Tuesday, May 26, 2009

30-Day Challenge

My newest obsession: EA SPORTS Active for my Wii. I was sitting on my butt the other day not really wanting to get up and workout and I saw a commercial for this new game coming out for Wii. I was immediately drawn in and had to have one.

It's claim was that it was like having a personal trainer in a box and that it would give an actual workout and not the illusion of one like other games (pretty sure that was a slam at the Wii Fit).

I called my hubby and told him about it. I must have been pretty convincing because he brought it home for me that night.

What you get in the box is a leg strap that you use to put on your right leg. You use is during exercises that require you to put the nunchuck in the pouch on top. You also get a flimsy red stretchy band with handles. This is the one thing I'm a little disappointed about. To me it gives no resistance and I can see where after a few workouts it will more than likely snap. And then there is the game.

I popped it in and it asked me to set up a profile. I was already loving it more than my Wii Fit because I didn't have to step on anything only to hear it groan before it gave a reading. Who needs that bull?!

Anyway, I set up my profile and decided to do the 30-day challenge it offers. I'll be working out two days and then resting one, working two then resting one and so on. I think out of the 30 days there are actually 20 workout days. I was able to pick the level of intensity I wanted which I set at medium. You can pick whether or not you want a male or female trainer. Once your workout is ready it will give you the option to uncheck anything that you feel you may not want to do or aren't ready to do. I went ahead and did the full workout. It consisted of 18 exercises (some repeats) and my projected goal was to burn 94 calories. It gives a projected calorie burn before each workout and at the end lets you know if you met the goal or not.

My first workout contained some walking/running, lunges, arm curls, inline skating, punching, and jumping. I LOVED it!! There is a picture in picture window that shows your trainer and you follow their moves. They tell you whether or not you are doing the moves correctly and offer positive support throughout. There are also instructional videos that you can watch that shows an actual person doing the moves if you aren't sure how to do them. You really only need to watch them once and then you've got it.

By the end of my first workout I was sweating like crazy and out of breath! I couldn't wait until the next day to do my next workout. On day two the workout was different from the first adding in new moves and kicking up the intensity a bit. By the end of that workout my legs felt like jello and the next morning the backs of my thighs and my butt was definitely feeling the burn. I was so sore!!

Day three focused more or upper body but was still a pretty intense workout that included some cardio and lunges to keep those legs working. Last night I did workout number four with my husband (he bought the accessory pack that included an extra leg strap and band) and this morning my butt and legs are sore and I even feel a little twinge in my bicep!

I am loving this game/workout! It's so much fun. If you're like me and just wasn't feeling much from the Wii Fit then you have got to get this game. It's compatible with the balance board so you can use it in some exercises if you want but it isn't required at all.

Right now the hardest part for me is the inline skating. You put the nunchuck in the leg strap and hold the other remote in your hand. When she says go you have to crouch down as low as you can to gain the most speed. When you come up to a ramp you have to jump. The ramps get closer so you have to get back into the crouch position and jump again. If you don't have enough speed your person will falter a little. The better you are at it the more "tricks" your person will do. My girl has only managed to do about two!

The game is a little expensive but it's not much more than any other new release game. We happened to find a deal at Best Buy and was able to receive a $10 gift card with purchase. I think that deal is over now but it wouldn't hurt to ask. We used the gift card towards the accessory pack. I think it was around $19. The game runs $59.99 at most stores. I saw it at Sam's for $58. But again, if you are looking for a fun workout with a personal trainer then this is for you!!

I entered my weight in as 130 on day one. I'm anxious to see what it reads by the end of this 30-day challenge! If you are still unsure then I'd suggest you Google EA SPORTS Active. You'll find some pretty awesome reviews and also a video of someone doing it with Ellen on her show. This is definitely worth the money and blows Wii Fit out of the water!!

Let me know if you get it or have it and if you are doing the challenge. I'd love to hear what you think about it.


Loth said...

Drat! It's my birthday tomorrow and I asked for the Wii Fit! If I had known this was coming......!

DeeDee said...

Oh my! I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Don't get me wrong, Wii Fit is fun and family oriented because it has games that most little ones can play but as far as feeling like you get a real workout I just didn't get it. It may be completely different for you. Wii Fit has Yoga and balance games that make you focus on your core but it was just too slow for the pace I was trying to set.

Plus, I was embarrassed by the fact that every time I'd turn on my Wii Fit it would say to me something like "welcome back you lazy asshole, it's only been 99 days since your last workout."

It just didn't do much for me as far as being motivational. The Active on the other hand makes me want to keep up with my challenge and push myself to actually work out hard.

It's a matter of personal preference. Again, I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

mumma boo said...

I hate the snarkiness of the Wii Fit, too. Snarky on a blog, great. Acting like I just stepped on its liver when I get the board? Yeah, not so much. That and the "gee, where have you been?" and "why do you think you've gained weight since last time?" questions make me want to relegate it to the garage sale bin. I just may have to try the EA Sports Active. Thanks for the tip!