Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eleven !! 11 !!

All I ever wanted
Had to get away

Yippee! We DO get to go on vacation and we get to go in 11 days. I couldn't be more excited about this. This has been such a hard few months with moving out to the middle of nothing and nowhere and trying to get adjusted and my dad going through and recovering from surgery and our house still sitting on the market after many many long months that I'm ready to get away and enjoy a little stress free down time.

Because we still have our other house and our current house, things had to tighten up around here on the financial front. I've been trying to watch my spending and when I slip my husband has been right there with his reminders of how much it costs to keep up two homes and the amount of money it costs us each time we go in to check on that house and to visit family.

I was feeling a little restless the other day and just out of the blue asked him what the likelihood of a vacation would be this summer with all the crap we have on our plate. Naturally the answer wasn't what I was hoping for because he said we probably wouldn't get to go anywhere unless we count going home to visit the family as our vacation. Free room and board and a few meals scattered around here and there. That's about the best we were going to be able to hope for this summer. I could live with that since I love going home but time seems to fly by and we never have enough time to visit everybody for as long as we'd like before we have to pack it all in and get back on the road to make the long ass journey back here. So a few extra days spent down there would suffice as a vacation as long as I didn't have to scrub any toilets or mop any floors.

I'd given up hope of going to the beach and soaking up as much sun and sand as I could...that is until Friend 2 called me out of the blue one day last week.

She called to tell me that she and her husband and their daughter were planning on going to Panama City Beach for the week of June 7th. She said that they had an awesome deal on a two bedroom condo at the Edgewater Beach Resort. They came across this deal because someone else was originally going to go that week but now wasn't going to be able to make it. They had paid for the room and wasn't going to be able to get their money back so they offered it up to them at a cut rate. The original price was some outrageous amount but she had it given to her for $700 for the whole week. Well, since it's a two bedroom and she knew I've been wanting to go she said if we split that and go in $350 we can have the other bedroom and only be out gas, and whatever we decide to do and eat.


I'm super excited to say the least and can not wait until we leave! The last time we went down to Panama was with my brother in law and we only stayed like two days...hardly enough to count as a vacation. This time we are staying an entire week!! I'm also super excited to get to hang out with Friend 2 some more. I haven't seen her since we moved. Our kids get along and our husbands are in the same field of work so they will have tons to talk about and they've hung out before so this is hopefully going to work out perfectly.

My goal for the next 11 days is to clean my house from top to bottom for the next two days since it's suppose to be cloudy with a chance of rain and frankly my house stinks like ass right now for some reason. After that I want to get some sun so I'm not emitting a neon glow from being so pale when I step out on the beach and I'm going to hit my 30-day Active challenge and any extra workout I can manage with full force every day!!

I will have pictures from this trip dammit! I'm not going to be ashamed of my body any longer!

Ok, got to get up now because those damn dishes aren't going to wash themselves and I'm pretty sure that ass smell is coming from the million piles of laundry sitting in the laundry room screaming out my name. I've waited on them to take care of their selves for long enough and they refuse to budge..assholes!


Heather said...

Cool! If you have a kitchen then you should be able to save money that way by at least buying food you can make in there instead of eating out for every meal. That gets costly for 4 people over a week. Have fun! You need it.

DeeDee said...

There will be a kitchen and we've already talked about cooking breakfast or eating cereal in the mornings and packing lunch for the beach or the pool. We'll probably just eat out at night and we're so low key that I'm sure pizza will be a staple for the week! I think there is actually a Pizza Hut right there at the hotel.

Both families will be watching how much we spend so I think we're going to come out pretty good.

mumma boo said...

Have a blast! You deserve it!