Sunday, February 25, 2007

Popcorn and Dr. Pepper

I am in heaven. Well, not literally but pretty close. It's been a pretty rough week but lo and behold I can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm guessing that after tonight I will not have to endure another home cooked meal from the huz for quite some time and that makes my tummy say hooray! I don't know what happened to him because when we first met that man could actually cook an edible meal and didn't mind it too much. Now, not so edible and bitches and moans if he has to actually cook something. I can't complain too much though, he's actually stepped up to the plate and helped me out since I haven't been feeling so hot. I'm not sure who's looking forward to him going back to work in the morning, him or me. **Probably me**

Right now he and A1 have gone to Wal-mart and Sam's for the weekly grocery, stocking up on things we don't need, and forgetting stuff we do run and A2 and I are enjoying a humongous bowl of popcorn and Dr. Pepper. LOVE THAT STUFF! Hopefully this will curb my appetite for whatever he decides to whip up for supper. My hamburger from last night is still on the kitchen counter with about two bites out of it. Seriously, how can you mess up a hamburger??

I'm gearing up for tomorrow's clean-o-rama that is long overdue. I walked into A1's bathroom this afternoon, for I'm not sure what, and had to catch myself before falling into the floor. How can one person get one area so nasty? I haven't been able to clean it up all week and I can tell. I'm seriously considering looking for a haz-mat suit before tomorrow rolls around. His toilet was just gross and the sink had some bluish green substance I can only deduce as toothpaste/mouthwash glommed to the side of the sink basin and there was some white toothpaste spittle on the actual sink nozzle. Gross! There were underwear on the floor in front of the hamper that was less than two inches away. What is it with men and the damn laundry hamper? It's as if they have a physical aversion to hitting the freaking thing.

The dishes that the guys put away last night will have to be rearranged and put in their proper place and the playroom is an absolute disaster area. A2 dumped his car/truck bucket out on the floor and there are candy wrappers everywhere. I swear, all of the trash cans around here must have some sort of magnetic force field that repels any object hurtled in their direction. Oh well, it could be worse I guess.

Can you believe I missed Thursday's episode of American Idol? I almost cried. Laugh if you must but I did. I finally caught up on the shows that were on the DVR and from what I saw they cut the right ones. I made notes on the girls and I'm geared up for this weeks competition. I read somewhere that we may be treated to a Beatles week. I would crap my pants if that comes true. I love the Beatles. I also heard there may be a Gwen Stefani week. Kill me now if that is true. That shit would be B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!! I truly think that the guys better step it up if they want to remain in the game. Right now it seems like it's a girls competition to lose. I like Sabrina Sloan, Jordin Sparks and the girl that sang first on Wednesday night. Can't remember her name. I could Google it I guess but I'm lazy. Plus, I plan on giving a full out dish next week. I'm excited. Probably a little too excited but hey who cares!

Let's just hope I actually get some work done around here and don't get too caught up in the saga that is the Anna Nicole Show 2.0. I was kinda glad to be under the weather last week because it gave me a legitimate excuse to sit around and waste so much time watching that debacle. Can you believe all that mess? Judge Fonzie, I mean Seidlin, was a hoot. He sure had everyone in an uproar. I thought Dan Abrams was going to pop a blood vessel bitching about the guy and that Nancy Grace lady gets under my skin but I watch her every night now just to see how much of a bitch she is going to be to her guests. This lady has a serious ego complex.

Gotta run. A1 and Huz will be back soon and I have to dispose of the popcorn evidence before they arrive and rinse out A2's cup so there is no trace of Dr. Pepper in it. Don't want that lecture! Is it Monday yet?