Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spoiled Rotten

My family is spoiled rotten. Seriously. I guess I have known this all along but today it became very clear to me that I have probably done harm to my family by spoiling them so bad. They have no idea what it takes to be mom.

There's nothing like being under the weather for a few days, more like a week or so, and having to rely on your husband and children to take care of themselves, you, and the house. I think the poor fish didn't get to eat for about three days because I wasn't able to feed him. **Sorry about that little fella** At least they prioritsed things, meaning they basically just took care of themselves and me a little. The house looks like total ass and I'm sooo dreading having to get up and clean it.

What's funny though is that when I walked through the kitchen this morning I knew that if they continued to want to eat then they would have to clean at least a little bit of counter space off and empty one of the sinks.

Let the fun begin. Huz and A1 were both in the kitchen gagging and moaning over the gross dishes they had left over the last couple of days. **I'm snickering from the couch** They are fussing at each other that it should have been thrown out the other day. Hello, I told them that but since I'm under the influence of pain meds I guess I was delirious at the time. Now they have to empty the dishwasher. They have NO CLUE where anything goes. How is that? They know where to get the damn dishes when then use them but they can't seem to make them all fit back into the cabinets. I must be a magician because I make them fit. A1 comes around the corner asking, "where do you keep this one" about every five seconds.

I can't handle this. Where's my pain medicine?


* said...

Hey sorry to hear you're under the weather. Wish I was closer I'd bring soup, movies and do some cleaning. Ok ok you got me but I'd definitely bring soup and movies! Feel better soon!