Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Case You Were Wonderin'

Yep, that's me. Kinda corny I know but I love corny. It rocks! It was brought to my attention that as an outsider looking into this sweet and sassy little blog I have here, that it could be misconstrued that I am not happy in my relationship with the Huz and that the kiddie poo's are nothing but a burden to me.

Well, that just ain't so! Huz and I have been with each other for many many moons and although we get on each other's nerves I'm guessing he and I will be poking jabs at each other from our rocking chairs. He'll need one before me but that's another story. **smooches honey** Sure I like to poke fun at dear old Huz and bitch and moan about some of the things he does that grates my nerves, but that's what I love about him. And the fact that he puts up with me makes it all worth the wile. Plus last time I checked, about every other household in America or where ever has similar situations taking place in them. I just put mine out there for whoever has nothing better to do to read and maybe get a chuckle. As for the kids, they are my life. Granted they suck it out of me from time to time but I'd be nothing without any of them. I'm not up for Mommy/Wife of the Year or anything like that but we have a happy little home that keeps us all ticking. I wouldn't trade all the oil in Texas (or someother cheesy little saying you can think of) for my little family. Most of the things I say here are meant to be taken in a light hearted manner. Believe me if I didn't like something or someone it'd be apparent. See: Paging Dr. Freud. So there. And yes I am well aware that I have waaaay too much free time on my hands.