Thursday, February 15, 2007

iPodders Anonymous Anyone?

I'm addicted to my iPod. I have literally spent hours listening to, trying to figure out how to work, or uploading music to this thing and it's driving my husband crazy!

I have one earbud in my ear seemingly all day now and if I really want to block out the zoo crew I slip in the other one. Right now. Both earbuds firmly planted inside ears. I can hear what they say but pretend I can't. **That's our secret, don't tell them**

Ever had one of those days where you'd scream if it would help, punch a hole in the wall if you could, or just felt like crying? I did today. I have worked my ass off around here for four days and can you tell it? Nope not one bit. I think I feel like ass right now because I didn't get to work out last night, haven't been able to sleep for the past two nights, and there is an entire bucket of toys spilled out on the playroom floor for me to pick up for the umpteenth time this week. Hubby decided once we got downstairs last night that he wanted to use the Bowflex and that left me with running on the treadmill which would have been perfect except for the fact that A2 wanted to see just how close he could get to the belt before I lost my mind. I had to stop after about three minutes. Worked up a real sweat there! A2 was driving me nuts. Much like he is right now. He's now trying to dump a second bucket of toys into the floor. I could really care less about the toys being on the floor but he has undoubtably found some old plastic Easter eggs from last year, or hell maybe even a couple of years ago, that have malted mini eggs inside them. He's busting them open and cramming them in his mouth faster than we can get them away from him to throw them in the trash. I'm looking to blame A1 for this. He is notorious for stuffing candy in places it doesn't belong and leave it to A2 the super sleuth to sniff it out.

Add to that the fact that I am currently balancing my laptop in my lap against the side of the twin bed in the playroom. Why am I doing that you ask? Because the hinge on one side is completely broken off and the other is hanging on by a thread, literally. A2 somehow got a hold of it again today and I'm really surprised he didn't come into the living room wagging my screen with him. Now I have to figure out how to get my iTunes from this computer to one of A1's. Yes he has two. Mom has a ghetto computer but A1 was two. Don't ask.

Don't know what's going on around here but hubby came home from work with the delightful news that his stomach has been tore up since about lunch time and seemingly right on cue A2 stunk the whole back end of the house up. **Please don't let the squidgies get passed around this house again dear God** The whole house is starting to smell like putrid mustard. Don't ask me how I deduced that but it's just plain ol nasty around here right about now. Great.

Best part of the whole day = A1 is the sweetest thing ever. He didn't eat all of his Ben and Jerry's from yesterday and asked me if I wanted to share with him today. I told him no thanks and he said he felt bad for eating it in front of me since I was trying to lose weight. That was just too sweet. I told him to go ahead but you know, I don't think he ever ate any. **May cry a little over that one** Only because I know how bad he wanted it. He only bugged the t-total crap out of me for over a month to go and get it.

I was hoping to dish on American Idol today but can you believe I haven't watched last night's episode yet. I know. Me either. Hubby decided he wanted to watch his Battlestar Galactica from Sunday night last night. I.Hate.That.Show. In fact I could pretty much live without the entire Sci-Fi channel's line up of shows. But it keeps the guys happy and out of my hair for at least a good hour sometimes. Guess I can't complain too much except for when it cuts into my television time.

Gotta go work out. Maybe I'll feel better. If nothing else it has to at least smell better down there and I can sing out loud to I will Survive on my iPod. Believe me that's not something you would want to witness!