Friday, September 28, 2007

I Melt

Me: Sitting at the kitchen table cursing the computer under my breath because it won't stay connected to the Internet for longer than five minutes.

A2: Sitting in the middle of my bed, two rooms over, watching Go Diego Go.

Me: Overcome by uncontrollable fit of sneezing.

A2 after the sneezing ended: "bes woo".

How sweet was that! It was like second nature for him to say it to me and I could hear him from all the way in my bedroom.


Better yet, I love that he is so much like me! It kills his Dad that he is picking up more and more of my mannerisms every single day. Last night he was playing with his Mack car hauler when the back latch came undone and the cars rolled out.

He stood there for about five seconds looking down at the cars on the ground then turned and stuck out both hands and said, "awww, maaain". (Translated into Aw, Man! Only my most used phrase ever when something like that happens!)

Hubby just shook his head.

This morning A2 was actually awake when hubby left for work so we walked him to the door to say our goodbyes to him. I whispered in A2's ear to tell daddy to "go make milk money" and he of course did it. It came out a little mangled but hubby got the gist of it.

Again, hubby just shook his head.

Instead of hubby telling me to "have a good day dear," he left telling me I was "ruining that baby." I got a good chuckle out of that one for at least 10 more minutes.

And yes, I'm fully aware that it's cute now and that as he gets older it will turn into something not so cute.

Hence, A1 (13) = Just. Like. Me. = I want to strangle him sometimes for it!!

Can I just take this opportunity to apologize to my parents for being, well, a teenager back then.

Switching gears: Last night as I was working out I had my iPod blaring, yet for some reason, I kept singing this one particular song to get me through the last 15 minutes on the elliptical and naturally I had to download it today.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit it but, here it is, my new workout mantra.

Don't laugh, download it and I guarantee you'll kick up the pace once it comes on. You can't help but bounce a little bit to it. Even though it wasn't playing in my ears it made that last 15 minutes go by a lot easier!

Don't ask me what made this pop into my head last night but it completely overrode everything else coming through my earbuds like some sort of twisted earworm that wouldn't go away!

I'm sad, I'm fully aware.

Oh and as for those three pounds I wanted to lose, those fuckers are hanging on for dear life. I weighed again today, 143.5. What gives!!??!!

Dear Scale,

This is what I think of you and your refusal to Show! Me! The! Weight! Loss!

Just wanted to clear that up. See you Monday.


Have a happy weekend out there everyone else! Don't let anything break your stride!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Swiper NO Swiping!!

Wow, it's been a crazy couple days out there in blogland. I've been reading a few of my favorite blogs and it appears that because they are posting Flickr banners on their sites or just pictures in general of their children on their blogs, there are freaks out there in Internet world stealing those pictures and using them for random reasons.

Kooky huh?

One blog chick was sent a link to some stupid scam site that was claiming to hold the secrets of choosing whether or not your next child is a boy or a girl. There was some lady on there stating that she had two boys and wanted a girl so badly and used this "supposed" technique and lo and behold she had a girl. Her testimonial was somewhat convincing except the picture she posted at the end was NOT her own children and had been lifted from a mommy blogger out there minding her own business.

There was another mommy blogger, that I absolutely love to read her stuff, that had three or more of her pictures stolen and even doctored. She found a picture of her daughter who can't be older than 7 or 8 doctored in a way that made her look like she was shooting up meth or something. How fucking sick is that!? Oops, sorry didn't really mean to drop the F-bomb, I usually try to sesame street it up but that's really messed up. She's a child for goodness sake. They took another one of her pictures and made some stupid comment about this little girl being fat and she's the size of a broom stick at best. This mom had a picture of herself stolen and someone else was claiming to be her. Pretty sad.

I try not to post pictures of my children on this site and have not given my real name and real location to where I live for a reason. There are some messed up people out there that have nothing better to do than to prey on others. I'll admit I have put up maybe two or three posts that have had a couple of pictures in them but I don't go all out like some of the other bloggers out there but realize all it takes is for someone to find that one picture that was posted and run wild with it.

I, like most of the other mommy bloggers out there, do this just for fun. It's a nice little hobby that lets me say what I want to say, how I want to say it and if someone stumbles upon it and happens to agree with me or gets a kick out of it then that's fine. I don't do this for anyone other than myself. I often catch a lot of grief from my husband from it because he thinks it's nonproductive. I say phooey on that and do it anyway because it give me a creative outlet to write stuff that's in my head. I like to freedom to be able to do this even though I don't divulge everything about my life in fine detail.

I know someone who was personally attacked via the Internet for some things they posted on a blog and the firestorm from that is still going strong. They have been struggling with it for a couple of years now and it's pathetic. This person has had their personal information posted in more than one spot for any and everyone to see and use as they wish. It's actually pretty scary if you think of it.

I realize that there are no real laws that govern what is put out there on blogs or other Internet sites. Every time I hit the publish button I am taking a chance on having something I say either taken out of context or even stolen. There are bloggers out there that have had an entire post that they have written posted on someone else's site except their names had been removed and it was signed with someone else's name all together.

I really don't worry too much about my stuff getting lifted unless there is some other big ol' girl out there that likes to bitch about trying to lose weight and wants to lift some of my rantings! I really don't talk about much other than that or so it seems to me. I do talk about my boys but I made the conscious decision a while back to not blog so much about A1 because he is at a very volatile age right now and I don't want to embarrass him horribly since I do know that some family members read this.

I blog about A2 because he's little and frankly he does some pretty funny shit. My husband is fair game but outside of some of the quirky things he does to make me laugh or want to choke the living hell out of him I refuse to get too personal regarding him as well.

Anyway, I just think it's a sad thing when you can't even post up a picture of your little one or really anything or anyone to share with friends or even just a wandering stranger, because you think they are the cutest thing ever, and can't trust that it'll be cool to leave it there and that everyone that sees it will agree that you have the cutest child on the face of the earth and leave the picture alone. (I know that was a horrible sentence but it makes sense in my head!) The gist of it: Can't post pictures because SOME people aren't cool and just plain suck!

So with all that said my final thoughts on the matter is this: Don't steal other people's shit. If you aren't creative enough to come up with something on your own then go read a book, don't try to blog using posts from other people. If you aren't that photogenic don't swipe somebody else's picture just to doctor it up to make you feel better about yourself, it sucks.

Whew, I'm glad I got that out. I'm was sitting here all alone reading some of those horror stories and actually missing my little guy this morning. He's at preschool again and while Monday was a different story, I was actually begging for alone time then, I'm currently watching the minutes slowly tick away until time to go get him. He and I spent a good day together yesterday (no preschool) and he actually cried for about five seconds this morning when I dropped him off. I stood outside the door secretly hoping he would keep crying so I could just go back in and get him but he didn't. He likes playing with the other kids. I think he cried this morning because he was still sleepy. We stayed up pretty late last night tinkering around with another freebie phone my hubby got for me. This one is the Sony w300i, it's the Walkman phone I wanted when it first came out last year but it cost about $300 at the time. It's got some cool features on it but it's taking me a while to learn the ins and outs of it.

I do have good news to report on the weight loss front but it totally goes against what I said I wasn't going to do the other day. Monday I weighed myself and it said 143.4 (membuh that?) and was determined to hit 140 by next Monday. I said I wasn't going to weigh again until then. Whatever! So much for that.

The good news is that I couldn't help myself and jumped on the scale yesterday afternoon at around 4 or so and guess what it said..........141.7!! I couldn't freaking believe it. I was jumping up and down hooting and hollering, that is until I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I kept on hooting but not so much jumping. I've still got a ways to go before I enjoy that image. I, of course, knew it was too good to be true so today I got on the scale again and I was right, it no longer said 141.7 but it said 142.4. I'll take it though because it means I've at least lost a pound. GO Me!

I put on a pair of green cargo pants today that are an 8 and they fit pretty good. I didn't have to suck in to button them but they do feel a tiny big snug across my belly. Not so much where I'd be humiliated if you lifted up my shirt. The good thing about putting on these pants is that a couple of months ago they use to cut me in two when I tried to button them and they were so tight in the front it was camel toe city. I'm talking the kind that hurts you to look at. I also put on my I (Heart) Twinkies t-shirt and it no longer made me look like I was stashing a case of them in various regions such as my back and under my boobs. It now just kind of fits like it should, a little snug across the boobs and loose on the side. I bought this shirt because I thought it would be funny for me (a big girl) to be wearing a shirt that pretty much advertises the reason I AM a big girl. My husband didn't quite get the irony in it. He seldom does.

I'm pretty pleased with the progress I'm finally making. I know it's not going to be an overnight transformation. It's more about feeling better and having more energy to keep up with A1 and A2. I like to kid about it being for the $25 but that's just one tiny incentive that brings out the competitor in me. My counterpart in this little venture is hovering around the -6lbs area, and while that's great, I really rooting for them make some more progress too. I want them around for a long long time and dropping the weight and being healthier is the only way that will happen.

Here's a thought, I'm thinking about upping the anty to whoever reaches their goal first not only gets the $25 iTunes card but for every pound the other person didn't lose of their 25 that's worth that much more on another iTunes card. So if my partner wins and I'm still 15lbs away from my goal, I would have to cough up another $15 card. How's that grab you G?!

So here's to kicking it up a notch and reaching that goal.

Monday, September 24, 2007


w00h00t! it's Monday. I've been looking forward to today since Friday afternoon. A1's at school, A2's at preschool and hubby is at work. I have the house, the computer and the television all to myself and it feels GOOUOOD.

Don't get me wrong I luv my boys but I also luv being able to sit here and blog without my husband snarling his nose telling me I should be doing something more productive. I love being able so sit here at 10:28 in the morning and watch the True Hollywood Story about The Osbournes and not another episode of Spongebob Friggin'Squarepants that I've seem already about a trillion times. I love not being asked over and over and over again if I'm going to get up and cook something by A1 and then when I do cook something for him he does that annoying teenage "uumph" thing through his nose.

Maybe later I'll clean my house and work out but not right now. Am I horrible for enjoying this alone time possibly a little too much? If so WHO CARES!

Oh, I'm holding at 143 still as of today. I weighed myself yesterday and it said 144 even but this morning it said 143.4. A little disheartening that I didn't lose any weight last week but good to know I didn't gain any. My goal for this week is to finally see 140. I should have gone to the gym this morning but I was hungry and needed to eat otherwise I would have passed out trying to get my workout on.

I'm going to really push myself to work out extra hard this week and to really watch those calories carefully. I'm not going to weigh myself until this time next Monday.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Recently downloaded to my iPod: P!nk's entire I'm Not Dead CD from last year. I never really loved the whole Stupid Girls song when it came out but this CD is pretty awesome to work out to. My favorite track 'Fingers'.

I found the video on YouTube but didn't want to embed it. You can click here if you want to see it.

I realize P!nk isn't for everyone so if you are easily offended then don't click here (same link, different spot) to see her but click here instead.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Calling All Stoners

Call me crazy but I'm guessing the people at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale won't be getting the funding they want for this one.

"SIUC's smoking laboratory plans to request a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to help them find out why so many cigarette smokers also smoke marijuana, the lab's director David Gilbert said. If approved, Gilbert said the study - which would examine the effects of marijuana on human subjects - would likely begin in early 2009.

The marijuana study would be somewhat similar to the research the lab has done on nicotine, Gilbert said. Participants would smoke marijuana cigarettes obtained from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and researchers would monitor their brain activity with devices, including some that track eye movement and brainwaves, he said.

Before the study can be done on human subjects, the project must be submitted to the university's Human Subjects Committee, Martens said. The committee is designed to ensure research on human subjects is ethical and moral."

Hmmm, ethical and moral are you kidding me with that one?!

I read that they want to submit 64 people to this study and have it span upwards to three years. Something tells me the people who came up with this idea must have surely toked a few themselves and were still feeling the effects when they thought it would be cool to propose this idea.

I mean come on. How can it be considered moral and ethical to introduce a highly addictive controlled substance to individuals and then after the study is over expect them to not suffer from the effects all in the name of research?

Plus, lets hope they aren't planning on getting kids from campus that are actually planning on getting a degree (or doing pretty much anything productive) within those three or so years. Because first of all just the short-term effects of marijuana use include problems with memory and learning; distorted perception (sights, sounds, time, touch); difficulty in thinking and problem solving; loss of coordination; and increased heart rate, anxiety, and panic attacks. How'd you like to sit next to these kids during a lecture?!!

I would think they would have to recruit "seasoned" stoners to avoid an ethical issue right from the start. Can you seriously introduce someone who has never smoked before to this study? I wouldn't think so. Sorry but this just blows my mind they are seriously considering this as a research study.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall watching all the willing participants signing up for this one. Woodstock anyone? Hope the researchers ask for plenty of extra money for Doritos and Twinkies because they're going to need a munchies stipend for sure!

My money is riding on the fact that whoever makes the funding decision about this will puff puff pass on it and this little study will never see the light of day.

Now if Honah Lee State University had cooked up this idea they just might have gotten away with it no questions asked!

What are your thoughts?

And by the way, Honah Lee State University, I made that one up.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Can I Get A Screwdriver Over Here!!

I have this theory that every little boy should come, not with a set of instructions on how to raise them, but with a friggin set of phillips head screwdrivers. I can't begin to guess the amount of times I've had to search this house over for a phillips head, usually of the size that is not in the kitchen drawer, to fix something that A1 or A2 have thrust in my lap.

Why is it though that every single time I need a screwdriver I can't find one? It's not like we don't have a blue billion of them around here of all sizes. It's gotten to the point today that I'm looking for a screwdriver of the liquid sorts or else I'm going to rip all of my hair out!

A1's getting a little better at it since he can now fix things on his own and about the most he needs to do these days is replace a battery or two but A2 is the worst right now. I'll bet you within the last two hours alone I've had to take apart a truck that he shoved another one of his cars inside so far that it got stuck (not once but three times), another car that the batteries finally ran down on but he pitched a fit for me to replace, and some sort of bouncing ball thing that for some reason (A2) or another got jammed up with some sort of unidentifiable gunk. I'm guessing silly putty to be the culprit in that debacle.

Preschool update: A2 went again on Monday and instead of crying he went straight to Miss S and even blew me a kiss goodbye. I was SO proud of him. I try to give him a pep talk on the way there to let him know that he's going to go play with kids and I think he was actually looking forward to it yesterday. I picked him up and he was telling all the teachers bye in his sweet little voice and waving to them. I can tell they are all putty in his hands after only three days. How can they not be? He's the only boy with five girls in the class. What can I say I'm partial to little boys myself.

Weight watchers update: I stepped on the scale on Saturday and it said 143. I was pretty darn excited to see that number. I was hoping it wasn't a fluke so I weighed again today and it read 143.4. woo hoo for me. I'm feeling pretty good and actually look forward to working out even more now. Last week was sort of tough because I literally had NO energy whatsoever and didn't work out but one time. Don't know if I was sick and rundown or just extra lazy.

I've been working out for the past few days again though and even went to the gym yesterday after I dropped off A2. There were only about four other people there which made it perfect. I worked out with two grandmas and some smiley old man that I'm glad left after only 20 minutes. He's one of those that is probably harmless but something about the way he's looking at you gives you the creeps.

I didn't stay super long because I felt a little awkward trying to workout by myself on all the equipment. Plus there was a trainer there and I felt like she was rolling her eyes at me because she knew I had no clue what I was doing. (Bitch)

I officially love Friend 2 more than anyone else on earth right now! I called her this morning to see what was new in her world and we decided to meet up for lunch. I get out of the car to get A2 out at O'Charley's and she said to me, "wow, skinny, you've really lost some weight!"

She.Called.Me.Skinny! I know she was exaggerating a tad bit but w00t! she called me skinny. I'll have to admit I was feeling pretty good before that because I put on this pair of green Old Navy flood pants that I had worn over the summer because I was determined to get in them even though they were a little lot snug around the middle but today I put them on and they fit like they were suppose to. No spillage whatsoever. Her saying that just made it so much sweeter. After I got home I decided to try on this pair of size 8 denim capris that I haven't worn in two years (I have the 2005 ToysRUs receipt in the pocket as proof) and guess what......they too fit perfect. NO spillage. I could not believe it. I was extremely happy about this because this particular pair were 100% cotton and not of the stretch material. Look out Daddy, hope you are prepared to fork over that $25 iTunes card!!

Moving on: I'm so excited fall is just around the corner. This is my absolute favorite time of year, both of my children are July babies, you do the figuring on that one! I love it when the weather cools down just enough that I can open up the windows and turn on the ceiling fans. Two days last week and over the weekend I had all the windows up. I had to shut them back though today, it's too hot when big girls crack a sweat standing in front of the sink washing muffin pans.

Know what else I'm excited about? Some good television that's coming on tonight. I'm sad that tonight is the season finale of Big Brother. I'll officially be going through Big Brother withdrawal by tomorrow. Good thing Survivor starts on Thursday. I'm happy that Dick and Daniele are the final two. I'm guessing Dick will win it all at least that's what I'm hoping for anyway. I know I said I was going to dish on it all summer but since I didn't know if all two of you that read this watch or not I figured I would spare you the boredom if you didn't. Also tonight The Biggest Loser. I've only watched that show all the way through one time and that was the very first group that was on. I watched it last week though and can't wait to see how this group does. I'm pretty sure it's because I want to lose weight myself that I'm interested in it. Plus Alison Sweeney (Sami) from Days of our Lives is the new host and I love her! Anyway both of those come on tonight and I'm really looking forward to it.

Dilemma of the Day: What am I going to do about A2 sleeping in our bed at night?! I created a monster a few months back when he was sick and his nose was stuffy and instead of leaving him in his own bed, that is on the complete other end of the house, I put him in bed with us. At the time I thought it would just work out better for me and his dad because we were both worried about him and didn't want to have to get up 100 times to go back there just to check on him. Well that has now turned into him sleeping with us every single night since that time and while it was cute and sweet for a while I am now ready to either A: hog tie him to his own bed so he will stay in there all night or B: move into the spare bedroom downstairs.

I guess it really wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that he doesn't sleep so much in the middle but completely on top of me where I only have about two inches to work with and we have a friggin king size bed. He flops around in the middle of the night and it's pretty much a guarantee that at some point I'm going to have a foot or maybe even both feet clobber me in the head sometime around 3 or 3:30 in the morning. Even worse than that though, he grits his teeth, LOUD. That makes my skin crawl. I'd rather hear nails raking across a chalkboard than to hear someone grit their teeth. (ugh, it's makes me shudder just thinking about it!)

I tried to encourage him to sleep in his bed on more than one occasion and sometimes is works until he hears me trying to slip out of his room. At that point it's all over with. I've rocked him to sleep in his room several times and put him down in his bed but he wakes up in the middle of the night and comes screaming through the house to the side of our bed and at that point one of us will pick him up and lay him down in between us.

One night last week I decided to try to get him to sleep in his bed. I hadn't slept good for a while and had heard enough of hubby's bitching and moaning about not being able to cuddle next to his wife. I tried a technique I saw on Super Nanny where the mom would sit in the room with the child and not interact with them at all except to place them in bed each time they would get up. That was hard.

A2 knew I was up to something and was determined to get a reaction out of me. He kept trying to hand me his blanket and when I wouldn't take it he would get out of bed and put it on me. After that he would cry for me to hand it back to him but I refused. I never touched it and that was pissing him off. He knew I was trying to get him to go to sleep in his bed and he didn't want any part of it. He cried when I ignored him and cried even harder when he got out of bed and I picked him up and put him back in it. That went on for at least two hours.

At about 1 in the morning I decided I'd had enough and left him in his room to cry it out. (I know I'm horrible) I don't have a problem with letting him cry it out as long as he isn't hurting himself then crying won't kill him.

BUT - What does Hubby dear do? Hubby gets out of bed and goes in there and gets A2 and takes him to bed with him. In all of 30 seconds he had managed to shit on about two hours of my struggling and coaxing A2 to lay down. I was livid. It took all the patience I had in my body (which isn't much if you know me at all!) not to go in there with a skillet upside my husbands head. He knew what I was trying to do but because it was so late and he had to get up in the morning he said he needed to get some sleep therefore A2 got exactly what he wanted. Some days I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle.

I've tried to make his room as cool as possible. It's decked out with all things Spongebob and he has his little Spongebob "waterbaby" in there right beside him. He's got a cool Spongebob night light but he just won't stay in there. I've never had this problem with him before. Right from the start after we brought him home from the hospital he slept in his crib and never whimpered but now that he's older he just won't do it. Is it my fault? I'm sure. According to my husband it's absolutely my fault. Can I fix it? Who knows, I need some advice!! Otherwise this kid is going to be sleeping with us right up through high school.

Funny thing is, I never had this problem with A1. About the worst he would do is come into our room and sleep on the floor on my side of the bed. For some reason he didn't want to sleep with us he just wanted to sleep near us. I would have to do a floor check before getting out of bed so I didn't step right in the middle of him up until about two or three years ago. Now his grandparents were a different story, I think that kid would still be sleeping with them had I not made him start sleeping in the spare room every time we go in to visit. I blame the grandparents for that one.

I know there are some people out there that advocate co sleeping but I'm more of an advocate of a good nights sleep. Who knows maybe I'll try to get him to go to sleep in his own bed tonight and hope that hubby knows what's good for him and doesn't mess up my process again. If he does then it really won't matter if A2 sleeps in the king bed because with his daddy sleeping on the couch there should be plenty of room for the two of us.

I'm not going to edit this so have fun laughing at my mistakes!

Friday, September 14, 2007

One Word

More like three...What the hell?

Like Mother, Like Son

Don't know how I could have forgotten to post this up, chalk it up to my Internet causing me grief and massive brain fartage but let me tell you how my husband almost stroked out the other night.

It was last week sometime when I decided to go all girly and hit up the make-up, bikini wax, and fake fingernail section of our lovely neighborhood Wal-Mart. By the way, I've got some product reviews coming up.

I came home with all my goodies and decided to put on the press on nails one night while the husband was sitting on the big couch playing on the computer and A2 was bumbling around in his normal manner.

Naturally A2 was very curious about what I was doing and wanted to touch everything I had sitting out. The kit came with a tiny emery board that I was using to scruff up the tops of my nails so the glue would hold better.

Curiosity got the better of little A2 and he came over and stuck his fingers out for me to rub the emery board on his fingers. I took his little hand and did it easy across a couple of his finger tips.

This warranted a stern look from over top of the computer from hubby dear.

I didn't pay him (hubby) much attention and went about my business. He's still a little unhappy about the fact that a while back I was painting my toenails and A2 insisted I do one of his. I obliged and he freaked his daddy out with one pink big toe.

Anyway, back to my story, I measured out my nails and had them sitting across the arm of the little couch and A2 came over and of course had to touch all 10.

He was seriously interested in what I was doing.

Once I got ready to get the glue out I had forgotten to take the little stick thingy and push back my cuticles. So I bent over and got the box out from under the couch. (I had to put it up under there so A2 would leave it alone.) At that point I was sitting with my butt on the edge of the couch with my legs crossed pushing back the cuticles.

Here comes the good part.

A2 decided to hop up on the couch beside me and point and grunt at the emery board that I had put on the arm since I was finished with it. I didn't think anything of it and just handed it over to him.

Guess what he did?

He pushed his little butt to the edge of the couch just like me, crossed his right leg over his left, and started rubbing that emery board over his fingers. I would have given anything if somebody had been able to take a picture of the two of us sitting there like that!

I lost it and busted out laughing.

Hubby looked up from over the computer this time and almost shit his pants. The look on his face was well worth the $5.98 I paid for that box of Revlon Press-On Nails. Naturally I got screamed at to "NOT LET THAT BOY DO THAT, WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY!?!"


I couldn't stop laughing and went about my business again. A2 thought it was funny too because he kept right on filing. He got bored with it after about 30 seconds but that was the best 30 seconds ever!

Needless to say hubby shut the computer, grabbed up some cars and told A2 to get down in the floor with him to play.

I'm guessing this preschool thing we've started A2 in will be good for him since it'll give him exposure to other people but if nothing else maybe my husband's life expectancy will increase if he thinks A2 will emulate me less after going up there a couple times a week.

(I doubt it.)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

All Ye of Little Faith

REPENT! (I'm really just talking to myself there.) Holy cow he did it! Last night after much fussin and cussin, a little finger nail polish remover and a few dabs of glue my husband managed to completely disassemble my iPod (again), replace the broken clicker wheel, put it all back together and it WORKED. Most amazing of all, there were no spare parts.

I have to totally apologize to him now for not believing he would ever pull this one off. So here goes:

Dear Honey, Sorry for making fun of you, er, I mean not having faith in you. You Rock. Love you. Now will you buy me the new 8GB red one already?!

Man that felt good!

Now I just have to decide which song I want to uncheck so that I can fit Britney's new Gimme More on it since it's completely full. I have 5.8 GB worth of music right now in my iTunes but only 3.68 will fit on my iAppendage.

Now that all most of the Britney bashing is dying down over her VMA performance I'm going to throw my two cents in because I didn't want to appear to be jumping on any bandwagons.

I watched her performance live and then had to go back and watch it at least two more times before I could give my proper assessment. My first reaction was, "oh, my goodness why is she wearing that!"

NOT BECAUSE SHE WAS FAT, but because I knew she was going to have hell to pay from the media. She was asking for that one to be served up on a silver platter. Here she is the little pop tart that has made a career out of being sexy with her rock hard abs and kick ass ass looking less than rock hard. Believe me, I would love to have the confidence it took to wear that outfit in front of millions of people and to look as good as she did in it but it wasn't a smart move on her part at all. She should know by now that people are brutal and would pounce.

As for the song, I obviously think it's a catchy little tune since I snagged it from Limewire last night in the hopes that my iPod would once again work.

The "dancing" blew. Again, here is someone that is known for her sexy dancing and well choreographed moves and she was faking her way through it. My initial comment about her dancing was that she was dancing like "Jessica." My husband didn't get that one either so I'll explain.

Before Jessica Simpson got revamped for her little Daisy Duke routine that girl danced like the stiffest white girl ever. I know you've seen black people make fun of how white people dance and that is exactly how Jessica danced when she first burst into the spotlight. It was almost painful to watch. That's how Britney was moving on Sunday night. Maybe she partied too hard, maybe she just didn't give a shit but whatever the reason it was apparent she was only giving about 10%.

I'm wondering if the whole thing was set up by MTV to have her fail miserably. Before the show was to even air all I heard was how Britney was going to make this smashing comeback with smoke and mirrors and magic and acrobatics. At the last minute they nixed it on her and made her redo the whole thing because the initial performance was too "dangerous and/or complicated." Well hell's bells, that would piss me off. Here she is preparing for one thing and they yank the rug out from under her. It's almost like they didn't really care about her so called comeback because they just secretly wanted to be the network that caught her final downfall on tape for the world to see.

That's really all I have to say about it. I feel sorry for her on the one hand because she's got some psychological issues going on that really need to be addressed not only for her boys sake but for her own good. On the other hand she perpetuates a lot of her issues and, being an adult of her own free will, has no one to blame but herself.

One last thing, if you watched her performance then answer me this: Am I the only one that thought she flashed her cooter? Hubs said I was crazy but I'm pretty sure that when she crouched down and was swinging her leg back and forth you could see at least a little bit of her cooter area. It could just be me since there hasn't been a firestorm about that in the media.

Just curious that's all.

I'm off to clean my closet out and listen to my iPod (w00t!). Have a happy Thursday.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yo Crappa Crappa

My Internet service still isn't perfect but at least my last post made it through the weekend. It's so annoying to have to get up and shlep across the house to the playroom to unplug the router every time the stupid Internet decides to crap out on me. It's crapped out on me right now and I won't be able to publish this post until I go back there and reset it for the fourth time already today and I've only been online for about 30 minutes!!

So it was too good to be true, I started this post Tuesday morning at around 10 and here I sit again at about 6 p.m. trying to see if my damn Internet will connect up and the answer was no. Thank goodness I’m smart enough to copy and paste my work into WordPerfect so I can at least save my work. It's now 10 p.m. and I'm finally back online.

Arrrgh!! I’m so frustrated with Comcast right now I could scream!!!

ANYWAY, Guess who went to preschool yesterday??!! Yep, A2's first day was Monday and I'm pretty sure I took it harder than he did. Just so you know, A2 is not an early riser so for me to wake that child up at 8:45 and for him to be in good spirits helped start the morning off on a good note. I figured he would be a grumpy little bear cub but he surprised me.

I got him ready and tried to explain to him that I was taking him to school to play with kids. He'd repeat "scew" and showed a little excitement even. Only because he had no idea what I was talking about. We hit the door and got there at about 9:15, which is about 15 minutes before everybody else. I was hoping that by getting there early that he'd have his fit behind him before the other kids got there and he didn't freak them out. I'm thoughtful like that.

The lady met me at the counter and said it would be easier to just hand him over and go so I did. He reached for me and cried for about 10 seconds but once she went into the room and showed him the box full of cars and the mat to drive them on I was nothing more than a memory.

I hung around for about five more minutes to see if maybe he'd remember me but nope he didn't. I left and didn't really know what to do with myself. I haven't had alone time in.......forfreakingever!

So what did I do? Did I go shopping? Nope. Did I just come back and relax? Nope. Did I do anything at all just for me? Nope again. I straightened up my living room and bedroom then I cleaned my kitchen up and scrubbed my toilets and showers out. I took out the garbage and cleaned out the garbage can. I know. I'm so wild! The whole time I was missing my baby. What is wrong with me? I had two and a half hours all to myself to do whatever I wanted and I moped around missing my little shadow.

I left a little (ok, a lot) early so I could go pick him up and to hopefully get to spy on him just a little bit. It didn't really work out for me though because they were all in line coming back from the gym and he saw me so that backfired a bit. The teachers said he had a fantastic time and played really well with the cars. When we were leaving he pointed to the room they ate their snacks in and said "nack." Aww, my baby's a preschooler now. I was secretly hoping that he wouldn't like it and I could talk the husband into waiting until he was three to try it again.

He's here with me today but goes back again tomorrow. He only goes on Monday and Wednesday. I have a feeling I'll be able to enjoy tomorrow a lot more than I did yesterday as long as he takes to it as well as he did yesterday. I'm planning on going to the gym since I've totally bombed on working out this week. I haven't exercised since Friday and I'm feeling like crap on a stick right about now because of it.

In my defense I did have my "friend" drop in on me Sunday and who wants to work out while all that is going on? I'll tell you who doesn't and that's me! All weekend I wasn't even caring about that $25 iTunes card. I was way bitchier than normal over the weekend and completely exhausted for most of it even though I didn't do much at all. Matter of fact I spent the entire day Saturday in my pajamas. It was weird though because every time I would get up or try to stand in one place for longer than five minutes I would feel like I was going to pass out. I was hoping it would get me out of having to cook but that didn't work AT ALL. I could be in a friggin' coma and there'd be somebody around here bugging the hell out of me about what's for dinner.

Major potty training news to report right here in the middle of everything. I really need to work on my segues. A2 pooped on the big potty for the first time this weekend. w00t!! That was a major accomplishment. He was super proud of himself as were we. His dad of course takes full responsibility for getting him to do it. I'll let him have it.

Speaking of the crapper, want to hear how we avoided spending a minimum of $500 or so on our stupid septic tank? Sunday afternoon we were all sitting around in the living room when Hubs jumps up and says I hear the alarm going off downstairs. I had no freaking clue what he was talking about so I follow him down there. Turns out our septic tank has a pump on it that carries the waste down to another tank. (Complicated but that's what I understand it to do.) If the pump goes out the alarm sounds to let you know that it needs to be fixed otherwise the backyard is about thisclose to becoming a massive shithole. WHAT.FUN.

He silenced the alarm and everyone was put on water restrictions until we figured out what we were going to do. Monday morning he called the septic guy and he says that judging by what hubs was saying our pump has gone out and we have to have it replaced. That's about $300 itself but before that can be replaced they would have to bring some huge ass truck out to our backyard and completely pump all the shit out of our tank. About another $250 he was guessing. He also threw in the fact that it could cost more if something else is the cause of the problem. This is just the "best case scenario," geez that's great!

Well, they were supposed to be here yesterday afternoon but they never called which I am sooo glad that they didn't because despite the bitching I like to do about my husband, he's a pretty smart guy and pretty freaking handy to have around (unless he's trying to fix your iPod). He woke up this morning, apparently with shit on the brain, (sorry) and decided to go try something out downstairs. He had the brilliant thought that the problem could just be that there isn't any electricity getting out there to the pump and sure enough after trying out several different things THAT was the real problem.

Apparently our swimming pool pump had kicked a breaker or something or another out there and all it took was hub resetting everything. After about 10 minutes the alarm light had gone off and the pump had pumped everything down to where it needed to be. He managed to figure all of that out on his own and thankfully didn't have to disassemble anything thank goodness. I don't think I could find a Glad bag big enough for the left over parts from that.

How lucky was that though!!! Not only did we skirt having to shell out more than $500 I can go back to whining and begging for a new iPod. Yes, I'm full aware of the fact that I'm about as shallow as our freaking septic tank but who the hell cares, my iPod is broken (pretty much)!! Besides, I didn't say one word about it yesterday. I figured having a place to shit won out over listening to tunes. Just sayin'.

I've seriously got to cut this off here. Have you seen that show on Nick called Yo Gabba Gabba? If not then, let me warn you to never.ever. watch it. It ranks up there with the intelligence level of those damn Wonder Pets but this show scares the shit out of A2 when it comes on. He cries until I find the remote and change it.

Here's a picture of the crew.

Scary stuff man. They all start the show by shouting Yo Gabba Gabba over and over again. Who can blame the little guy for being scared?!

Ok, I've got to post this quick and keep my fingers crossed there aren't any huge mistakes because I'm afraid I won't have time to edit before the Internet goes down on me again. (That was funny and I didn't even mean it to be.)

I'll keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow it'll be better and I can give a report of A2's second day at preschool, the progress of my iPod since my part came in and how I tried to break the co-sleeping habit Monday night but husband came in and shit all over my efforts.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Technical Difficulties: Insert funny post here

Nope I didn't go into hiding this week but I've had some annoying ass problems with both my computer and the Internet. This is actually the third time this week that I've tried to post something and because the last two disappeared into oblivion I'm not going to make this one very long until I know it's going to post and stick. This could all be blogger's fault too, I haven't decided for sure which one I'm pissed at right now.

So here's a quick recap of just what's been going on around here this week that you have missed out on.

Brace yourself:

Monday - we all came back from visiting friends and family over the holiday weekend. I hadn't worked out since Friday so I was anxious to get back at it. Hubby and the boys sat around and watched television and played on the computers. I actually managed to sneak in a nap if you can believe that!

Tuesday - don't even remember...too many days ago. I did work out. I think I do recall bitching out my husband for the umpteenth time for taking my iPod apart Sunday night and completely screwing up the clicker wheel. Oh dear, if you thought it was ghetto before you should see it now!

He did manage to fix the broken screen but now the damn thing will not work unless the radio component is plugged into it and that will only advance the songs forward and back. No shuffle, no seeing the songs or artists or pretty much anything. It won't even turn on without the radio adapter.

I have seriously been hell on this iPod. He claims to have ordered a new clicker wheel and that he can fix it now with no problems. We'll see, I'm certainly not going to be holding my breath for it!

Wednesday - this was suppose to be A2's first day at preschool but he didn't make it. When we came home on Monday afternoon he picked up the shitz from somewhere and by 8:45 that morning he was still grossing me out pretty bad with it. The preschool lady said to stay home and he'd have his first day on Monday (translated: don't bring him here so we can all trot back and forth to the bathroom with that mess!!).

I think we actually went out to lunch with hubby dear on this day. Oh yeah, we did and do you know he had the nerve to bitch me out for letting the baby "play hooky"!! What the hell??!! I should have smeared the "hockey" in his face and asked him if that looked like hooky to him! Too bad I think this shit up after the fact. Worked out again. It's starting to pretty much be part of my daily routine.

I will be collecting that $25 iTunes card from my daddy!

Thursday - pretty blah day. Woke up with the blues for really no reason at all. I'm pretty sure it's PMS related. It finally rained and I was loving that. I had to force myself to workout but I'm always glad I do it when I'm finished. One reason I'm pretty sure my blues were PMS related: I had to break out the nursing bra just to run on the treadmill. The "girls" were sore as shit bouncing around down there the day before! But oh well it was worth it, I'm at 144 and feeling pretty good about it.

I got a wild hair and decided to put on some press on nails today. I use to be pretty good at it. I'd put them on and people would never believe I did them myself and that they only cost me $5 from Wal-Mart. Well, I'm a bit out of practice and A2 was climbing all over me when I put these on so a couple of them are a little crooked and more than two of them have rough spots on them where my friggin finger got stuck to the tops of them while I was trying to get them positioned. Thank goodness the packages now come with enough tips so you can do them at least one more time. They don't look horrible (from a distance) but that really crooked ass pointer one is starting to bug me! Oh well, maybe the glue will loosen up sooner rather than later and I can try it again sometime while A2's asleep.

Ooh, important news of the week. I think it was Thursday, I don't know maybe it was Wednesday, that I saw the new iPods and just so you know, I will not let up the whining until I get one of the new 8GB red ones. Hubby dear can have the one that I have now, that still hasn't been fixed, since he's very familiar (insert loud snicker and massive eye roll here) with the inner workings of it now.

I'm seriously going to cry and whine until I get one. I'm spoiled like that (and petty too I guess). But have you seen them? They are awesome! See. I really really really really really really really want one.

Today - it's rained pretty much all day and it's been the most beautiful thing. We were in desperate need of moisture around here. A2 shocked me and actually ate two and a half of the four nuggets that I fixed for him today. That's pretty major around here since he eats absolutely nothing I fix for him. Ever. How sad is it that the fact that my two year old actually consumed food was the highlight of my day??

I'm currently sitting here contemplating making some more ring tones for my phone. I'm more than a little bored since both of the kids have conked out in front of the television (insert super loud w00t here!!).

This is all I've got. Yep, I know this is boring but for now it's all I can do. My damn Internet has caused me more grief this week than I care to admit, plus my new computer has some sort of freaky glitch in it that makes the screen flake out on me during random processes. It just shut down on me again about 30 minutes ago and it's a brand freaking new computer! I'm starting to wonder if I'm some sort of technical jinx.

So I'm just testing the waters right now. I'll post this up and keep my fingers crossed that it stays. If it's still there tomorrow then I'll try to post something a little more interesting but don't get too excited about it. It is my life we're talking about here. This may be as interesting as it gets.

Happy weekend out there!