green sea glass (or whatever that is).

Memes seem to be in right now, I'm reading them everywhere. Perhaps because spring is in the air?

Anyway, great shots. A good way to answer the questions!