Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I Love This Cheesy Show

Woo hoo hootie hoo. I actually caught tonight's episode of American Idol while it was on. Didn't have to wait or anything. I have no life. I told you they would play up the Jennifer Hudson Oscar win. How in the hell can these clowns lay claim to her winning anything. Sure she was on that show but as I recall they gave her hell and didn't feel bad at all once she got the boot. But didn't I tell you they would sweep the Antoiletta scandal under the rug? Why yes I did. That mess was all over the Internet today too and was on that Keith Olberman show last night. Way to show denial AI. Bravo. Anyway here's my take on the guys tonight.

First off, I think they did much better than they did last week. I can't actually remember one stand out from last week. Then again, I was under the influence of some pretty good pain medication. Ahhh, pain medication. So first up is Phil Stacy. Three words for you buddy. Grow.Some.Hair. K, with that said he didn't impress me that much with his "Missing You" jingle. He's hanging on by a thread with me. Was a little too forced and didn't really seem to fit him. If you missed this song believe me you didn't miss much. It was just eeh for me dawg.

Jared Cotter (and forgive me if I don't spell all the names right) sang "Let's Get It On" and dedicated it to his parents. Thought that was a little creepy but what are you gonna do? I actually thought he did a good job. Got a little weak for me in the middle but he wasn't that bad. I could have done without the pseudo sexy face at the end. It didn't do anything for me. He looks like that model guy Tyson Beckford or whateverthehellhisnameis. He'll make it for another week. He's cute and not horrible sounding. Plus I liked him a little because he sang the ring tone that's on my phone when Huz calls. Corny I know.

AJ Tabaldo. Forgettable. He wasn't horrible but he has no charisma. He's walking a thin line I think. I didn't know this song so I couldn't really give a comparison. I also thought he would make a great cross dresser. Don't you think he'd look good in make-up and a dress? No. Ok.

Next up was Sanjaya and it took all I had not to dry heave while this kid was on stage. Yes, he had a touching story about his grandfather but come the hell on. Who told this kid he looked good in that hat? He struggled and sounded like ass. I would try out for American Idol and make it if it were held to his standards and that's not saying much if you've ever heard me sing. Three words to describe my singing. Nails.On.Chalkboard. But the difference is that I know it and he doesn't. Prediction alert: Snoozejaya is ouster number 1 Thursday night.

Chris Sligh, I like this guy. Hey that rhymed a little. He didn't give his best performance. I think this guy can really sing but I didn't love his song choice. I enjoyed listening to him, but I'm a little sad he didn't have anything funny to say other than "People are amazed that I was able to get a wife like that." comment. His wife was pretty though. They looked like they would be one of those cool couples you'd like to hang out with.

Next we have Nick Pedro who fortunately for him he's a hottie because based on singing alone Fever just wasn't working for him. Didn't have enough umph for me. Seemed very stiff and even though it was dedicated to his girlfriend I think he could have come up with a better song to sing to her. He's the front runner in the looks department but that performance has him floating somewhere near the bottom of the barrel.

Blake Can't Remember Your Last Name was next and even though he has gotten on my nerves in the past actually did a pretty good job. And if you look at him from the right angle he's a close second to our hottie Pedro. I just hate his Something-About-Mary hairdo he sports weekly. Simon said he was too much like the original...big freaking whoop assbag! I'm willing to bet none of the other guys could have pulled that song off. This kid is unique. Don't love him but he's a top contender for me. Wiggidy wiggidy wack! Oh, this guy reminds me of Beaker from the Muppets. You see it? Google Beaker, you'll get a chuckle.

Let's see who's next, aah Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. At what time did you EVER THINK that "Time After Time" would be a good song choice. It just screams "BAD IDEA" Dear me, sing a song sung by a man. Are you begging to get kicked off the show? That stunk the place up. Sang it through his nose when he wasn't under singing and really looked to be out of his element. Prediction Alert: Geek in Pink is ouster number 2.

Ok, the last two guys are gonna get the cliff note recap here. The first one Chris Richardson or the huge Justin Timberlake wanna-be was just a'ight for me. He wasn't horrible but I couldn't understand about half of what he was singing. He looked like he was having a good time and had pretty good stage presence. He'll be safe this week. And lastly Sundance, shave that shit off your chin, Head and his rendition of "Mustang Sally". He did a good job I thought. Much better than his Hollywood performance and that mess he sang last week. I had high hopes for him when I saw his audition but he petered out on me. If he keeps it up and continues in the grove he's in right now he might actually get to top 10.

So with that all said, my picks for looohoooser of the night goes to Sanjaya and Brandon. I'd say those two should be sweating bullets.

Can't wait to hear the girls and to see if Ryan mentions Antoiletta's troubles. Doubt it.