Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nose Pickers Society

So A2 has discovered the joy of picking his nose and it's driving me crazy. If he keeps it up he can start his own Chapter. He wasn't feeling good about a week and a half ago and his little nose was so stuffy and I'm sure full of boogies. Gross I know, but you have no idea how graphic I could get with this, I'm sparing you the worst of it.

I spent a good chunk of my days when he wasn't feeling good either (1) wrestling him to the floor so I could dispense just a half a teaspoon of grape medicine in his little mouth or (2) wrestling him to the ground to use the suction bulb thingy on him to dislodge the raisin sized boogies that were obstructing his breathing. Neither was fun. He saw me coming and ran like crazy. For a little guy he's super strong. I gave up the good fight and decided it was more important to get the medicine in him and leave the nose picking to him. Besides the fascination will soon pass, right? MISTAKE.

It has now become his favorite past time. He sits at his train table playing with his cars with one hand on a car and one jammed up his nose. I tell him to stop it and he jerks it out as if I were merely imagining it and waits for me to leave the room so he can resume the dig. Worst part of it all is when he actually strikes gold and pulls it out he either (1) mashes it between his finger and thumb mesmerized by the fact that it will stick to both and stretch (that crap is like Spackle) or (2) runs with glee up to me so he can wipe it on my pants (stupid A1 taught him that little trick) or (3) has no idea he actually got it out and ends up with it stuck to with the tip of his nose or the side of his cheek or (4) brace yourself here, he eats it. Seriously, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little over that one.

I'm contemplating going to Office Depot and getting some of those rubber finger things you put on the tip of your finger to count pages or money with and duct taping them to his fingers to keep him out of there.