Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What's this taste like mom?

Last post date was February 6th! Oh my goodness. How did I let that happen? I guess my fast paced, jam packed life just wouldn't allow time for me to come here and blog. Or it could be that I'm lying right now and don't want to really admit that I've just been too lazy to blog. Take your pick. I'll go along with either choice.

New resolution: Try to blog at least ten minutes a day even if it's about nothing at all.

Plus, I've spent the past few days in front of the television watching the three ring circus that is/was Anna Nicole Smith's life unfold. Everyday I think to myself, "self, this really couldn't get any more screwed up" and what happens? It gets more and more complex every day. I really feel sorry for the baby and just hope they get the paternity thing cleared up soon. My money is riding on Birkhead. He seems genuine albeit a media whore at the same time.

Ok, what's new with me: Went to the doctor last week and that wasn't fun. How can anyone really enjoy having some stranger poking and prodding around where they don't belong. What's worse is that there is another person in the room with them doing nothing but just standing there watching. By the time I was finished I was sure I was owed at least a little something for the peep show.

What else: I got me an iPod over the weekend. I whined and cried about it enough that I was certain hubby was going to give in and get me one. He's a tough bird. It takes me longer to break him down these days. So the coolest person in the whole wide world got one for me. They know who they are and they rock! I've spent the past two days doing nothing else but loading it up with songs. I have anything from Mariah Carey to Madonna to George Strait to the Bee Gees on it and I LOVE it with a capital L! Now A1 doesn't have to worry about me jamming out to his or looking for an excuse to ground him just for that purpose.

A1 won his battle with me over taking him to get Ben and Jerry's. He's only been begging for it for the past month. I did a bad bad thing and introduced it to him a few months ago and he's hooked. They have to lace that stuff with crack or something because once you start you just can't stop. I'm so proud of myself though because when I took him today I just got him some and didn't get one for myself. The last time we went he got one, I got one, we brought them home and ate the entire contents of our containers while watching the night before's Desperate Housewives. And I wondered why I was getting fat! That's our Monday ritual. He comes home from school. We stop what is going on and watch that show. We're addicted. He'd crap if he knew I was calling him out on watching it but oh well.

Speaking of fat. I'm woo hoo proud of myself for still working out on a regular schedule on the Bowflex of Doom. I do it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I'll have to testify that their claim of a better body in six weeks is a little bit of a stretch but I can actually see some good results. I'm not quite at the point where I'd like to be but getting there little by little. I'm fitting into my jeans better and each week when I try on a different pair that maybe didn't fit a couple weeks ago they button. I'm a jeans whore, I literally have about 40 pair of jeans and the more I fit into the happier I get. I've also been running on Tuesdays and Thursdays every chance I get. I don't beat myself up about it though if I don't get around to it.

A2 is still getting into things he shouldn't. Right now he's sitting beside me eating a Valentine's Day card that his Granddaddy and Nana mailed to him. Yes, I said eating. It's really quite gross and I should probably stop him but hell, I can't get him to eat anything else so I'm guessing paper won't hurt him. Besides I'm blogging right now and it feels GOOD.

While I'm on the subject of him eating, here's something a little funny he did today. He and I jumped in the bathtub this afternoon for our long overdue bath. It'd been since Monday since we had one. Again, gross I know but who has time!! Anyway, it was so cute because he grabbed the bar of soap that was on the ledge and of course it slipped out of his hands but he didn't care. He had some soap on his hands and started rubbing my back. I was putty in his hands. He tried to get the soap again but of course it slipped out every time. We continued on with our bath and since he insisted on sliding the door open and shut about a thousand times I was freezing to death and ready to get out. I started to let the water out and he stayed in to play as it drained. Well, as I was drying off I heard and awful racket coming from him and a clunking noise. He had picked up the soap and apparently wondered what it would taste like. I'm guessing he didn't like it because the racket was him spitting soap out of his mouth and the clunking was the soap being slung across the tub. I picked it up and put it on the counter for a picture. I about peed myself from laughing so hard at him. I'll add a picture so you can see just how big of a chunk he tried to bite out of it.

It looks like that on the other side as well. He was going to make it a good ole' bite. My money is on the notion that he won't be trying it again anytime soon.

Well, I'm off to scoff at the new American Idol. So far I'm not too impressed this season but I'll give my two cents on it tomorrow. Enjoy your Valentine's Day. I'm enjoying mine. I heart my guys, especially hubby since he came home at lunch today with a dozen roses, taco bell and a radio adapter for my iPod as my Valentine's Day present. Now I can jam out to the radio through my iPod. Coolest.Thing.Ever. A1 is so green over it. I told him we could share though since I'm a cool mom like that.