Friday, May 15, 2009 a freakin' three year old

No, I didn't misspell anything in the title. Google it.

Back last year we bought Mario Kart for our Wii. We thought it looked like a lot of fun and that it would be something we could all play. Well, for a time, it was all the rage when we first got it. We all sat around and played it and the baby especially loved it. At first he wasn't any good but he would sit and play and play and play until he was actually winning some races.

I'm pretty sure I posted how he blew away the electronics guy at Wal-Mart with his mad skills one day while we were there letting him play. He'd gotten so good at the time that there was no way I could beat him (shaking my head in disbelief here), it was killing his brother that he couldn't beat him every time and his daddy really had to try hard to be able to beat him. He was seriously that good.

As with anything else, once the new wears off we tend to shove it in a corner or just lay it down and pick it up every now and again when the notion strikes. We hadn't played Mario Kart in a long while but A2 (who, let me remind you, is 3!!) decided the other day that he wanted to play it again.

Like a desperate good mom, I jumped on the chance to turn on a video game for him because it meant I'd have time to myself for a little while to either work out, wash dishes, or hell, just go take a crap without this little three foot person standing right in front of me holding his nose asking what I'm doing in there for so long. When he first started playing I could tell he was out of practice because he was falling off of the roads and coming in last or closer to the last place. I thought it was a good learning experience to teach him that the more you practice the better you get and if you stop then it's harder to still be as good.

Who knew video games could be such a good learning tool?!

Anyway, he sat there a little while and I went about my business. I could hear him in there yelling at Yoshi, his favorite character, to come on already and various other screamings to that effect. It kinda made me chuckle because I could see my gift of "talking smack" flourishing from my very own little person.

After a while the inevitable happened and he asked me to play with him. I was thinking sure I'll play you (since you suck at it for the moment). Surely I can school his little butt for once because he's so out of practice and I'm the super awesome mom who doesn't need any stinkin' practice, right?

I couldn't have been more freakin' wrong if I tried! I sat down, he set it up, the race began and that little turkey zoomed off and left me in the dirt. That wasn't the worst part though.

Here's a little word of advice to all you parents out there: If you're like me and you like to play around and talk smack all the time from time to time you better be careful because little ears soak it all up and little mouths spit it right back out at'cha when you least expect it.

As the race went on A2 would say to me, "eat my dust mom!" or "are you racing or what?" or my favorite one of all "you drive like a girl!" I shit you not.

What the hell!!??!! I AM a girl you freak!! Needless to say I wasn't able to stay on the road because he picked one where it was floating out in damn outer space and I came in dead last with 0 points. He didn't come in first place but more like 5th but still he beat me. I had to go about the rest of my day knowing a three year old beat me and talked pure smack to me the whole time.

What's up with that? I'd like to see him try to beat me at Guitar Hero (the one and only video game I'm any good at besides Dance Dance Revolution and I kinda suck at that one). Better yet, I'll just stick to my farming in Farm Town on Facebook. That's more my speed.

Excuse me while I get him fresh batteries for his steering wheel.


Loth said...

See, this is why I have refused point blank to play Mario Cart. I know I would be rubbish but as long as I don't even try it, not even once, I can pretend to the boys that it's because I don't want to blind them with my awesomeness.

Heather said...

I seriously suck at the driving games. Even with practice. My husband got me Diddy Kong racing for my DS, and I wish he hadn't. It was such a waste. =(

mumma boo said...

Oh, hell, Cheeks beats me at Wii Tennis all the time. I can only imagine how burnt my butt would be if we tried driving games.