Thursday, July 5, 2007


Guess what I just remembered??!! Tonight is the premiere of this year's summer installment of BIG BROTHER 8! Woo00Hoo00T!
I LOVE this show even more than American Idol. It's my absolute summer addiction. I follow it like a crack whore looking for her next fix. I'm sad to admit I will be spending countless hours watching and reading about every move the people who move into that house make. I'm so jealous of the people who buy the live feeds. I would do it, but if I did, DCS would be here by the end of the summer to take my children away from me and my husband's aorta would burst from bitching about me paying for feeds and not getting two feet from the couch/computer/television.

Did I mention I was excited about this?! I hope you like it too because you can bet your boots I'm'a gonna blawg about it! It's on CBS tonight at 7 central, come on, watch it with me!


Chrishina said...

OMG! Did you watch? It's going to be gooooood this year! I have some links to free feeds I'll email ya. If you have any good links you can send them too hint.

R said...

I did watch and I'm so excited about this year. Those two exes CRACKED me up! I don't have links to free feeds I just have a link to where I read about them. I'll post it on the main page. I'm so glad you watch too!!